Nykaa and Peanut Butter partner to launch new ‘Beauty Anytime, Anywhere’ campaign

The campaign includes six slice-of-life films that tap into the nuanced consumer behaviour and focus on product category attributes and impulse purchase pattern of consumers

exchange4media Staff 12-December-2018


Nykaa and Peanut Butter have teamed up to kick-off ‘Beauty Anytime, Anywhere’ campaign with a series of digital ad films.

All six films have a relatable storyline, and feature situations that many of us encounter in our daily lives. The films convey their message with a sincere tone and simple storytelling; and with clean visuals and real characters, they give the viewers a sense of déjà vu. The idea was to use real-life situations to make the films very relevant and relatable.

Speaking about the campaign, Hitesh Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer, Nykaa, “Today consumers prefer quick, bite-sized information and clever video content that packs in original flavour. Because consumers are continuously bombarded with irrelevant, nonsensical content 24x7, there's a lack of patience. We have managed to cut the clutter with our campaign and are extremely happy with how the films have turned out.”

Adding to this, Gulrayz Punjabi, Creative Head & Founder - Peanut Butter says, “We loved the idea of conceptualizing and creating these fun films to capture consumer quirks when it comes to making beauty buys. Nykaa's brief about the films was crisp and clear right from the beginning. When we first presented the film concepts, Hitesh was on-board immediately and contributed at every step in the creative process. Since these are byte-sized commercials, we wanted to keep the communication simple and straightforward. Peanut Butter managed to deliver quality films in a cost-effective manner.”

Ketki Lonare, Director of the films said, “We had a wonderful time working on these films. What got me hooked on to the project was that the communication was personal, frank and to-the-point. The films have a candid quality to themselves and have managed to effectively convey the message. We must add that Aayush Dua, EP for Peanut Butter was great in the production and we at Peanut Butter are grateful for the opportunity given to us by Team Nykaa.”

See the campaign films below:

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Avvatar Sports Nutrition campaign urges people to make healthy lifestyle a habit

The #AadatBanaLo campaign has been conceptualised by Mirum Digital

exchange4media Staff 5 hours ago


New year approaches and everyone starts making resolutions. And not surprisingly, most of those resolutions are about getting fit, losing weight and getting in shape. But almost always those resolutions don’t go beyond the first week of the new year. Why? Because it’s a resolution and not a habit. Smaller steps go a long way unlike sudden, major ones. From all that leftover holiday food and drinks to no sugars and no chips, how can you ever prepare yourself? Hence Aadat Bana Lo.


It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit (aadat) and for your aadat to become your lifestyle. So that morning walks you’ve been planning for ages? It starts now, with taking small steps towards achieving your body goals by taking up a habit. #AadatBanaLo campaign aims at reaching out to those with a goal - healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle. From normal walks to cardio and crunches & burpees, the campaign asks you to take up the 21-day challenge and transform yourself into a better version of you, using the basic workout session plans available on the website.


The campaign starts with simply, signing up on the website #AadatBanalo and documenting your journey by sharing photos/videos of the challenge every day for 21 days on social media platforms, tagging official handles of Avvatar Sports Nutrition with the hashtag “AadatBanaLo”, the company said in a statement.


To keep the participants motivated to do workout every week, exciting prizes are being shared with the winners as gratification, in their journey towards an unbreakable Aadat. Upon entire completion of the challenge, winners will receive the ultimate: a yearlong all-paid gym membership, tonnes of free merchandise. Due to tremendous response for the challenge the registrations have been closed and now everyone can take up the challenge and win the “Best post” along with people who are consistently posting everyday - gratifications on a random basis.


The campaign is an initiative by Avvatar Sports Nutrition from the house of Parag Milk Foods Ltd. which is motivating people towards their personal fitness goals. The campaign is live on their digital platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram and has been receiving everyday increasing impressions. The campaign has reached about 37,15,010 plus views and has been a part of, Unmetric list of campaigns uploaded from 1-10 January 2019, Unmetric is a social media intelligence firm focused on brands, uses its analytics platform to analyse top performing campaigns, content and videos by views on YouTube.


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Pizza Hut’s new campaign with Abhay Deol highlights its rider tracking feature

The TVC takes forward the brand’s ‘It’s Time to Switch’ campaign and will be aired across electronic and digital mediums

exchange4media Staff 1 day ago


Pizza Hut has announced that it will focus on delivery as a key driver of business growth in 2019 and introduce various initiatives to further enhance the delivery experience for consumers. Coherent with this aim, the brand has launched a rider tracking feature across its digital ordering platforms – mobile-site, mobile app and desktop site. The feature is available across all cities where Pizza Hut has delivery services. Pizza Hut has also introduced Wow Delivery 50% off, an everyday value offering on its delivery channel, wherein a consumer can avail 50% off on any 2 Medium Pan Pizzas.

Taking forward the ‘It’s Time to Switch’ campaign, the brand unveiled a new television commercial highlighting the rider tracking feature and Wow Delivery 50% off everyday value offer. The TVC features actor Abhay Deol and will be aired extensively across electronic and digital mediums.

The rider tracking feature has been launched by Pizza Hut as a solution based on key behavioural findings of the brand’s large consumer base, majority of whom are tech-savvy, on-the-go millennials. The findings have shown that consumers choose brands which adapt to their lifestyle, understand their preferences and enable them to take charge. Also, with changing consumer habits, pizzas have evolved from being a special occasion treat to becoming a part of everyday food consumption in India. Therefore, hassle-free and seamless food ordering and delivery experience has become a vital deciding factor, apart from taste and quality. Rider-tracking is an enabler of the convenience that consumers are seeking, further bolstered by value offers.

Commenting on the launch of the feature, Prashant Gaur, Chief Brand and Customer Officer, Pizza Hut India Subcontinent, said, “At Pizza Hut, we take a lot of pride in serving the freshest and the tastiest pizzas to all the pizza lovers in the country. Apart from great taste, elevating the overall experience across every consumer touchpoint is our biggest focus, and we are implementing this strategy through initiatives like rider tracking feature and value offers. We are confident that these initiatives will further enable us to stay relevant and blend even more seamlessly into the daily lives of our consumers.”

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ETMoney unveils TV campaign with eye on smart personal financing

Campaign encourages people to make smarter choices but also offers them something extra

exchange4media Staff 13 hours ago


Keeping in mind the worry among people to produce investment declarations for tax savings at this time of the year, ETMONEY has unveiled its first TV campaign that focuses on three critical financial solutions to solve every individual’s financial needs — tax-savings, investment and loans. 

Through its latest campaign, ETMONEY not only encourages people to make smarter choices but also offers them something extra. The campaign, conceptualized by DAIKO FHO and produced by Cellardoor in partnership with the Times Internet marketing team led by COO Santosh Navlani, has four different ads that reveal the length and breadth of the solutions offered.

Santosh Navlani, COO - ETMONEY said, “We started ETMONEY with a mission to simplify the financial journey for new-age Indians. Everything we build is with the singular goal of offering pointed solutions geared towards their financial needs. In our latest campaign, we have focused on the three most critical financial situations in every individual’s life - Tax saving, Investments and Loans and how ETMONEY enables them to make smart choices. I am confident this campaign will introduce smart personal financing to a wider audience and contribute towards further strengthening our position as the most loved personal finance app in the country.” 

Rajesh Aggarwal, Founder & CEO - DAIKO FHO said, “Fintech communication in today’s day and age must be informative yet easy to grasp as the segment is penetrating deeper into the Indian society. Working on this campaign gave us the opportunity to experiment with the traditional format and create communication that’s a fine blend of both financial insights as well as engaging storytelling that will inform & educate the audience in a simple and relatable manner. This campaign would certainly catapult ETMONEY to the next level in terms of brand recall.”  

The campaign’s brand films revolve around relatable slices-of-life situations that show how people get hassled by financial and investment related decisions and how ETMONEY comes as a smart saviour and enables them to overcome the problem in an easy and intelligent way. 

The films use quirky double roles for poignant humour and the brand and the specific product is revealed in an interesting manner. 

The launch film reveals how people can earn extra on their tax saving investments, and how ETMONEY with its innovative tax solutions can help people save tax while earning extra returns on their tax-saving mutual fund investments. 

In another film, the company tries to make consumers aware about how they can earn extra by investing in zero commission direct mutual funds on its platform. The seemingly small commission is saved by investing directly and becomes a sizeable amount over a period of time. 

In the final film, ETMONEY highlights how it can bail you out of tight spots with its instant loan options that you can avail anytime with a seamless one-time paperless approval.

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Swiggy gets Coco, a pup, on board for new campaign #OneHourMore 

Created along with Dentsu Webchutney, ad revolves around Swiggy helping one to find an extra hour for things like spending time with Coco

exchange4media Staff 1 day ago


Swiggy in partnership with Dentsu Webchutney, the digital agency from Dentsu Aegis Network, has come up with a new campaign #OneHourMore. It shows how Swiggy can help them save one hour in the day and what to do with it. 

The campaign features Coco and how Swiggy will help you find an extra hour to spend with the little pup. The routine that most of us live with doesn’t really allow us the time to do the things we love or want to try. Our ‘to do’ lists override our ‘would love to do’ lists. Through this campaign, Swiggy is plating out the different things one can do with their 'One hour more' - right from learning a new language, to practicing a long-lost hobby, to playing with their pet. 

“With our hectic schedules and lifestyle, urban Indians are often left struggling to find the time to do the things we love. With the #OneHourMore campaign, we’re channelling a very common thought among all of us - what would I do if I could get a little more time on my hands? As everyday food ordering becomes increasingly common among Indians, Coco, the little pup gives us relatable options we can choose to spend our time on,” said Ashish Lingamneni, AVP-Marketing at Swiggy. 

‘We took a creative spin on the cliché of ‘a dog’s life’ to show that if you really get down to it, there are ways to take an hour out in the day to do the things you love,’ said Ninad Gawhankar, Associate Creative Director at Dentsu Webchutney, Bangalore. 

So the next time you think you're running an hour short in your day, remember, there is a little dog and a team of hunger saviours who've got your back.

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Jaquar Group releases TVCs for new water heater

Conceptualised by Crescent Communications, commercial focuses on innovative design of product

exchange4media Staff 1 day ago


Jaquar Group has launched its first-ever television commercials for Jaquar Water Heaters. Using the line ‘Beautiful bathrooms deserve beautiful water heaters’, the two films exhibit how these water heaters can change the interiors of bath spaces and outline their distinctive features such as safety, energy-efficiency, convenience and durability. 
Jaquar Group has been promoting the films across platforms such as television, cinema and digital. 

Conceptualized by Crescent Communications, the commercials revolve around stories that are driven by humour, the subtlety of the performances, and little nuances that makes for a strong slice-of-life moment. 

The films capture the aesthetically designed Jaquar Alexa Water Heater, bringing out the premium aspect of the brand that has a fresh look and feel. It is positively hilarious and relatable to the audience it caters to. 

The first commercial showcases an old lady standing in a bathroom’s doorway, trying to switch off the water heater assuming it’s an AC unit because of its appearance. Her granddaughter who’s passing by explains that it’s not an AC but a Jaquar water heater.

In the second commercial, viewers see a young couple who step in to check the progress of their new apartment’s fit-outs and realise that the plumber has mistaken the water heater for an AC and fitted it in the drawing room instead of the bathroom. 

Sandeep Shukla, Head-Marketing and Communication, Jaquar Group, said, “We are excited to launch the first-ever TVC campaign for Jaquar water heaters featuring a premium look and advanced features. Jaquar Group possesses a strong legacy of understanding consumer requirements and matching it with superior technological solutions. With this TVC, we perfectly capture the brands commitment towards providing consumers with products that bring together the best of design and technology.” 

Rajesh Laikh, Executive Vice President, Crescent Communications, said: “After studying the product and the competition, we found that the most powerful impression it had made was the first one – on how it looked, its design. The technological superiority was an added benefit. So that’s why we decided on making its distinct appearance the hero of our strategy. The lovely, warm moments captured in the scripts written by our Creative Head on the project, Naren Kaimal, and executed beautifully by director Anand Iyer and Show and Tell Films, have enabled us to do justice to the product’s potential.”

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Social media abuzz with #10yearchallenge pictures, memes

Brands also cash in with images of their products from a decade ago and now

Neethu Mohan 2 days ago

10 year

The #10yearchallenge or the 2009 vs 2019 challenge has been trending in the social media pages with people posting photographs of them from a decade ago and now. 

The challenge got an overwhelming response with celebrities, both national and international, taking to their social media pages for posting pictures of them. Few memes have also emerged on the lines of the campaign. 

The campaign started to make rounds of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at the beginning of the new year as the #10yearchallenge. But it also drew some adverse reactions from some sections saying the challenge was created by Facebook to optimise its face recognition software. 

An article by Kate O’Neill in Wired says, “Through the Facebook meme, most people have been helpfully adding that context back in (“me in 2008 and me in 2018”) as well as further info, in many cases, about where and how the pic was taken (“2008 at University of Whatever, taken by Joe; 2018 visiting New City for this year’s such-and-such event”). In other words, thanks to this meme, there’s now a very large dataset of carefully curated photos of people from roughly 10 years ago and now.” 

At the same time, Facebook denied the allegation in a Twitter post, saying: The 10-year challenge is a user generated meme that started on its own, without our involvement. It’s evidence of the fun people have on Facebook, and that’s it.

Brands embrace #10yearchallenge 
Few brands have used the challenge for their marketing needs. They posted side-by-side images of their products or services from a decade ago and now.

Manforce Condoms

Durex Condoms




The hashtag is also being used to highlight the aftermath of wars and the environmental changes that have taken place in the last decade.

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Neethu reports on media, marketing and advertising industry. In the past she has reported on start-ups, education and health sector for over 6 years.

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Orient Electric unveils new ad for Aeroslim fan with MS Dhoni

The TVC follows the theme of turning your world upside down with the Aeroslim fan which flaunts a unique slim cylindrical design

exchange4media Staff 4 days ago


Orient Electric, part of the USD 1.8 billion CK Birla group, today launched an integrated advertising campaign to promote Aeroslim, India’s first smart ceiling fan. The Aeroslim fan is IoT-enabled and can be controlled via Orient Smart mobile app or by using voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant. It is also India’s first Inverter fan which ensures 40% energy savings in comparison to ordinary fans.

The new TVC features Orient's long-standing brand ambassador MS Dhoni and it follows the theme of turning your world upside down with the Aeroslim fan which flaunts a unique slim cylindrical design, aerodynamic blades, telescopically adjustable mounting, integrated under light and PU paint with superior Hydrographic finish & unique power saving Inverter technology. The TVC starts with a bunch of people fixing furniture, couch, carpet, bookshelf, wall hanging etc., on the ceiling of a house. The next frame shows MS Dhoni’s entry in an upside-down room with Orient Electric’s Aeroslim fan fixed on the ground followed by the key message – “Aeroslim, worth turning the world upside down”. The TVC also shows MS Dhoni controlling the fan through Orient Smart mobile app.

Talking about the newly launched TVC, Anshuman Chakravarty, Head Brand & Corporate Communication, Orient Electric Limited said, “Aeroslim is world’s slimmest smart fan loaded with umpteen features and Inverter technology for saving energy. It can be controlled by the Orient Smart App or via voice commands using Alexa and Google Assistant. Our 360-degree marketing campaign for Aeroslim kicks in from today, starting on social & digital platforms eventually leading to a full-fledged campaign by February. I am sure that our TV ad, featuring beautifully composed jingle and visuals, will capture the audiences’ attention and create a lot of excitement. We have also worked out a robust TVC campaign flanked by print & cinema.”

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Franklin Templeton is back with a new edition of "The Marathon of Life"

The campaign was a huge success and it won multiple accolades

exchange4media Staff 4 days ago


When Franklin Templeton launched ‘The Marathon of Life’ campaign last year, they took on a mammoth task. They ventured on a journey to simplify investment principles for the common man. It was creatively done by using a marathon as a metaphor to communicate six essential qualities that one needs to become a good investor.

The campaign was a huge success and it won multiple accolades. 

‘The Marathon of Life’ has gained momentum with every stride, every story, and every principle lesson learnt from it. The second edition features stories of three new characters who have been chosen to best explain some of the most evolved concepts of investments, which are true for life as well:

  • The Power of Compounding: The protagonist explains the concept of Compounding and how it makes the whole greater than the sum of parts
  • Diversification: This story explains how diversifying your efforts can help you mitigate risks and achieve your goals
  • Risk: A powerful story that showcases how well-informed and calculated risks can lead to greater rewards

Speaking on the occasion, Juzer Tambawalla, Director and Head - Marketing, Franklin Templeton India, said, "The Marathon of Life 2.0 continues to demystify complex topics with its sublime storyline and powerful characters.”

Geetanjali Sachwani, AVP – Marketing, Franklin Templeton India, said "Everyone enjoys stories, but the real-life ones leave you inspired. Real-life people make a compelling story and their struggles always add a different dimension and gravity…It’s a delicate blend and a fine balance between their storyline and our themes.”

The campaign is spearheaded by Mumbai based Digital Agency Mirum India. Naila Patel, Executive Creative Director, Mirum India, said, "The Marathon of Life is an ode to life and investments, but more than that, it is a continuous celebration of inspiring stories and shared a vision of Franklin Templeton and Mirum India.”

Check out the 1st video on The Power of Compounding here:

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Ogilvy conceptualises new campaign for Bajaj Platina ComforTec 110

Through the gripping and entertaining TVC, Bajaj portrays new features of the bike with its unique positioning of offering a ‘Jhatka Free’ ride

exchange4media Staff 4 days ago

Bajaj Platina

While traditionally bikes have always been sold on mileage in the commuter segment, Bajaj Platina has stood out for its unique positioning of offering a ‘Jhatka Free’ ride. With prior TVCs like Paro-Gulabo, Humpty-Dumpty and Potter Girl, Platina has established itself as an overall comfortable bike in a quirky and entertaining manner.

This time, for the launch of the new Platina 110, the brand has taken the jhatka story a notch higher, with a tale of two bomb squad technicians trying to find a solution for an un-diffusible bomb which is found in the middle of a busy city centre. One of the bomb squad expert is handling the device with great caution looking for a safer place, when, to everyone’s surprise the protagonist enters riding on a Platina 110. This is precisely the point when the viewer’s interest rises, wondering what would happen next. 

Through this gripping and entertaining story, we establish the new features of the higher torque engine, combi braking system and nitrox shock absorbers, a category first. 

Narayan Sundararaman, VP Marketing - Bajaj Auto Ltd said, “In the commuter motorcycle segment where the focus is on ‘mileage’, Platina has differentiated itself by building a strong position as the most comfortable bike for the long-distance commute rider through its ‘jhatka mana hai’ communication. The new Platina 110 comes with features that enhance this comfort position with added features to deliver an ‘effortless riding’ experience to our buyers. The new ‘bomb squad’ TVC communicates this in a truly memorable way.”

Adds Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer - Ogilvy West said, “Platina ComforTec’s DNA has always been quirky and entertaining. So this time around, we have chosen a truly unique plot. A bomb disposable squad member discovers the comfort and superior suspension of the new 110 Platina. And in the process leaves the audience thoroughly entertained.”

“This wonderful piece of communication is the outcome of the great partnership with the team at Bajaj. This campaign will definitely build salience and desirability for the new Platina 110,” said Nikhil Mohan, Sr. VP, Ogilvy Mumbai.

The advertisement invokes a sense of thrill, excitement and anticipation. Chrome Pictures, Director, Hemant Bhandari said, "I wanted to treat & execute this project like a sequence of a feature film which had you gripped and entertained throughout ensuring the bike was always the hero. My team pushed me hard to shoot it in Gwalior which was a challenge in itself as it also happens to be the 1st TVC to be shot in Gwalior and it had its own pros n cons. Abhishek Notani our Producer and Tarun Bali our Line producer along with the entire team from Bombay and Gwalior ensured my vision was translated into this film. While the entire team contributed I think I have to mention Aditya (1st AD), Siddhant Mago & Mayank Mehra (Music Directors), Pankj (DOP) and Shahnawaz (Editor) who helped us to take it to another level and it needs special mention of Sukesh, Hemal and entire Ogilvy team and clients who believed in us. We literally had a blast making this film. Hope everyone enjoys watching it."

The launch campaign along with the TVC and Print would include social with an intensive geo-targeted Facebook campaign and other shareable content that entertains the viewer while driving the ‘most comfortable ride’ message home. 

Client: Bajaj Auto Ltd.
Client Team: Narayan Sundararaman, Soumya Das, Pratik Ghate
Creative Agency: Ogilvy India
Vice Chairman & Group CCO: Sonal Dabral
Creative Team: Sukesh Nayak, Hemal Jhaveri
Account Management: Nikhil Mohan, Piyush Jha, Savni Kenkre
Brand Planning: Ganpathy Balagopalan, Nirav Parekh, Aditya Arora
Production house: Chrome Pictures - Director: Hemant Bhandari

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Sidharth Malhotra: A journey from student to Bollywood's leading actor

Actor Sidharth Malhotra celebrates his 34th birthday today, we take a look at his journey in the advertising world

Dolly Mahayan 4 days ago

Sidharth Malhotra

Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra has emerged as one of the youngest and handsome star in the industry. Debuting with Karan Johar’s 'Student of The Year' in 2012, the actor has acted in many blockbuster movies like 'Ek Villian', 'Hasee Toh Phasee', 'Kapoor & Sons', 'Ittefaq' and many more. Today, the actor celebrates his 34th birthday.

Malhotra came to Mumbai at the age of 18 and began his career in the field of modelling. After which he started working as an assistant director to Karan Johar on the sets of ‘My Name is Khan’, where he learnt the basics of film making. No sooner than he got a chance to work as a lead actor under Johar’s direction. The actor, in a short span, has created a niche for himself in the Bollywood fraternity. So it’s only natural that he occupied the brand endorsement space quickly enough and got featured in various big brands.

He recently made news in the advertising world, when it was announced that he will be the first-ever actor to endorse a female cosmetic brand. Up until now only Bollywood divas had endorsed these beauty products but Malhotra broke the stereotypes, and became the face of a cosmetic brand that too for a cause.

From Coca- Cola, Oppo, Pepe Jeans, Nirav Modi, Ponds, Metro Shoes, Men’s Fair and Lovely, Aquamagica, American Swan, Bru to Euro Fashions, the actor has been the face of many brands. In 2016, the actor was named as the brand ambassador of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Skill India Campaign. On his birthday, we take a look at some of his brand endorsements. 

Pepe Jeans India

Last year, the actor was signed as the brand ambassador of denim wear brand, Pepe Jeans. He featured in the brand’s spring summer 2018 campaign #MadeToCreate. With this collaboration, he joined the star-studded global line-up including Ashton Kutcher, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Cara Delevigne, all of whom have appeared for Pepe Jeans over the years. One more interesting fact, he is the first Indian ambassador of this international clothing brand. 


The actor became the face of the brand in the latter half of 2017. Till now, it is one of the major brands Malhotra is currently endorsing; he was featured in the TVC alongside actor Deepika Padukone.

Brylcreem India

In 2016, Malhotra decided to endorse a personal grooming major Brylcreem. The actor also shared the screen with his co- star Varun Dhawan, and featured in a campaign ‘Soch badla style badla’ which conveyed the message that ‘real men’ respect others. The purpose of the campaign was to inspire men to become better social citizens, and it became a massive hit among the netizens.

New Zealand Tourism

In 2015, Tourism New Zealand roped in Malhotra as the first brand ambassador for India. The actor has been updating his social media feeds to promote destinations, cuisines and fun activities to promote the culture and beauty of New Zealand.

A post-graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dolly reports on advertising, marketing as well as the digital domain. In her free time, she loves travelling and reading.

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