Noorings: Reckitt Benckiser pitch one of the hottest discussions at exchange4media Conclave 2010

The exchange4media Conclave 2010 is over. The big question - how was it? Well, we had 100 per cent speaker turnout, over 200 delegates and some of the hottest discussions on issues pertaining to media service brands and advertisers. The conversations were no holds barred (Reckitt Benckiser pitch was discussed at length!) and there was so much more to learn from some of the speakers like Irwin Gotlieb, Ashutosh Srivastava, Rahul Welde, Tim Love and even though via a video conference, from Mainardo de Nardis as well.

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Updated: Jun 14, 2010 8:53 AM
Noorings: Reckitt Benckiser pitch one of the hottest discussions at exchange4media Conclave 2010

Yes – obvious, but honestly, did you really think there was anything but the exchange4media Conclave going on in my head right now? True, the event is finally over, but it has taken a significant time of preparations, and we are still in the post-event mode. For those of you who were there, you know how the event was. For those of you, who weren’t there, you may have already heard about it, and we are very keen to know what you have heard... So please do take some time out and let us know what you thought, or heard, of the event (mail to

The exchange4media Conclave has always been a platform where the exchange4media Group selfishly gathers the brightest minds, thought leaders, opinion formers (it is a real word) to debate on issues that we know our readers, and we, want to know more about. The last two Conclaves have seen presence of international leaders, and this year was our special most with Irwin Gotlieb, Global CEO, GroupM spending an entire day with members of the India marketing, media and advertising fraternity. He listened to some conversations and most importantly imparted knowledge that was meant for leaders to listen and learn from.

Similar examples were Ashutosh Srivastava and Rahul Welde. Another enriching conversation was with Tim Love in Delhi, who had set the tone for where India is headed in the communications industry. A super successful video conference with Mainardo de Nardis took the Conclave a few notches forward this year, and reiterated that technology is breaking barriers, and India is geared for a digitally evolved media landscape.

With Vikram Sakhuja, Shashi Sinha, Sam Balsara and Ravi Kiran stirring up discussions, joined in by the likes of Ashish Bhasin, Jasmin Sohrabji, Les Margulis and Satyajit Sen, the discussions couldn’t have been better. And throw in comments from some of the hottest advertisers, every exchange4media Conclave session had something interesting to offer.

While the extensive exchange4media coverage would give a good sense of what thought leaders were discussing, here are some of the takeoffs from the sidelines:

The Reckitt Benckiser pitch has enraged one and all but people don’t think discussing it is the solution. Everyone is hoping that media agencies have pulled out from the ridiculous pitch conditions, but no one knows for sure.

There are more clients who think that Reckitt’s idea to ask agencies to pay a pitch fee is ‘interesting’,

However, Reckitt’s pay-the-commission-back approach was not appreciated.

It appeared that some agencies had become comfortable with the thought of CPRP-linked deals (media owners need to unite sooner than they know).

The Indian media landscape is set to change sooner than what most think, but India is not yet ready for the likes of the Apple iPad 3G version.

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