Naidu & Panjabi gets quirky in their new digital ad for Ziffi

The video tickles the funny bone with peculiar instances to show Ziffi is fast, convenient and absolutely private when booking a salon and spa appointment

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Updated: May 28, 2015 8:41 AM
Naidu & Panjabi gets quirky in their new digital ad for Ziffi

Booking appointments for salons and spas can now be done in a ‘jiffy’, a proposition that creative agency Naidu & Panjabi tries to highlight in their new digital campaign for Ziffi. The video is funny and quirky and portrays how using Ziffi will be fast, convenient and absolutely private.

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The video shows how sometimes booking a salon and a spa appointment can be quite embarrassing if there are people in front of you.

Commenting on the tonality of the video, Kahini Panjabi, co-founder, Naidu & Panjabi said, “Salon treatments are a very personal thing and mostly we get calls from these salons when we are in the middle of a meeting. So when you miss the call, the appointment gets lost. The idea was to make it humourous and tell people that there is something which will make your life simpler and can help you avoid certain awkward situations. The content is quite edgy and the trick was how do you get people to try something they don’t consciously need. Writing the script was the fun part, the trickier part was finding the right girl to play the role. It’s not every day that you find someone who lets you pull a moustache out of their backside.”

Giving his views on the campaign, Suveer Bajaj, Co-founder & Director, Media Operations, FoxyMoron said, “It is an interesting video and they have taken a nice creative route. The attempt looks fresh and at least the first half of the video manages to hold the consumer attention. Also the duration of video 2:20 minutes, it bit long for today’s digital campaign. The thing which looked repetitive is using five different instances to say the same thing. ”

In September 2014, the six-year old start-up, which was known as DocSuggest then, changed its name to Ziffi, after it forayed into salons and spas from just booking doctor appointments.

According to reports, the company had raised a funding of Rs 15 crore from Orios Venture Partners to expand their coverage in Mumbai, Delhi & Hyderabad. Speaking on the reason behind not showing doctor appointments in the new campaign, Keshav Naidu, co-founder, Naidu & Panjabi highlighted, “Advertising for a hospital or a medical service is very different from a salon advertisement. Moreover, it was a strategic decision of both the client and ours to do something which is of high frequency because it is where we believe the industry is heading to.”

The agency started off with the outdoor campaign in Mumbai, to give it a kind of regional push. Radio was done across 4 cities and the TV campaign is right now in the pipeline. But Naidu assured that there will be one in less than 6 months. The video which was launched on May 23rd has got around 5,000 views on Ziffi’s YouTube channel. 

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