Katrina Kaif tells women not to marry for wrong reasons in Titan Raga ad

Titan Raga’s campaign ‘When is the right time to get married?’ tells women not to succumb to undue pressures of getting married for all the wrong reasons

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Published: May 9, 2015 9:37 AM  | 4 min read
Katrina Kaif tells women not to marry for wrong reasons in Titan Raga ad

Titan Raga in their latest piece of communication tells women not to get married because of all the wrong reasons, but only ‘when you find the one who deserves your time’. The campaign ‘When is the right time to get married? #WillKatrinaSayYes, highlights all the undue pressure which every woman in our society has to go through when she is not married.

This new campaign is in line with the brand’s earlier film ‘Her Life Her Choices’ which raised a toast to the woman of today, who is strong, independent and confident.  The new film has been conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather and directed by Vinil Mathew of Breathless Films. The film shows Katrina getting ready as a bride and she epitomises the outlook of a young Indian woman towards marriage. Taking ahead the pragmatic, bold tone of voice that Raga has cultivated, this TVC challenges conventions by highlighting pressures that women find themselves under to get married. 

Sharing the insight behind the campaign, Rajiv Rao, National Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather India cited “Titan and Ogilvy have been on a terrific journey together over decades, and this current evolution of the Raga brand is also a reflection of our work being sensitive and responsive to the times we exist in.”

Commenting on the campaign, Rajan Amba, General Manager, Titan Watches and Accessories said, “With the wedding season upon us, there are a number of brands that touch upon the ceremonial aspects of the occasion and their placement within. But at Titan, as always, we wanted to stand for something real – something more meaningful. The message in the TVC resonates with the inner voice of every woman in today's empowered world. With Raga being the epitome of the strong, independent, modern woman, it was a perfect brand fit.”

Click here to view the ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRAs4hYbFJg

Will it strike the cord?

Deepika Padukone’s video ‘My Choice’ by Vogue Empower received a lot of criticism for being ‘elitist and sexist’. The video is a montage of 99 women of all the ages talking about the choices they make in life in this patriarchal society. So we ask ad experts whether another video on the same topic of ‘women empowerment’ will strike the viewer’s heart.
Commenting on the new Titan Raga film, Suraj Vasanthan, Executive Creative Director, Bates CHI & Partners said, “It’s the timing that is questionable. This commercial strikes me as another in the ‘women’s empowerment’ wave that’s sweeping across the airwaves of late. Brands should steer social and cultural trends and thinking in the right direction. That’s commendable. Titan Raga is well placed to take up the cause for the progressive woman in these times. Only here the intent appears dubious. Tanishq’s ‘Second Marriage’ rang true, probably because the protagonist there was not a beautiful rich movie star. Also not ultra-fair and previously married! However, I checked with a few female colleagues and they mostly warmed up to the TVC. The strong message and Katrina’s ravishing beauty held universal appeal. Oddly, some couldn’t recall the brand.”

Saurabh Dasgupta, Executive Creative Director, Innocean felt that it is a very interesting film with a strong insight. “People usually get married for all the wrong reasons, especially in our country where the idea of arrange marriage is so strong. The freedom to choose the person and when the time is right, works beautifully for the brand, especially for a watch brand. Raga has always stood for the independent women who don’t succumb to the societal pressures,”

He further added that even though a comparison between this film and the previous Titan Raga TVC won’t be a fair one, but his liking is more towards the new campaign. The reason being, the earlier one ‘Her Life Her choice’ narrated a story, where an independent woman met her ex-flame after a long time at the airport and the story took on from there. But this new film is so much more real and believable because it takes a philosophical stand. The fact that it takes a personalised touch makes it stand out.

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