Jewellery at work no more a distraction

The core proposition of Mia, a Tanishq brand, of jewellery that you can wear every day - even to work - is well established through the commercial

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Updated: Jul 19, 2013 7:58 AM
Jewellery at work no more a distraction

Marrying elegance with the dedication to work, Tanishq unveiled a new campaign to promote Mia 3.0, the work wear jewellery especially targeted at the young working women. The entire communication has been woven around the theme of ‘As beautiful as your work’, emphasising and rejoicing the confidence, independence and the love for one’s work.

The campaign wants to portray that Mia 3.0 gives new direction to jewellery, thereby allowing young working women to be able to incorporate gold jewellery into their daily lives. The insight behind the campaign is that if one’s work is good, the extra attention that good looks and jewellery bring, are just well earned perks.

The TVC is set in an office and highlights the relationship between a seasoned boss and her junior, Megha. Megha decides to wear beautiful gold earrings for a presentation that she has worked on. The boss loves her work, but is slightly concerned about the fact that the jewellery would draw attention away from it. She asks Megha to remove those earrings before the presentation to the clients. Megha thinks about it, but finally decides against it as she is extremely confident about her work. The presentation goes well, and the boss’s concerns are proven irrelevant. The film ends with a voice over saying, ‘As beautiful as your work’.

Deepika S Tewari, Head of Marketing, Tanishq said, “Tanishq has redefined the contemporary work wear jewellery category with the launch of Mia 3.0, targeted at the working woman who believes in herself and wants to look professional, efficient, presentable, and perfect in every way. Mia 3.0 perfectly marries style with passion for work. The TVC focusses on the confidence and talent of the young architect who believes in herself and her work. The brand encourages women to dress up to work, as Mia jewellery works as an enhancing accessory that makes her look ‘As beautiful as her work’.”

According to Pritish Wesley, Account Director, Lowe Lintas, Bangalore, “A recent research showed that while jewellery is a must at the work place, women believe that the extra attention that comes with jewellery often detracts attention from their performance. They say that at the workplace, if you put effort into looking good, you are immediately categorised as someone who gets by on her looks.”

“Our task was to break the myth ‘that good looks are never accompanied by substance’. We wanted the Mia TG (working women between the age of 25 and 35) to never think twice before taking some effort to look good at the work place, because her work always speaks for itself,” Wesley added.

Expert take
Naresh Gupta, Managing Partner, Bang in the Middle said, “There is a very nice ‘Saas-bahu’ kind of interplay in the commercial. The interplay is actually very nice and done with a huge dose of style. The affable but tough boss and the cool calm and assured young executive who trumps her are very well crafted. There is a certain charm to the commercial that adds to the appeal of the brand. The core proposition of jewellery that you can wear every day, even to work, is well established.”

“The commercial does build on a very relevant insight and maybe even a key barrier that jewellery that you wear to office can be a bit of distraction, so you should not wear them, or the person wearing it trying to hide behind a piece of jewellery. It’s a nice take on that barrier and has an interesting way to overcome it. The moment when the young executive says that the presentation looks even better, makes the whole insight come alive. Will we now see a lot more sophisticated fashionable danglers at workplaces now?,” Gupta added.

Our take
It is widely believed that woman invite extra attention by wearing jewellery at the work place that causes distracts at work. However, this belief gets shaken after watching the commercial. It builds confidence among women who wear jewellery to the workplace because a good performer will always prove herself despite her appearance.

The ad has been successful in breaking the myth that good looks are never accompanied by substance. The insight behind the ad has been beautifully portrayed by giving confidence to women to look as beautiful as their work. The ad gives a clear message that the product is work wear jewellery, especially targeted at the young working women.

The casting of the perfectionist boss and the young architect is apt. The commercial has hit the bull’s eye by showing the confidence in one’s work. The campaign will be able to garner eyeballs because it is engaging and entertaining. 

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