J&J's digital campaign on diabetes garners reach of 5.6 mn

The company also plans to rope in bloggers and influencers to have conversations and give their reviews on the product and the campaign

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Aug 16, 2017 2:17 PM

Johnson & Johnson’s digital video campaign on diabetes has garnered a reach of 5.6 million and for all the right reasons. The campaign is informative without being too preachy. It highlights all the sacrifices diabetic patients have to make. The hook used in the video is around people being blissfully unaware about diabetes and how OneTouch can help them be more aware. 


It is interesting to see that the brand is doing many such microsites. They had one for their baby wash too, wherein mothers could voice their queries regarding baby care. With the diabetes campaign, the microsite answers all questions related to diabetes. Sarosh Bharucha, Marketing Manager, Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies- India & ASEAN, told us about the customer insight. “India is known to be the diabetes capital of the world. Diabetes as a disease is not taken seriously. Diabetes patients do undertake preventive measures like walking or controlling sugar but they don’t know if it’s helping them and aren’t well-informed,” he said. 


Bharucha spoke about how giving out the message in a serious way is something that has been done to death. “It is about thinking how you can make people talk about it differently and sit up and take notice,” he explained. Dooj Ramchandani, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Blink Digital, which is the creative agency behind the campaign, said that the goal was to create something immersive for a category that could otherwise get boring and panic-inducing. “With regard to the execution, we wanted to create something immersive yet simple and something that didn’t require too much effort from the user. So, we went with this device where you can put the finger on the screen and stuff is actually happening around that,” said Ramchandani.


Ramchandani also opened up about behind-the-scenes challenges faced from the production point of view. “The challenge was to shoot it in a way that the camera is always in the centre, it’s always aligned and the motion feels very natural. The shoot went on for two days,” he revealed. The music of the video has been conceptualised by the Bandish Projekt. While one would not associate diabetes and rap together, the brand opted for it and broke through the clutter. Not sticking to the rules of the category when sending the message across seems to have made the ad and the approach intriguing.



The microsite on diabetes was created after heavy research on the subject. Depending on different mind-sets on diabetes, there are questions which were central to the website. Ramchandani said that the content was created to address each mind-set, challenges and queries echoed by consumers. “We are planning to promote it on social media and drive traffic on the website. Videos will be used as a hook to get people but the actual information will be on the website,” he said. The company also plans to rope in bloggers and influencers to have conversations and give their reviews on the product and the campaign.



Agency name – Red Reel Productions

Creative agency – Blink Digital

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