India is by far the fastest growing market for WPP: CVL Srinivas

CVL Srinivas, Country Manager, WPP, spoke about some initiatives WPP is driving in India and why BrandZ is an important part of WPP’s strategy

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Updated: Sep 27, 2019 12:57 PM


CVL Srinivas

The Indian market has performed spectacularly for WPP, CVL Srinivas, Country Manager of WPP, revealed on the sidelines of the launch of the sixth annual BrandZ study.

“Last year when Mark Read took charge all of us got together for the first time with the new leadership and crafted out the new vision for WPP which has been stated as ‘we want to be a creative transformation company’. And we will do it not just by leveraging data and technology but also leveraging creativity. Because we believe that it is the biggest differentiator in our business.”

“Last week the numbers were shared with us. We are growing far higher than all other markets. India is by far the fastest growing market for WPP,” said Srinivas who came back from the global strategy meet that happened in New York a week ago.

Srinivas also spoke about some initiatives WPP is driving in India. Integration and partnerships that drive strategic value for clients happen to be some of them. “We started working with a formal WPP structure in the market. Today we have joined up teams working on our key clients. We are getting people working from different operating companies to work together. Earlier we used to serve the same clients through different operating companies. The client ended up dealing with 8 to 10 different people from WPP. Today the integration that we are driving is benefiting our clients a lot,” he said.

On leveraging partnerships, Srinivas explained that the group has strung together many partnerships at a WPP level so that clients get a lot more strategic value out of these. Sharing the instance of their partnership with InMobi, he said, “We will be co-creating solutions for clients, data and measurement solutions. Kantar is integral to that partnership,” he said.

According to him, BrandZ is a very important part of WPP’s strategy of driving creative transformation. “It helps us stay ahead of the curve with relevant insights. We live in uncertain and challenging times. It helps keep our fundamentals strong because we are really brand custodians of our clients,” Srinivas said.

“Earlier agencies were seem as execution arms. Post the mid-90’s, media got de-bundled from creative and we started getting into this world of specialisation. One of the reasons the whole industry got commoditised was because there was too much specialisation. We ended up with too many silos. Not only on the agency side but also the client side, which led to erosion of brand value. Studies like BrandZ are really helping us move up the value chain.”

“The BrandZ report is helping us have these strategic conversations with clients and positioning WPP and its operating companies to be far more serious business partners to clients, not just execution arms,” he added.

Srinivas also spoke about WPP’s new campus BAY99 which has got all the employees of its holding companies sitting together. “It’s a staggered move. As of now, a third of our employees are in the campus. It will turn out to be one of the largest campuses in the world once it’s fully staffed with almost 4,400 people sitting there,” he said.

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