How can India improve its performance at Cannes?

We spoke to advertising and media experts to understand, the challenges and the areas where India needs to work hard to move up the chart

e4m by Sarmistha Neogy
Published: Jul 4, 2016 8:27 AM  | 10 min read
How can India improve its performance at Cannes?

At the 63 rd Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, India got home 27 metals, including 3 Gold, 7 Silver, 14 Bronze, 2 Glass Lion and 1 Grand Prix for work done across categories. For the first time, an Indian agency was also awarded the Agency of the Year in the Pharma category. It has been an overall good year for India at Cannes.

However, a look at India’s performance at Cannes in the past few years will show that it has never been very consistent. Infact, in 2015, India got 13 metals, which was one of the country’s worst performances in the past five years. There were no Gold winners only 6 Silver, 5 Bronze, 1 Glass and 1 Grand Prix were given out. In 2014, the total metal tally was 27 and in 2012 it was 14. 2013 can safely be declared as the best year in terms of the metal count in the last five years, India won 34 metals, including 8 Gold, 6 Silver and 20 Bronze. More than 12 agencies contributed to the tally.

In the last two consecutive years, India started winning a Grand Prix in the Glass Lion category- for work done in the gender sensitivity domain. This year PHD got the Glass Grand Prix for Hindustan Unilever’s ‘6 Pack Band’- India’s first transgender band. Last year BBDO India got the honour for P&G Whisper’s ‘Touch the Pickle’ campaign. The other kind of works which won big at Cannes this time are- Ogilvy & Mather’s ‘End Acid Sale’ campaign for Make Love Not Scars organisation, a charity supporting acid attack victims. Also, BBDO’s work for Dads#SharetheLoad campaign, won a metal in almost every category it entered in.

India got 17 shortlists this time across Mobile, Media and Cyber, but it has not been able to convert them to big wins. So it is clearly seen that the kind of work which is being recognised at Cannes from India is inclined towards social goodness. While in terms of work in other categories, we have still not been able to leave a mark.

We spoke to advertising and media heads in order to understand, the challenges, the areas where India needs to work hard to move up the chart.

Lack of presentation and packaging:

Ashish Bhasin, Chairman and CEO, Dentsu Aegis Network, South Asia, who was on the jury for Media Lions this year, feels that one should concentrate on the quality of entries, rather than on the quantity. “No doubt, we are good story tellers, but we don’t do full justice to our work in the manner in which we present them. I always feel it is better to send fewer entries, which are better done, rather than send a lot of entries that are half-baked. The few early seconds of your work is the crucial time, when you can influence the juror and you can’t afford to lose that,” he said.

Dhunji S. Wadia, President Rediffusion-Y&R spoke about the need to be creative in the content of the presentation and in its execution. He adds, “We put in a lot of effort in executing the work to world class levels. But there's a drop when we prepare the case study presentations and packaging for the same. The case video or board is not just a documentary of what was created but a standalone piece that competes with the others of its kind.”

Hayden Scott & Sumit Chaurasia, Creative Director, Famous Innovations elaborated, “Many case study videos at Cannes this year had the production values of big budget commercials. We need to focus on getting the elevator pitch for the idea right and spending a fair amount on making it look grand because putting together a case study has become a skill unto itself.”

However, Josy Paul Chairman & Chief Creative Officer BBDO feels that it’s not about the presentation and packaging. “That’s an old excuse. The best way to package your work is to have a great idea. Something that moves the jury, like it moves the world. The jury can tell a great idea even if it’s buried in a not-so-slick presentation.  Our presentation for Whisper ‘Touch the pickle’ and Ariel ‘Share the Load’ are mainly done in-house,” he cites.

Preponderance of charity and pro bono work

Bhasin has clearly witnessed this trend not only in India, but also globally. He said, “I am not against creating work for charity, but this is like the shortcut for getting recognition and we end up doing it often. Instead we should focus on doing work for big brands on large scale.”

Scott & Chaurasia from Famous Innovations feel that India needs to break out of the misery mould at award shows. Cleft lips, acid burn victims, transvestites. I'm not saying these aren't genuine problems, but there's more to Indian creativity than that. Or maybe that's all foreign juries choose to see.  

However, Paul from BBDO cited, “Over the years, we’ve noticed that every country has one or two areas of expertise with which they contribute to the world. Japan is known for its great design. United States is fantastic with films. Brazil is the king of print. These labels start to form. Finally, India is in that famous mix. India is doing so much with social issues. With 2 Grand Prix and 4 Gold in two years, we are the Glass Lion champions of the world – where big brands are doing big society-altering work as part of the brand’s intrinsic message. So it’s good to hold on to our strength and see how we can build our capabilities in technology, innovation, cyber and film through this lens. That’s how we can improve and contribute to the world. It’s not just about the number of metals, but about the influence and inspiration.”

Echoing similar views, KV Sridhar, Chief Creative Officer, Sapient Nitro points out, “Gender sensitivity and social awareness campaign is not a bad thing. I feel this kind of advertisement is much better than selling something purely transactional. In India, there is a lot of gender biasness and more the bigger brands take up these issues, it is actually better for the country. But if the work is done without any objective, then both the money and the time get wasted.”

Need for supportive clients

Sanjay Mehta, co-CEO, Mirum India says, “It really helps if the same piece of work can be submitted in various sub categories. It kind of has a psychological effect, if you keep on seeing the same good work multiple times, it registers easily. But it requires a lot of money to enter Cannes and it is quite an expensive affair. So clients should be willing to spend the money. Any win depends on the joint effort of both the client and the agency.”

Agreeing to it, Rajiv Rao, National Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather also mentions the importance of having a client who has full 100% faith in your idea.

Formula to crack other categories

Speaking on the formula to crack other categories, Scott & Chaurasia from Famous Innovations said, “We need to invest in technology and stop riding trends. We have to start creating them. That needs the winning combination of a smart client, brave creatives and bosses who willingly back new ideas or approaches to storytelling. The world is changing and we need to stop playing catch-up. In case of categories like Cyber, let's face it; we're 10 years behind whatever's happening in the world.”

Commenting on not being able to convert to big wins in categories like Cyber, Mobile or Media, Paul highlights, “There were more than 40,000 entries at Cannes this year. Getting into the shortlist in such a highly competitive environment is a big thing! Getting a metal, any metal, is even bigger! Bronze, Silver, Gold, Grand prix – they all are hugely significant! It’s been a seminal year for creativity at Cannes. So many amazing ideas from around the world. And in this highly competitive year, India won 27 metals! That’s fantastic! The important thing to learn and focus is to do big work on big brands because that’s how India can influence the world and the jury.”

He further adds, “The truth is that I saw a very interesting shift at Cannes this year. People are talking about the work, not the metal. It was as if the work was shining the light on the metal, and not the metal shining the light on the work.”

Wadia from Rediffusion-Y&R says, “We won a Silver Media Cannes Lion for Tata Motors Dipper this year.  Because we clearly demonstrated that every truck becomes a medium with the 'Use Dipper at Night' message. Having said that, Cyber and Mobile are new age categories and India is catching up. I'm sure we'll get into the groove soon.”

How to up the game?

Santosh Padhi, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder at Taproot Dentsu highlights, “It is very important for our country to keep winning at Cannes, of course, for business reasons. It's a simple math creativity = good business = money. For the last few years, we are being closely and carefully watched. It doesn't matter who is contributing how many metals to India's tally. We need to represent ourselves as India at Cannes - let there be Virats and Dhonis who continue to dominate with Man of the Match and Series. Can we celebrate the India win first followed by other wins? It is very important that we put the nation first, as it helps all of us in the long run.”

Rao from O&M adds, “As a country, we think television as a powerful and an effective medium. Most of the money is spent on TV, 9 out of 10 campaigns is done keeping TV in mind. It needs to change, and then only we will have great ideas in every category. Sometimes we do have great work, but it may not win at Cannes but at some other place because of the different jury. What matters is, great idea, we need to think hard in terms of ideas. Priority is to create work for the consumers and then Cannes is always a bonus.”

Paul points out, “Dads#SharetheLoad won a metal in almost every category it was entered in. Its India’s most awarded campaign at Cannes this year because it was a dominant part of the conversation even before it was entered at Cannes.” So according to Mehta, there should be good PR effort put in behind the work which is entering Cannes. The reason being, there is a huge volume of work which the jury has to see and the risk of a desired piece of work not getting its due attention always remains.

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Duolingo launches brand film to talk of affordable learning alternatives

The film features stories of 16 real students

By exchange4media Staff | May 28, 2023 10:00 AM   |   2 min read


Duolingo English Test (DET) has released a brand film titled A bridge to opportunity: Study abroad with the Duolingo English Test.

The film features the stories of 16 real students and showcases how the DET is bridging the gap for students aspiring to fulfill their study abroad dreams. English proficiency tests have been an expensive, stressful barrier between students and their dreams of higher education, and the DET provides an affordable, accessible and convenient alternative.

The film has been produced by Pittsburgh based agency Animal Studios, and was shot in 4 countries, showcasing the lives these students are living as they experience life at their dream universities. The students featured in the video are from all over the world, including countries such as India, Japan, UK, China, Syria, Germany, Indonesia, Columbia, and Singapore.

Caroline Moylan, Marketing Manager, Brand Experience, Duolingo English Test said, “We are overjoyed and proud to share a film that tells the story of the Duolingo English Test through those it impacts most — the students! We traveled to 5 cities in 4 countries to interview 16 university students about the challenges of studying abroad, the evolution of the testing industry, and the life-changing power of higher education. I wanted to thank the students, without whom we would have no story. Testing should be a bridge, not a barrier. The work we do at Duolingo English Test helps open up access to higher education and give the world’s most brilliant and talented young people a chance.”

Danny Yourd, Director at Animal Studio said, “A few months ago we were approached by our good friends at Duolingo to tell a story of the Duolingo English Test through the lens of its students. We enjoyed the challenge that comes with shooting films across countries and borders, and stitching together stories of these inspiring students. We were happy to work with the team to be able to produce this piece that’s close to our hearts.”

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'Monetising social media is a big challenge'

At Goafest 2023, panellists discussed the future of connected devices and cross channel measurements

By exchange4media Staff | May 25, 2023 3:41 PM   |   2 min read


Social media has emerged as a robust platform for marketing, direct, subtle or indirect for almost all consumer brands. However, monetising it is quite challenging, experts said at the panel discussion “Future of Connected Devices and Cross Channel Measurement” on Day 2 of the Goa Fest.

The session was moderated by Rajdeep Sardesai, Consulting Editor of India Today Television and attended by panellists Geet Lulla, VP of Sales & Head Asia Pacific, Comscore; Pankaj Krishna, Founder and CEO, Chrome DM; and Salil Kumar, CEO, ITGD.

This session drove conversations around the future of connected devices, which allow seamless integration of various smart devices, enabling effortless communication and data sharing between them. Cross-channel measurement has become increasingly sophisticated, providing comprehensive insights into user behaviour across multiple platforms and touchpoints for more effective marketing strategies.

“However, measurement is now moving from a monolithic approach to a fragmented approach, which needs to be reported frequently because data by itself is meaningless without context,” said Lulla. He added that there are over three billion people on social media, yet monetising it is still a challenge yet.

During the debate, Krishna presented his findings on the incremental reach of digital media in India, which consists of three components: browsers (223 mn), mobile devices (619 mn) and connected TVs (22.1 mn).

Kumar, too, made an important addition to his conversation about data monetisation.

The panellists also accentuated the importance of clarity, wherein the measurement is concerned, as well as collaboration with regard to the real-time consumption ecosystem.

Sardesai raised the issue of controversial TV media measurement, which has pained channels for a long time. Lulla pointed out that we still have a traditional approach of sampling households for TV measurement.

Krishna hoped that in the future we might have some programmatic system that can do real-time bidding according to the flow of breaking news that comes in at that point in time.

Goafest kicked off on Wednesday 25th May. The theme this year is "The Future of Creativity." The three-day annual festival will continue till 26th May.

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mSix&Partners wins integrated media mandate for Dr. Reddy's OTC Business

The mandate includes TV, Print, Radio, Digital and OOH

By exchange4media Staff | May 25, 2023 12:36 PM   |   2 min read


mSix&Partners has won the integrated media mandate for Dr. Reddy's OTC Business. The account will be managed by the agency's Mumbai office, which will leverage its data and tech-driven approach to drive business growth for the client through targeted and effective media planning and execution.

With a focus on maximizing ROI for the client, mSix&Partners plans to use its vast experience in media planning, execution, and measurement to craft solutions that resonate with Dr. Reddy's regional audience.

The mandate will focus on crafting detailed micro-marketing solutions with a clear focus on the regionalization story for Reblanz ORS brands.

Commenting on the win, Subhamay Mukhopadhyay, Managing Partner, mSix&Partners India said, "We are thrilled to partner with Dr. Reddy's and bring our data-driven approach to the table. As a data and tech-driven agency, we understand the importance of driving business growth through bespoke, dedicated, multi-disciplinary teams that closely partner with our clients. Our data-driven approach is what sets us apart, and we're excited to bring that to the table for Dr. Reddy's. We look forward to adding value through our expertise in media planning and execution to deliver on the client's objectives."

Nigel Saldanha, Head of Marketing OTC, GG India for Dr. Reddy’s, said “ We are on a very interesting journey in building an OTC business at Dr. Reddy’s GG India, and at this juncture, having the right partners on board is of paramount importance. After rigorous evaluations, we are happy to award the integrated media mandate to mSix&Partners India and look forward to accelerating our ambitions through this partnership."

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Aditya Birla Capital appoints Dentsu Creative India as lead brand communications agency

The account will be serviced from the agency's Mumbai office

By exchange4media Staff | May 25, 2023 11:21 AM   |   3 min read


Aditya Birla Capital (ABC) has appointed DENTSU CREATIVE India as its Lead Brand Communications Agency. The account will be serviced from the agency's Mumbai office.

As per the mandate, DENTSU CREATIVE India will manage the creative services for ABC - the corporate brand, and five of its subsidiaries. This includes developing and implementing advertising campaigns across various mediums to enhance the brand's communication and messaging.

Darshana Shah, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Aditya Birla Capital said, “DENTSU CREATIVE India has been a longstanding partner of ABC, and I am pleased to have them as the brand's retainer agency across our numerous lines of business. This year, we have accomplished some truly exciting projects, with a sharp focus on our health insurance, life insurance, and mutual fund businesses. Collaborating with DENTSU CREATIVE has been an absolute delight, as their dynamic and enthusiastic team shares our vision of propelling the brand forward in the new digital-first consumer era. Together, we aim to leverage the trust associated with our parent brand, Aditya Birla Group, and bring the brand ABC to the masses in India. Our goal is to simplify their financial needs and become trusted a partner throughout their life stages. I am looking forward to the remarkable outcomes that this partnership will yield."

Commenting on the partnership, Indrajeet Mookerjee, President – South & West, DENTSU CREATIVE India added, “We are delighted to be working with Aditya Birla Capital and to have won the mandate as the lead ATL agency. This reflects the trust that we have built over years of collaboration on key projects spanning mutual funds and health and life insurance, including the celebrated 'Dear Money' campaign, which was a defining chapter in Aditya Birla Capital's communication journey. The confidence shown in us is a testament to the modern and creative solutions that DENTSU CREATIVE incorporates across businesses. We are truly honored to be a part of this journey and look forward to achieving many successful business and creative outcomes together."

Aalap Desai, Chief Creative Officer, Creative Experience, West, DENTSU CREATIVE India commented, “We have had a great history of collaboration with Aditya Birla Capital, and it is truly an honor to now officially join forces with them. Working with a fantastic brand team that is in sync with our own team is refreshing, rare, and valuable. It almost feels like we are one team working towards the common goal of creating memorable work that resonates with the audience. Aditya Birla Capital has always been inventive in presenting real solutions to real challenges in the financial services industry, and we at DENTSU CREATIVE take pride in offering the perfect balance of strategy and creativity.”

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Larah Opalware by Borosil launches film to unveil new brand identity

Larah aims to reflect the modern Indian woman with the new brand tagline, ‘My Home My Way’

By exchange4media Staff | May 28, 2023 6:00 PM   |   2 min read


Larah, the opalware brand by Borosil, has undergone a change in brand identity and positioning. The brand aims to target modern Indian women who multitask and strive to excel in every aspect of their lives.

With the theme "My Home, My Way," Larah emphasizes women's choices, efforts to showcase their personality and commitment to making healthy, savvy, and sustainable choices for their homes and loved ones. The brand's new immersive experience includes a new logo featuring a deep aubergine hue, which represents self-assurance and confidence - virtues that embody today's women.

Regarding launching the new identity and campaign, Barnali Shankar, Senior General Manager (Marketing) at Borosil Ltd., said, "We are extremely excited to reposition Brand Larah. We aim to recognize modern Indian women, their values, and their commitment to their homes and loved ones. Our brand values are rooted in confidence, aspiration, and sustainable choices. We are proud to play a part in empowering Indian women and recognizing their dedication."

In addition, the brand has reworked its packaging design to be easily identifiable while on store displays. Customers can easily navigate and get what they want, as the packaging is standardized across ranges but differentiated to cater to various styles. Larah's new brand positioning is all about enjoying moments with its products. The brand offers a wide range of dinnerware and serveware options to suit various occasions, each providing a happy and beautiful reflection of its users' true selves.

The brand will roll out its changes in packaging design, POS, and online digital communication, with a renewed commitment to empowering and recognizing the value of modern Indian women.

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Tata Salt unveils campaign with focus on schoolkids

The campaign is part of the brand’s core theme 'Desh Ki Sehat, Desh Ka Namak’

By exchange4media Staff | May 24, 2023 11:48 AM   |   1 min read


Tata Salt is every Indian mother's ally in raising a strong and sharp nation through her children

Tata Salt has unveiled a campaign titled: ‘Tez Baccho Se Hi Toh Tez Desh Banta Hain’, which aligns with the brand’s core theme of 'Desh Ki Sehat, Desh Ka Namak’.

At the heart of the campaign is an endearing film depicting a caring mother engaged in a conversation with her daughter during mealtime. Expressing her concerns about her daughter's science project, scholarship, computer exam, and school contest, the mother receives a reassuring response from her confident daughter, who also happens to be the school captain, singing, "No problem Mummy, no problem!"

Speaking about the campaign, Deepika Bhan, President, Packaged Foods- India, Tata Consumer Products, said, "Tata Salt is unwavering in its commitment as a guardian of the nation's health. We understand that the right amount of iodine is essential for a child’s mental development and strive to provide this in each and every bag of Tata Salt .. aakhir 'Tez Baccho Se Hi Toh Tez Desh Banta Hain'.."

The ‘Tez Baccho Se Hi Toh Tez Desh Banta Hain’ campaign by Tata Salt is slated to roll out on various media platforms, including television, digital, and social media channels.

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A peek at BBDO’s entries for Cannes Lions

The agency has sent Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad, WhatsApp and Ralco Tyre campaigns for the festival of creativity

By exchange4media Staff | May 24, 2023 11:31 AM   |   7 min read


For this year’s Cannes Lions 2023, BBDO has sent some of its landmark campaigns to the festival of creativity. Let's take a look at the entries.

Silent Separation #ShareTheLoad | Ariel 

In its 8th year of getting men to share the load at home, Ariel, India’s leading detergent brand, decided to dig deeper. While the divorce rate in India is only 1%, 65% of women feel an emotional distance from their spouse. And 81% of women feel that unequal distribution of chores has affected their relationship over time.

To make men aware and act, Ariel launched 'See the signs of silent separation'. We triggered the conversation with a film that introduced a new term called ‘Silent Separation’. 

Silent Separation – The emotional distance that creeps into marriage because of inequality at home.

When a father opens-up about his marriage, his sensitive and empathetic daughter is moved to tears. She tells him that mom has been giving and giving for so long, that maybe she has just given up. This makes the father realize that he ended up taking his wife for granted. He apologizes to his wife and commits to be an equal partner.

 At the end of the film, Ariel urges men to see the signs and share the load. The message got amplified by the immense coverage it received. Over 1100 publications covered the film across 45 countries. 

Taking things a step further, we reached out to a group of untapped influencers – the house help. A hundred house helps came together and unearthed the unspoken signs of silent separation they had witnessed. 

And taking a cue from the film, we organised a mass re-proposal, where married men went down on one knee in front of washing machines and took a vow to be equal partners.

The brand’s commitment to the cause unlocked massive brand preference and consideration, and also had a positive influence on the society. 

1.4 billion earned impressions 

150 million views across platform 

More than 90% of couples agree that doing chores together will improve their relationship. 


See Equal #ShareTheLoad | Ariel

See Equal #ShareTheLoad is the fifth phase of the longest running movement against gender inequality at home. The campaign was celebrated at Cannes 2022 with a Lion and 4 shortlists, and is invited for creative effectiveness this year, as a campaign that has not only unlocked massive brand preference and consideration, but also had a positive influence on the society. 

A World Economic Forum report says gender equality is 135 years away.  Which means no woman alive will see gender parity in her lifetime. 

To accelerate the pace of change, Ariel took a more defiant stand. In a country where women are conditioned to never challenge their husbands, the wife confronts her husband and asks why men like him can share the load with other men but not with their wives, is it because they never saw women as their equal?

See Equal #ShareTheLoad was a bold new tone for the country, and it created instant news. It triggered millions of uncomfortable conversations. 

To further catalyse the movement, Ariel made a confession on the front page of leading dailies, with an open letter, that urged all content creators, media partners and advertisers to help change the imagery. 

Partners joined in. Times of India, country’s biggest media house amended their matrimonial section, where men can now also state their willingness to #ShareTheLoad at home. Disney+Hotstar curated a list of movies and shows that has better representation of women. 

Ariel turned its packs into a silent protest. For the first time, Ariel changed the names on its packs with names of hundreds of Indian men. 


See Equal #ShareTheLoad Long-term | Ariel 

Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad is the longest running movement against gender inequality at home by a brand. We started in 2015, by raising awareness with a pertinent question, ‘Is laundry only a woman’s job?’

In 2016, we uncovered the source of this inequality. The deep-rooted social conditioning. We addressed it with a heart-wrenching apology letter. 

In 2018, we asked ‘are we teaching our sons, what we’ve been teaching our daughters?’ It was discussed at the world economic forum. In 2020, we challenged another hidden cultural issue. 71% of Indian women sleep less than men, due to unequal distribution of household chores. 

In 2022, there was a shift in the tone of the brand’s movement. To accelerate the pace of change, Ariel took a more defiant stand. In the film, the wife confronts her husband and asks why men like him can share the load with other men but not with their wives, is it because they never saw women as their equals? Ariel turned its packs into a silent protest. For the first time, Ariel changed the names on its packs with names of hundreds of Indian men. 

Year after year, we’ve spread the message of share the load, through unique new touchpoints. Wash care labels, matrimonial sites, cultural calendars, comic books, colouring books, OTT platforms and NFT art. 

When we began in 2015, 79% men believed that laundry is a woman’s job. That number is down to 26% today. 


Scam Se Bacho | WhatsApp

In India, digital payment scams are valued at 1.55 billion dollars.

Their biggest victims? Our beloved baby boomers. 

Payments on WhatsApp, decided to step-in and help the older generation by recreating the most iconic Bollywood song from the '70s, turning it into a melodic lesson about digital payment safety.

The song chosen was “Aye Bhai Zara Dekh Ke Chalo” (“Hey brother, stay safe while you walk”), a song from the popular 1970 Bollywood movie ‘Mera Naam Joker’, which is widely popular across all age groups. 

The original song, featuring Raj Kapoor, played a huge role in popularizing the common phrase “Aye bhai”, which is a friendly interjection used across generations.  

The original lyrics were a friendly word of caution, warning people to look before they walk; we rewrote the lyrics, telling people to look again and be mindful of digital payment scams.

The video that picturized the song captured rampant scams currently affecting the target audience.

The music video soon became a tool for the highest authority figures of the country to combat scams. Several state police departments shared the song on their social media accounts as a friendly reminder to stay safe from scams. 

#NoPressureDelivery | Ralco Tyres

Ralco Tyres have been highlighting the capability of their tyres that have gone through numerous ‘Pressure Tests’. At the same time, food and delivery apps have been reducing the delivery time to as low as 10-minutes to beat the competition, adding more pressure on the delivery riders. 

The quick delivery timings forced delivery riders to overspeed and break traffic rules, just to deliver on time. This led to the core thought of our next socially relevant message, ‘Pressure is meant for tyres, not people.’

Ralco Tyres introduced a simple action for the users of these delivery apps to reduce the 10-min delivery pressure on the delivery riders. In the delivery instruction section of the app, we urged the users to add the words, ‘No Pressure Delivery’. This way the riders get to know that they needn’t rush and risk their lives to deliver the order within 10-minutes. 

We chose the ideal influencer to take this idea forward. Someone who has always been the voice of the underrepresented. With Bollywood actor and activist, Sonu Sood, we propelled the #NoPressureDelivery initiative to a wide audience, garnering over 47 million video views. This emboldened tto he mothers of the delivery riders make an impassioned plea for change. All of which nudged the delivery apps platform to review the 10 minute delivery time. 

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