HDFC Life Cancer Care launches insightful campaign featuring cancer survivor Lisa Ray

The campaign, conceptualised by Leo Burnett, points out how important financial support is to fight the battle of cancer

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Updated: Aug 11, 2015 8:09 AM
HDFC Life Cancer Care launches insightful campaign featuring cancer survivor Lisa Ray

HDFC life has launched a new brand campaign for their latest product offering, ‘HDFC Life Cancer Care’ which highlights the importance of being financially prepared and live with pride, should cancer ever strike. The campaign conceptualised by Leo Burnett features cancer survivor Lisa Ray who tells her emotional story of how she survived the deadly disease.

In the video, she informs that it was much more than emotional strength, which helped her fight the battle. No doubt, she had faith in herself and her father was like the pillar of rock, boosting her morale always, but there was one more thing which was also required-which is money, as the treatment was very expensive. A Cancer treatment can cost anything between Rs. 3-25 lacs and the brand wanted to highlight that the financial aspect of the fight is the only thing one can have a control on.

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The campaign which got launched this Saturday has already clocked more than 1 lakh views. Apart from TV, it is being supported by print, OOH, radio, and digital. The hashtag #RayofHope is being used to increase engagement on the social media platforms. The duration of the entire campaign is around 4-5 weeks.


Commenting on the thought  behind having Lisa Ray in the commercial, Sanjay Tripathy, Senior EVP, Marketing, Products, Digital and E-commerce, HDFC Life, said, “For the very first time we have used a celebrity to communicate our message and Lisa personifies the journey of a cancer survivor and offers real life testimonial. With her positive attitude and self-belief, she embodies the brand philosophy of ‘Sar Utha ke Jiyo’. Having been insured for Cancer herself, she had a first-hand experience of the benefit of Cancer insurance, the importance of not having that additional battle to fight, and the understanding of how life could have been different if she weren’t insured.”


While making the campaign, the brand had to tackle two main challenges- one business related and the other communication related. Cancer Care was a niche product that, in effect, created a brand new product category of disease specific insurance plans. “Our first challenge, hence, was to communicate to a public that was used to picking up holistic health plans for all health related requirements, the need to invest in a dedicated Cancer plan. Secondly, Cancer communication is a largely crowded space, filled with inspirational stories of great emotional and mental strength. But it left out one pertinent aspect of Cancer – that facing the disease is financially draining. And without financial strength, emotional strength is very hard to manage. Our challenge was to open people’s eyes to the financial realities of Cancer and how being financially prepared can help you fight Cancer better -  a conversation angle that the world of Cancer communication had so far stayed away from,” he said.


Speaking about the campaign, Raj Deepak Das, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, highlighted, “When one talks about fighting cancer, one hears about the emotional and physical struggle and how being mentally strong helps. But, one rarely talks about the financial struggle. In a situation where there is lack of money to undergo cancer treatment, the pain and the emotional trauma is much bigger. The idea was to reflect this thought by engaging with consumers on an emotional platform. Real life stories inspire us. We therefore decided to feature Lisa Ray and underline the importance of money in fighting the life threatening disease. She is a perfect fit as her positive attitude resonates well with the brand philosophy of Sar Utha Ke Jiyo.”


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Commenting on why there is less number of insurance firms giving cancer coverage, Tripathy explained, “Cancer cover is a niche health insurance plan. In a country where health plans themselves are yet to be fully accepted by the public, the market for niche health plans is very nascent currently. However, over the last few years the incidence of Cancer in our country has been on the rise. As fallout of this, Cancer awareness communication has also been on the rise. The consumer is now at a place where he is equipped with the required information to engage in a conversation regarding the need for financial security against the possible incidence of Cancer.  However, it is still a task for the insurance player to create the need for such a product.”

The highlight of the HDFC Life Cancer Care is that the current insurance landscape for Cancer in the country does not have a holistic coverage for all cancer related expenses. There are exclusions in every plan, and in some cases these exclusions could mount to lakhs. On the other hand, this new plan claims to cover all these exclusions.

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