Guest Column: Unleashing the full potential of mobile marketing

As long as the marketer embraces the 3Cs of mobile campaigns – Customised, Clear & Concise – and selects the right channel, mobile marketing will pay rich dividends, says Vikram Raichura, MD, VivaConnect

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Updated: Aug 2, 2013 1:35 PM
Guest Column: Unleashing the full potential of mobile marketing

Marketing has been a vital part of selling process, which determines the ultimate fate of a product. Your product might be the best among its segment, yet it may fail to make into customers’ lives if marketed poorly. Traditional marketers are still deploying age old media of radio, television and print. Though the media bring results, they help only a handful of products; more often those brands that make it to prime-time slots or prominent placements in print ads. What about other brands with moderate budgets? Where shall they go? Which media shall they opt for? Is this the end of the marketing platform for them?

Where most media of ATL and BTL marketing have failed, a true successor has surfaced in the form of mobile marketing.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the total mobile subscriber base in the country is around 960.9 million, whereas overall teledensity stood at 79.28 per cent by May 2012. Needless to say that telco based marketing strategies would have the highest reach.

Connected through mobile
The sheer multiplicity offered by mobile media makes it very simple to reach the ‘next billion’ consumers, if done correctly. This can be done by selecting the broadcast medium carefully and crafting a clear, personalised message to engage a customer and topping up with appropriate gratification. Messages may be in the form of voice-based content in a particular regional language or sending text notifications or even soliciting missed calls as part of a call to action, or for a certain niche segment the entire campaign could be crafted through a mobile app.

Land of diversities, full of opportunities
India is a land of diversity, right from languages and income slabs to age and location. India with its enormous population and an enviable teledensity is a boon for anybody who’s got anything to do with mobile. Right from the telcos to device manufacturers and even users – all are witnessing a revolution in the mobile space.

Needs differ with every Individual
Recently, I took a train to my weekend destination. After boarding the compartment and taking my seat, I observed my fellow passengers. I couldn’t help but notice a family of three (parents and daughter), who were all busy with their smartphones. The daughter was playing some game, the father was listening to music and would come frequently to her to ask about some settings, while the mother was busy doing some chanting while continuously looking at the mobile screen, so I figured she was reading some holy text. Taking this incident into account, I figured that even though everyone had a similar device, every user had a very unique requirement and was very keen to learn the ways to meet his or her requirement.

Why the fear for mobile marketing?
Given the potential of the mobile medium, it is surprising that the medium is turning to be marketers’ worst nightmare even as they look forward to leverage mobile as an ATL or BTL or even an add-on media. What mobile does to a marketer apart, from confusing him while choosing his broadcast medium (SMS, IVR, OBD, Missed Call, Mobile Web or Mobile Apps), is also posing a challenge to create a concept which leverages his chosen medium and effectively meets his campaign objective while engaging and gratifying his customer.

Successful campaigns
If we look towards certain mobile marketing campaigns with exceptional results, for example, Wheel, Dance India Dance Little Masters, Anna Hazare, Zee Cine Awards, Poncho, etc., we find that all these have a common trait – understanding the customer, his preferences and what will keep him engaged and keep him coming back. These campaigns have not only achieved or exceeded desired numbers, but also met the objectives at much lower costs. They have been able to distinguish their customer in a Tring-Tring category or a Tap-Tap category that leads them to carefully craft a personalised message, leading to overall successful campaigns.

That’s not all, once the campaigns are executed and results achieved, the work has, in fact, just begun as lot more analytics would now be done and the campaigns optimised and the messages personalised for the next shot, leading to even better results.

Why mobile marketing for me?
According to ‘Nielsen’s 2013 Mobile Consumer report’, it was stated that almost 52 per cent of India’s smartphone users are willing to provide their personal information in order to receive custom-based content if it matches their interest. Around 54 per cent are comfortable with advertising, if it provides access to customised content that an individual is looking for. Almost 52 per cent are more likely to click on multimedia ads.

Businesses are gradually understanding the true potential of mobile marketing with 20x higher engagement at five times the cost of other marketing media. Mobility has witnessed an alarming growth in recent years and the future prospects are appearing excellent. So, as long as the marketer embraces the 3Cs of mobile campaigns – Customised, Clear and Concise – and selects the right channel for his Tring-Tring or Tap-Tap customer, the performance will always be better than expected.

Vikram Raichura is Managing Director of VivaConnect

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