Guest Column: Old trends giving way to the new in advtg - Sandeep Bomble

The Founder & Creative Director of Palasa highlights the emerging trends that advertisers can use to engage consumers who are increasingly short on time & attention

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Updated: Jun 28, 2013 2:38 PM
Guest Column: Old trends giving way to the new in advtg - Sandeep Bomble

Advertising is one of the most important facets of any product. But as we take a look at the recent advertising and technological scenario, it is very important to understand that the mindset of the consumers and marketing mediums have changed to a great extent. Digital is the latest mantra that advertisers are adopting. It is now a must to understand how best digital mediums can be harnessed for optimal effect.

Ever since their advent, Digital Video Recorders (DVR) have posed the biggest threat to commercial advertising. The device allows more choice and control by viewers over their television experience and allows viewers to skip an ad. Thus, your ad must be attractive enough for the audience to stop and look, even if they choose to fast forward. They might not be seeing every frame of it, but they have a sense that a brand or a commercial is running. And if your ad is clever enough to interest them, they will stop, rewind and play it back. But even they may not guarantee an advertiser the complete attention or focus to their brand or product in a manner that they want. This has forced advertisers to innovate and improvise new ways to reach customers. For example, 95 per cent of the advertising spends for BMW were on creating ad films that were released on the internet for free. This turned the old media mantra on its head, where 95 per cent of the advertising budget is given to media companies. People liked the BMW films so much that they searched for the films on the internet to watch them.

The social media edge
Smart promotion through the internet has increased manifold in recent times and has revolutionised the way in which we find and consume information. It also allows one to gauge the success of the communication and make amendments as and when needed. Social media today is used on a wide platform and has made direct interaction with the company possible through likes and comments. But, simply fan likes, sharing and promotional messages spamming the pages on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., is not enough. Consumers nowadays like the product advertising to be more experiential. They want to share their experiences, feedbacks and also expect great customer service and like getting promotional offers, coupons, freebies, and actively participate in many ways online. And the brand should also act upon consumers’ responses, for example, the Old Spice response campaign, wherein real time videos were made based on people’s reply on Facebook and Twitter.

Now advertisers will have to look for ways in which they can discreetly promote their brands seamlessly online. The content will have to be smartly integrated into various media, while also targeting niche consumers to whom the message needs to be targetted. Banner ads could be a nightmare for any user. The challenge is to have such interactive banner ads that can be engaging enough to make the consumer inquisitive about the brand or the product.

Leveraging big data
Advertising based on big data is a powerful tactic and a fast catching trend that advertisers are yet to explore. Big data marketing gives one the control to predict behaviour by measuring and monitoring consumers’ digital activity. This can help take your brand to your precise target customer. The 2012 Presidential campaign done by US President Barrack Obama’s team can be cited as the most popular example of big data information that was used to drive the campaign across the masses through various tactics at every level, which eventually was a major reason behind the big win.

Sandeep Bomble is Founder and Creative Director of Palasa

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