Digital revolution is a game changer for content marketing: Parveen Singhal, WittyFeed

Guest Column: The Co-Founder & CCO of WittyFeed explains how the digital revolution has thrown up new and innovative ways for brands to reach out to their target audience through content marketing

e4m by Parveen Singhal
Updated: Aug 31, 2018 8:32 AM

Since the invention of zero, the world has evolved exponentially. The industrial revolution changed the world upside down. And then came the Internet revolution, making, among other things, the content of printed newspaper available online. All these changes, combined with the ever-changing technology, have brought about a digital revolution.

Today, one can travel to places using a VR glass and experience the world through AR. Earlier, people used to consume content through newspaper, now it is done digitally. On an average, a smartphone user watches around 3 hours of video in a day. Internet has become our eyes and ears and the world around us. And where there is internet, there is content. Content no more stands for just text or information. It is now an opportunity for companies to grow and a medium for them to promote their products and services.

Digital revolution enabled content marketing companies to convey their messages in any desirable format. A youngster wants to watch a video, a professional prefers a podcast, a 60-year-old man is in search of a good blog, and bloggers prefer formats such as GIFs and posters. The ecosystem of content has evolved to an extent where there’s a solution for every problem. For instance, if a company wants to conduct a poll, several kinds of quiz format are there. Photo sharing platforms have also integrated polls. Both, content marketing and brands are dependent on each other today; like zero and one in the Internet parlance (remember).

Do you like to see advertisements while watching a film? Obviously not! But Fevicol smartly used a Bollywood soundtrack and subtly promoted itself to a country of 1.3+ billion citizens. That’s the power of digital revolution where there are no limitations. As more and brands emerge, more and more ways to amplify their market reach originate.

Here are a couple of formats that can be used to fulfill a brand’s motive through content marketing:

• Blog post, long-form article, e-book
• Infographic, image
• Case study, white paper/report, presentation, email newsletter
• Webinar
• Quiz and polls
• Podcast

The power of digital also empowers brands to combine all of the above mediums and play a ‘mix and match’. Gone are the days when there were geographical or technological constraints which would hinder a campaign. Fundamentally speaking, people’s hunger for quality content remains insatiable and the demand is exponentially growing, giving brands an infinite scope for content marketing. Different people have different content preferences. And that’s the biggest advantage digital revolution has given to content marketing– a hybrid system where a piece of content is the ultimate way to show innovation and creativity.

Lastly, the same technology has also given a better insight on the audience-- what type of content they seek, how many hours they’re active, and which content format is best for promoting a particular product/service.

(The author is the Co-Founder & CCO of WittyFeed)

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of

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