Cipla Urges Moms To Let Kids Live Fearlessly

Launches digital social experiment with aim to start conversations on the need for mothers to be a Yes Mom to their kids and the importance of immunity in children

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Updated: Dec 2, 2017 7:45 AM

The concern for a child’s health make mothers overprotective and they often put restrictions on their kids without realizing the impact it has on their children’s personality. It is necessary that instead of saying ‘No’ to kids always that their immunity is strengthened to keep them healthy. Therefore, Cipla, the global pharmaceutical company in India, developed ActivKids Immuno Boosters, an immunity supplement for children, to address the growing concern of low immunity by providing up to 100% RDA of key immunity nutrients.

Speaking at the launch of Activkids Immuno Booster event, Samina Vazirelli, Executive Vice-chairman, stated, "Cipla has been around for 82 years, with the 3rd largest Pharma Company we are very well known in the pediatrics space. Today the focus is actually on wellness and how to move that spectrum from illness to wellness, is where Cipla Health comes in and we have been working on this product for about the last two years with our scientists, nutritionist, a panel of doctors and kids and mothers. I think, the kids and mothers are the most important people in this entire diagram because they are the ones who are going to take the product and the ones who have to accept it, like the taste, like the format. This campaign actually reached out to over 60 lakh mums across India, this is just the power of what it is to be a mother actually."

Himava Nath, Head of Marketing for Cipla Health Limited, states, “Cipla Health set off on its mission of ensuring strong immunity for kids with the launch of its brand ActivKids Immuno Boosters a year ago. #YesMom was launched as a social movement aimed at changing the stereotype around parenting especially motherhood. The movement seeks to empower moms with the confidence to say ‘Yes’ to their kids. And the brand ActivKids Immuno Boosters with its immunity benefits and unique format aids the mothers and gives them the confidence to say ‘Yes’. The movement has been very successful and thousands of mothers have been inspired to be #YesMom.”

Talking about her experience as a mother, actress Mandira Bedi said, “At one point of time, I too was a worried mother, always conscious about Vir’s every activity, but the video came as a revelation to me. I never realized what impact my frequent ‘Nos’ have on my child’s developing mind. I took the #YesChallenge and I have made efforts to become a #YesMom by trying to avoid saying ‘No’ unnecessarily. I think it’s important that all mothers out there realize how being a #YesMom can bring a difference to your child’s physical and mental health. I realized that no matter how much I try to protect him from germs and infections, it will not make much of a difference till the time his immunity is strong. Now, I focus on strengthening his immunity to make him healthy.”

The campaign was rolled out with a social experiment on the online page of Cipla highlighting the psychological impacts of ‘No’ on a child followed by a call out to mothers to take the Yes Challenge.

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