Centuryply launches a playful series of TVCs featuring actor Nana Patekar

Created by DDB Mudra West, the TVCs taglined 'Khushiyon Ka Rangmanch' highlight furniture surfaces as the stage where life's happy moments play out

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Updated: May 29, 2014 8:04 AM
Centuryply launches a playful series of TVCs featuring actor Nana Patekar

Centuryply has launched a series of new TVCs featuring Nana Patekar with the tagline – Khushiyon Ka Rangmanch, created by DDB Mudra West.

For the past six years the brands core proposition has been that of structural strength with TV campaigns highlighting the core functional benefits of strength and durability of CenturyPly products. This was brought alive by the brands tagline - Sab Sahe, Mast Rahe.

In 2014 there were two clear challenges before the company. One, in an influencer driven category where the consumer has minimal interest and say in the final product that is bought, the brand had to create affinity and hence, preference for itself. Two, while the brands structural strength narrative was working well, it was not relevant for their other products like laminates and veneers which are driven more by their aesthetics.

The idea was to emphasise that CenturyPly is not just creating commodities, but is in the business of creating spaces and home solutions through its products plywood, laminates and veneers - surfaces which are witness to everyday moments of joy and happiness. We remember the jokes, the laughs and the singing, but tend to take for granted the surfaces that enabled these moments of togetherness. They are the stage where life’s happy moments play out, and hence the baseline: Khushiyon ka Rangmanch.

Amit Gope, Head, Marketing, CenturyPly said, “We found this concept to be extremely strong, unique and with a potential to remain relevant for a long time. More than that, it was something that was meeting our objectives in the best possible manner.”

Sonal Dabral, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra Group mentioned, “Devoid of any sharp ideas, the plywood advertising landscape has been fuzzy to say the least. We decided it was time for a respected brand like CenturyPly to speak like a leader and elevate the category to the next level. Nana Patekar’s brilliance needs no mention. We were fortunate that he agreed to be a part of this project. I'm certain the audience will love him as the voice of our conscience provoking us to take a fresh look at our furniture we take for granted every day."

Rajiv Sabnis, President, DDB Mudra West added,"Khusiyon ka Rangmanch is an idea that is a take on life, from the point-of-view of the furniture. If all inanimate objects had a life of their own, and could see the world around them, then they would see themselves at the centre of a family life. Then furniture could see the joys, the bonding, the celebration, the success, the romance, the love, the gossip and many other emotions that a family goes through in the course of their life together. Furniture is a mute spectator today, but if it had emotions, it would believe that the family comes together around the various pieces of furniture which make a home. Nana Patekar embodies the conscience of the furniture that provides a platform for emotions to play out. This campaign is a tribute to furniture, hence Century Ply, and the centre stage role it plays in bringing and keeping families together."

Shagun Seda, Creative Director, DDB Mudra West stated, “The dining table, the sofa, the bed etc. are the hangout zones or addas in a house where families come together. With this campaign we want to put the spotlight on these oft-ignored surfaces. A message that carries the risk of sounding too preachy if not delivered convincingly.  So we went to the one voice and face that everyone would sit down and take notice of Mr. Nana Patekar.”

Satyajeet Kadam, Creative Director, DDB Mudra West said, “You will see Nana Patekar, the thespian in his signature form here. We have always associated Nana Patekar as the man who stood up for a cause. Be it through his films or his work done in public life. In this campaign, he doesn’t play the celebrity brand ambassador. Is he member of the family? Is he a guest? We never explain.”

The campaign is a multimedia campaign in TV, print, outdoor, digital and on ground. It goes on air this week.

You can watch the ads here

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