Cannes Lions Live Day 2: Experts discuss Zoom pitches, culturally competent creativity

The Lions Live presented the Lion’s guide to decoding new techniques of modern storytelling

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Mar 3, 2021 8:56 AM

Day 2 of 2021 Lions Live regaled viewers with some insightful conversations. Interestingly, it offered a perspective into things Iike technical creativity, owning Zoom pitches and shining through -- things that the industry has been forced to grapple with post pandemic. Another standout was the return of the illustrious CMOs in the spotlight.

The day opened on a great note with the power-packed session delivered by God-is Rivera, Global Director of Culture and Community, Twitter. Rivera said that while our society is at a crossroads, it’s actually an opportunity to stretch our imaginations, contemplate real progress, and to shape solutions that will carry us into an equitable and sustainable future. 

Rivera reflected on how we can move forward when we’re still nursing old habits. How we can shed the methods that brought us here and foster the ones that will propel us out. She deliberated on how we recognise, synthesize and integrate cultural competency.  

She hinted that only an honest understanding of who we are will allow us to free our minds to be truly creative and able to conceive work processes that ensure all perspectives are represented and acknowledged in every aspect of our daily lives including our professional endeavours. Her message was to set a new bar with culturally-competent creative.

Next up was Caroline Goyder, Gravitas Method Ltd uncovering how we can future-proof our career when it comes to virtual meetings. Through her session, Goyder revealed the secrets of owning and reading Zoom and decoded the secrets to speaking with confidence on video conference, especially under the pressure of a pitch or a challenging client. 

She admitted that while pitching onscreen can feel harder in 2D than it used to in 3D and it can seem a bit flat and harder to read the room on video conference, it's harder to own it too. Goyder showcased how we can use our voice, our presence, our energy, to make them more 3D.

Another highlight from the day was the highly anticipated 'CMOs in the Spotlight' return. It featured Lubomira Rochet of L’Oréal and Kathleen Hall from Microsoft. The session offered insights into the highly complex CMO mindset as well as an opportunity to learn about the most challenging issues some of the top brand leaders face 'right now' while also reflecting on the overarching theme of the LIONS Live March programme - The New Creator's Toolkit. This centred on driving measurable gains in personal and professional development. 

Elizabeth Baron, Enterprise Solutions Executive, Unity Technologies, delivered a session on technical creativity. Baron detailed how she found inspiration and persevered to develop an industry-first immersive technology that became a part of Ford’s global product development process. 

She shared tips on how to future-proof your product development career and navigate your way in the immersive realities ecosystem. Moreover, Baron spoke about building the courage to ask “why? , growing through listening and ensuring how success is team success.

The age-old craft of storytelling has always been the bedrock of the creative industry. While the basics of good storytelling remain the same, the environment, platforms and culture in which these stories live have evolved. Spilling the beans on the new techniques and trends of storytelling today, the team at Lions dug into the data and case studies from the Cannes Lions entries to uncover new tactics used to enhance approaches to modern storytelling. With insights from world-renowned storytelling experts and a wide range of examples from Lion winners, this showcase by Lions Live provided some creative firepower to enliven your storytelling today, with inspiration from ideas that have been proven to work in practice.

A glorious end to the creatively-satisfying day was a wrap-up style session by Jaime Robinson, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of JOAN. Focussed on the “how-to” angle, Robinson broke down the day’s learning into practical next steps. She shared her biggest insights from the day and how she would advise viewers to put them into practice.

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