Cannes Lions Festival 2020: Exploring the eight industry-driven themes

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity will be taking place from June 22 to 26

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Updated: Oct 31, 2019 1:26 PM
Cannes Lions

The Cannes Lions Festival has revealed the 2020 Content Agenda focusing on eight industry-driven themes.

We take a look at the themes in detail:

This theme will investigate the role of marketers to define how creativity can support both short-term activities and long-term brand equity, to have a better level of influence in the boardroom; and how creatives can support them in achieving sustained growth.

The festival will look at the following:
Speakers and organisations who have used creativity to achieve sustained growth in highly-competitive categories and demonstrated its impact;
Design-thinking, data, technology and consumer insights powering impactful creativity;
How marketers have mastered the boardroom and the CFO relationship;
Best practice from creatives who are fluent in the language of business.

This theme will feature trailblazers from brands and retailers who will introduce pioneering forms of commerce (cashless, omni-channel, immersive) to promote better buying experiences.

The festival will explore:
How marketers can create a true point of difference in saturated sectors and on the "go-to" sites like Amazon and;
The important and vital role that creativity plays in differentiating your commerce experience amongst a throng of competitors;
The (ever-changing) physical environment and its true value and role as we ramp up on in-device purchases;
The most exciting work which is happening in stores (and elsewhere).

This theme will provide a platform for the world’s biggest brands and agencies to discuss how they’re tackling critical global issues, from climate change to inequality.

The theme will explore:
Case studies from some of the brands doing authentic purpose-driven work that not only improves lives, but drives return;
Campaigns that intersect social good with good business;
The responsibilities that the industry has to safeguard the privacy and safety of consumers.

This theme will investigate the intrinsic relationship between brand and experience. Brands will discuss how they experiment with customer experience and improve the entire customer journey through seamless interactions.

The theme will explore brands who have struggled and experimented with customer experience: those who have made mistakes, gathered feedback and improved the customer journey along the way;
How to prioritise customer satisfaction, synchronise brand messaging with a streamlined journey and join organisational dots across a business;
The next realm of experience: set to be completely multi-sensory and engineered with empathy.

This theme will examine the best structures, models and relationships that creatives and brands must adopt going forward to enable successful, human-first creativity. It will also consider the new skill sets required for modern creativity, and how to acquire, nurture and retain the world’s best talent.

We will explore
Talent: At a time when creative and marketing capabilities are, at best, undefined, speakers will explore the new skill sets required and how we can acquire and retain the world’s best creative and tech talent.
Better teams and processes: Enabling a creative culture is under-scrutinised but essential. Speakers will focus on how we can build a workplace as a catalyst for creativity and growth. Here it is important to look at what detracts from this: burn-out, lack of inclusion, #metoo, and age discrimination (to name a few).
Agency and consultancy models: We will look at new agency models and what the future value proposition needs to be to survive. What is the role of the agency? Is it an ideas house? A consultancy? A transformation bureau? Let’s reevaluate what the agency of the future stands for.
Collaboration and Partnerships: Let’s face it, we can’t fly solo anymore. We need to work better together to produce work that we’re proud of.
In-housing: Speakers from both sides of the fence will explore whether it’s working and what elements are working best. A year on, we’ll ask “will in-housing creativity fail?”

This theme will invite experts to share examples of how to apply data and technology tactfully to develop creativity that enthrals audiences. Plus, brands will demonstrate how they harness AI and machine learning to underpin creative work that drives lasting emotional connections with consumers.

We will feature:
Creative technologists, storytellers, scientists and innovators who have real-life examples of how to practically apply data and tech in a way that delights and enthrals;
Brands that demonstrate how they have harnessed technology and data to create better emotional moments with consumers;
The very best, global examples of tech and data-fuelled creativity.

This theme will feature speakers that explore new creative dimensions in storytelling across a range of platforms and formats, at pace and at scale. It will consider how brands can tell stories that gain attention and engage in the issues that matter, putting cultural relevancy at the forefront.

We will explore:
New creative dimensions in storytelling across modern platforms and formats;
The bold endeavours being made by brands to shape their stories into entertaining, culturally relevant content;
The partners and creative talent required to bring great storytelling to life.

This theme will delve into how we use creativity to build brand health for the long-term rather than obsess over short-term clicks and impressions. It will explore the brand assets and emotional connections that are integral to long-term relationship building which, applied appropriately, help brands stay front-of-mind over time.

We will explore what consumers are looking for, what represents a meaningful, relevant brand (humanity, impact, positivity) in the 21st century and how creativity can help to differentiate.

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