Bringing to life the Servo brand proposition

Created by Draftfcb Ulka, the new ad for Servo shows how everything the lubricant brand from IndianOil touches comes to life

e4m by Shree Lahiri
Updated: Aug 2, 2012 8:38 PM
Bringing to life the Servo brand proposition

Taking forward the tagline ‘Add Servo. Add Life’, seen in the earlier ads, the new TVC of IndianOil’s lubricant brand Servo seeks to show how everything Servo touches comes to life.

The campaign has been created by Draftfcb Ulka. The media agencies are – Madison for TV, radio & Internet, and Lodestar for print.

The Brief
N Srikumar, Executive Director, Corporate Communications & Branding, Indian Oil Corporation, said, “The brief was to come up with a way to communicate the philosophy for brand Servo – ‘Add Servo. Add Life.’ It was imperative to showcase the range of applications that the brand has to offer.”

On how the agency went about translating the brief to creatives, Haresh Moorjani, Group Creative Director, Draftfcb Ulka, explained, “Given that the product is technical in nature (in its formulation, that is), we tried to simplify it by using the setting of a child’s room and his toys. The brand proposition is brought alive by the various toy vehicles that come to life, energised by the touch of Servo that creates the magic.”

The ad shows a child waking up in his bed clutching on to his cricket bat, which slips out of his hands. This action sets off a chain reaction – a red wicket falls down which hits a toy car that comes to life and moves ahead to touch a toy bike that in turn shoots ahead to bump into a truck that revs up. The colour red is predominant and the Servo logo is displayed prominently on all the toys that glow on contact to indicate high energy.

The brand promise
Energy is the central thought in the campaign. Srikumar specified that the brand promise is that of “energising”, which is brought out clearly in the line – ‘Add Servo. Add life’. “It’s a range of world class lubricants that ‘bring alive’ the power in the vehicles,” he added.

Moorjani added here, “The brand’s proposition – ‘Add Servo. Add Life’ – is brought out by staging a scenario which highlights the brand thought – ‘Everything that Servo touches, comes to life’.”


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