Bombay Dyeing sheds light on the issue of inadequate sleep in #TakeBackSleep campaign

Conceptualised by Flying Bullet, the 360-degree campaign will be amplified through Print, TV, Radio, Digital, Cinema, and on-ground activations

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Updated: Dec 16, 2019 3:27 PM
Bombay Dyeing Take Back Sleep Campaign

Premier furnishings brand Bombay Dyeing with The Times Of India have endorsed the cause of giving due importance to the most ignored, yet most essential, part of our lives – sleep – through their recently launched campaign #TakeBackSleep.

Conceptualized by Flying Bullet, the campaign is aimed at changing behaviours toward inadequate sleep – a silently growing public health problem, which not many are talking about.

The WHO, in 2007, in its public statement classified nighttime shift work as a probable carcinogen, due to circadian disruption. Much research and data have acknowledged that people between 17 and 40 years of age – the millennial generation – are sleeping less and report feeling exhausted all the time. The reasons for this are manifold and it is time to take cognizance of the facts and bring about some societal changes to remedy this situation.

Through the campaign, Bombay Dyeing with The Times of India not only want to encourage people to sleep better but also want to bring focus to the real question everyone should be asking: Why is an entire generation sacrificing sleep?

The campaign has launched with the first of three films opening a window into some of the real reasons why people are sacrificing sleep.

Speaking about how they arrived at the insight, Yash Rege, Partner and Creative Director, Flying Bullet, said, “Millennials everywhere are the victims of a ‘hustle culture’, where they themselves don’t ‘power off’ enough, and are always exhausted. The technology invasion has affected our body and brain, there are money worries due to financial crises all around, and most millennials feel they are overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. All this stress and poor coping behaviours like a poor diet, overconsumption of caffeine, etc. are wreaking havoc on the sleep cycle of an entire generation – an often-overlooked truth of our society today. People know about this but no one is asking the relevant questions: Why? And what can we do to change this?”

Devesh Kamat, Director and Founder of Flying Bullet, who directed all the three campaign films said, “It’s not just a campaign. It is a social movement for a behavioural change. Bombay Dyeing has been the premier brand in India, which has owned the furnishings and, in particular, the sleep space for over a century; and Times of India is India’s largest English newspaper daily – an effective podium for the campaign. Because this is such a real cause, we chose to treat the films realistically – so they will resonate with the audience just like we hope the cause of ‘#TakeBackSleep’ will.”

Adding to it, Rege said, “Great brands like Bombay Dyeing and The Times Of India have the power to lead the conversation around why young people are losing sleep and to be change-makers in our behaviour towards sleep. By launching the campaign, the brands have raised a mirror to society, seeking a better world where enough importance is given to sleep and thus, to the health of the generation that is the future of India”.

Speaking about the newly launched campaign #TakeBackSleep, Altaf Madraswalla, Head-Marketing, Retail, Bombay Dyeing said, “In a world where millennials glorify the ‘sleepless culture’, there was a pertinent need to educate and sensitize the generation about the need for adequate sleep. Considering we have been into the business of providing good sleep through our products for more than a century, who better than the brand Bombay Dyeing would be able to understand this and as a leader, take a stance by introducing an initiative that addresses this issue.” On partnering with The Times of India, Madraswalla added, “We were looking for a credible media partner in the industry to join hands with, who is known for taking such large initiatives to the depths of the country through multiple mediums and Times of India best fits into the criteria.”

Vikash Anand, Senior Brand Manager, Retail, Bombay Dyeing – the one person responsible for joining all dots to create the campaign and partnering with The Times of India – said, “For any consumer brand it is a dream to stand for a cause and give customers one more reason to consider its brand.” Talking about campaign implementation, Vikash said, “Execution & amplification are equally important as creating a concept. Choosing the appropriate media mix and amplification platforms along with the right scheduling strategy ensure your communication reaches the desired audience.” He further added, “#TakeBackSleep is mainly an initiative to urge the nation to pay their ‘sleep debt’ by not compromising on their sleep, hence we are very precise about picking up relevant partners & influencers to join us. Apart from 360-degree amplification, which includes Print, TV, Radio, Digital, Cinema, and on-ground activation, we have empanelled Social Media influencers and Sleep Experts who will also be amplifying the campaign and will speak about the benefits of good sound sleep.”

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