Blue Star launches immuno boost technology water purifiers with 'Strong Babies' campaign

Blue Star and Ogilvy took an offbeat approach to convey their idea, using cute babies as a continuation of their previous campaign

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Updated: Jun 30, 2018 8:55 AM

Blue Star announced the launch of a range of residential water purifiers comprising 35 models across various price points with RO, UV, RO+UV and RO+UV+UF technologies. These include models with an innovative and unique immuno boost technology that provides alkaline antioxidant water that strengthens the defence mechanism of the human body and helps the body to stay healthy and function perfectly. 

Blue Star and Ogilvy took an offbeat approach to convey these features, through its campaign titled ‘Strong Babies’, using cute babies as a continuation from their previous campaign. They began with the insight that children with great immunity are nothing short of super babies. They possess the innate ability to ward off diseases. 

Keeping this in mind, Ogilvy crafted ‘Strong Babies’, an epic, warrior-style TVC that showcased babies as playful little warriors, ready to take on anything that came their way. Nobody could stop them from living ‘the baby life’ to the fullest.  It ended with a call to ‘Get armed with immunity’ and telling viewers to bring home Blue Star’s new range of water purifiers with immuno boost technology.

Talking about the campaign, Harshad Rajadhyaksha & Kainaz Karmakar, Chief Creative Officers, Ogilvy India (West), said, "The idea of the campaign came straight from the product. The new range of Blue Star water purifiers come with a technology that improves your immunity. Babies dressed as cute warriors, armed with sippers, deliver this message in a simple and sharp manner."

"The challenge was not so much in writing the script but in executing it endearingly. Cajoling the kids to act and handle the sippers was fun and exhausting, in equal measure. Director Raylin Valles worked hard to charm the kids and get them to act," they added.

Girish Hingorani, Chief Marketing Officer – Water Purifiers & Head – Corporate Communications, Blue Star, said, "Immuno boost technology enhances the pH level of water, giving alkaline water. The body tries to naturally maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the blood. But when the body is overly acidic, the system has to work even harder to maintain that balance and can lead to interference with the activity of all the cells in the body. Alkaline water helps by neutralising the acid levels of the body, boosting metabolism, hydration and immunity. 

"Further, this technology also helps fighting with toxic free radicals by providing enough antioxidants which results in better immunity and lower damage of cells. We have been using babies in all our communication, as we believe that water given to babies is the gold standard of purity. Our brief to Ogilvy was to highlight this unique feature along with babies," Hingorani added.

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