Birla Sun Life Insurance's refreshing take on living for today while planning for tomorrow

The new TVC, conceptualised by Taproot India, endearingly captures people's desire to live in the present with the anxiety to secure their futures

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Updated: Feb 24, 2014 9:12 AM
Birla Sun Life Insurance's refreshing take on living for today while planning for tomorrow

Enabling consumers to plan for tomorrow’s savings without compromising on today’s joys, Birla Sun Life Insurance (BSLI), the life insurance arm of the Aditya Birla Financial Services Group, has launched a new campaign ‘Savings with Protection Solutions’. Conceptualised by Taproot India, the TVC captures people’s desires to live in the present with the anxiety to secure the future. It tells us that life may continue to surprise us with its many uncertainties, but if we have smartly planned our finances, money will never be the reason for disappointing our loved ones. Through this TVC, the company aims to urge viewers to plan their future through regular small savings in a life full of uncertainties with Birla Sun Life’s Savings with Protection Solutions.

The TVC begins with a husband animatedly talking on the phone about the first foreign trip the couple is planning to take post their wedding. In contrast, the wife who has just quit her job, is discussing rising unwanted expenditure with her friend on her way home from work. The wife overhears the husband’s conversation where he states he isn’t worried of expenses as his wife has a job and supplements the family income. This is when the wife breaks the news of quitting her job, expecting that her husband will cancel their trip to avoid the unnecessary expenditure. However, he assures her that he has planned it and they can still go on the holiday (due to his practice of steady savings).

Ajay Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer - Financial Services, Aditya Birla Group, said, “We live in rapidly changing times where the needs of mass Indians are fast expanding, and so is our spectrum of solutions. Our Savings with Protection Solutions enables you to strike the right balance between living comfortably today and staying financially secure in the future, with small disciplined savings at regular intervals.”

He added, “Through our new TVC, we wanted to take this thought to the masses, taking inspiration from everyday situations in Indian households.”

Agnello Dias, Chief Creative Officer, Taproot India, said, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans. That’s the insight this campaign stems from. It tells the audience that you cannot predict what will get in the way of your plans, but you can prepare for it. In a way, that lets you enjoy today and secure tomorrow.”

The campaign will be present across different mediums including television, radio, and digital, along with on-ground activation. BSLI will also associate with a cricketing event and engage in content integration on radio to drive the savings message.

Will it click with the consumers?

Expert take
Naresh Gupta, Managing Partner, Bang in the Middle said, “It’s been a while since insurance brands broke away from the ‘uncertain future and therefore unsure of today’ format. HDFC was among the earlier brands to do it, so was Aviva. Somehow the financial angle overruled and the happy cheerful tone got muted. Birla Sun Life has got the cheer back into the brand, especially at a time when the mood of the nation is glum and people are actually losing jobs. The commercial rides on a really sharp insight and does well to stay away from preachy stuff. I like the husband-wife interaction, which too is very well-crafted and is generally how a couple approaches future; one confident of facing it, the other unsure and worried.”

Our take
The Indians of yesterday spent little and saved much, but the modern Indian no longer hesitates in spending today and is also conscious of securing the future. The insight behind the ad is very powerful and the campaign addresses the need for regular savings to safeguard against future uncertainty. The ad will inspire consumers to stand up and take action against uncertainties.

The campaign doesn’t complicate the audience with details about the plan but very beautifully communicates the desired message. It shows that life is about enjoying the small moments, but at the same time ensuring a secured future. It also shows uncertainty (the wife leaves her job) and gives the message that one cannot predict the future but can be prepared for it.

The TVC has been executed very well and will help consumers realise the need for disciplined savings to build a future corpus for an enhanced lifestyle without compromising on the current lifestyle.

Watch the ad here…

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