BBDO's 'Ariel Dads #Share the Load' ad drives premium segment of brand sales by 76%

Other than winning the Glass Lion (Gold), the campaign also bagged a metal each in Cyber, Creative Effectiveness, Film and the inaugural Entertainment categories at Cannes

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Updated: Jul 25, 2016 8:19 AM
BBDO's 'Ariel Dads #Share the Load' ad drives premium segment of brand sales by 76%

BBDO’s ‘Ariel Matic-Dads #Share the Load’ campaign recently bagged a Gold in the prestigious Glass Lion category, which was introduced in Cannes last year. Along with this, it also won a Lion each in Cyber, Creative Effectiveness, Film and Entertainment categories at the award show this year. The agency believes that these five awards across categories recognise the big social idea rooted in a big social theme for work done on a big brand.

This campaign has helped deliver spectacular growth in the premium segment for the brand with sales going up by 76%. Commenting on it, Josy Paul, Chairman, BBDO India said, “It’s a truly integrated idea that is social by design. The case study demonstrates how we've integrated the idea on the packaging and how it is travelling on ground with so many partnerships and associations including the introduction of 'share the load’ classes in schools and colleges. It was exciting to see our work being presented across forums at Cannes as an important example of brand 'purpose and profit'.”

Last year Ariel Matic, for the first time, highlighted the gender inequality in households by throwing open a poignant question like: Is laundry only a woman’s job? The campaign ‘Share the Load’ questioned the stereotype of household chores being a feminine responsibility alone and urged men to participate equally.

Taking the same theme forward, the brand this year launched their communication which acts like a clarion call for all dads to remind them to share the load and participate in household chores.  Through the question- ‘Is laundry only a mother’s job,  the ad aims to ensure that every man sets a right example in front of his children by participating equally in household chores.

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Speaking about the strategy behind the campaign Paul highlighted, “You know, it’s always tough to do a sequel. But the amazing thing is that this issue is not just about advertising. It is about the real world, a real conflict and a real discussion. That’s why this year we decided to go deeper. We went from ‘condition’ to 'conditioning’. We looked at the root cause of the conditioning that’s leading to these stereotypes in society… where is it coming from, why is it going on and on for generations. It didn't take long to realise that children repeat what their parents do. Sons repeat what their fathers do, so we thought… what if we break this cycle of inequality at home. We said let’s not just write a script, let’s re-script society.  And that’s how we launched Dads#SharetheLoad.”

Paul shares that when the film was launched on social media, he was in the US. In less than 24 hours, people who were on this project began getting calls. He couldn’t sleep with calls coming in the middle of the night from India. People started to share their personal epiphanic moments on seeing the film.  Something like this had never happened to them before. The film went uncontrollably viral.

“At Cannes this June, we were fortunate to see our work win day after day. Along with my partners Ajai Jhala and Hemant Shringy (who wrote the script), I was able to go up on world stage and feel the energy of our idea. As you know, the film was directed by Shimit Amin who is absolutely brilliant! I remember when he showed us the offline, I wept like crazy. Shimit had taken Hemant’s soulful script and created inner magic! I was praying that the world would receive the film the same way that we had received it. And when the world did, far more than we ever expected, it feels so incredibly fulfilling. You want to run out and cry again. It gives all of us so much hope,” he elaborated.

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