ASCI upholds complaints against 151 out of 201 advertisements

Out of 151 advertisements against which complaints were upheld, 90 belonged to Personal and Healthcare category, followed by the Education category with 40 advertisements

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ASCI upholds complaints against 151 out of 201 advertisements

In January 2015, ASCI’s Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) upheld complaints against 151 out of 201 advertisements. Out of 151 advertisements against which complaints were upheld, 90 belonged to Personal and Healthcare category, followed by the Education category with 40 advertisements.


The CCC found the following claims in health and personal care product or service advertisements of 90 advertisers to be either misleading or false or not adequately/scientifically substantiated and hence violating ASCI’s Code. Some of the health care products or services advertisements also contravened provisions of the Drug & Magic Remedies Act and Chapter 1.1 and III.4 of the ASCI Code. Complaints against the following advertisements were UPHELD.

1.       Richfeel Health & Beauty Pvt Ltd. (Richfeel Trichology Centre): This advertisement claims that Richfeel Trichology Centre provides the best hair transplant from the best hair care brand at the best price of Rs. 55,000.

2.       Richfeel Health & Beauty Pvt Ltd. (Richfeel Trichology Centre): The advertisement of Richfeel Trichology Centre is in breach of code of medical ethics as the advertisement is soliciting patients and mentions the name of Dr. Apoorva Shah promoting the Clinic.

3.       SagarAyurvedic: The claims in the advertisement imply treatment of sex problems which were unsubstantiated, and in breach of the law.

4.       AIMIL Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd. (Lukoskin): The advertisement of Lukoskin claims to cure white patches (Leucoderma) which was unsubstantiated with clinical evidence specific to the product.The DRDO data did not have any correlation with the product and the claim made was distortion of facts and misleading.

5.       SAS Pharmaceuticals (D’ Lay Time Capsule): The advertisement claims “D’Lay Time Capsule – An Ayurvedic Medicine”, “Time Capsule for better masculinity”,  “100% Herbal, Safe and Effective”,  “No Side Effects” which stands unsubstantiated. Also, the advertisement claims, read in conjunction with the advertisement visual and the pack visual, imply that the product is meant for enhancement of sexual pleasure, which is in breach of the law.

6.       Emami Limited (She comfort Ultra): The supers in the Hindi TVC advertisement of She Comfort Ultra were not in the same language as the audio of the TVC, which contravened the ASCI Guidelines for Supers.

7.       Wipro Limited (Wipro Safewash Liquid Detergent): The advertisement of Wipro Safewash Liquid Detergentclaims “Only Wipro Safewash keeps sweaters germ free”.The data provided supported germ removal efficacy of the product however did not substantiate residual efficacy as implied in the word “Rakhe germ free”.

8.       Nature Tonic (Rejuvex Tablets):The advertisement claims that Rejuvex Tablets - Men Vitality Supplement is 100% Herbal, boosts libido, helps fight fatigue, boosts vigour  and vitality, boosts the immune system, increases sexual desire, promotes male reproductive health with no side effects, were unsubstantiated with proof of efficacy. This specific claim implies that the product is meant for enhancement of sexual pleasure and thus the advertisement is in breach of the law.

9.       SaifySevaAashram (Dard Go Massage Oil): The advertisement of Dard Go Massage Oil claims that the oil is recommended by orthopaedic surgeons which was not substantiated.

10.   Shree BalajiAgrow Pharma (ArshKalyan Capsules): The advertisement of ArshKalyan Capsules claims to be a safe medicine to successfully get rid of bloody, vaadi piles and warts in the anal region without going through any operation.

11.   White Herbs: The advertisement of White Herbs claims that the beauty and wellness company exists since 1901, which was not substantiated.

12.   Dr.VinaySarvotham Clinic: The advertisement of Dr.VinaySarvotham Clinicrefers the advertiser as “Dr” without mentioning the correct qualification. The advertisement also mentions the name of the doctor and has been published leading newspapers to solicit parents. This is in violation of Code of Medical Ethics

13.   Dr. Shah’s fitness Bhavan- A Highway: The advertisement claims the use of U- Lipo machine can reduce thyroid, hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes and water retention.

14.   BalajiAyurvedSansthan  (Brest Care Capsule & Oil): The advertisement of Brest Care Capsule & Oil  has specific claims related to breast development, stating that the product gives your beauty the right upliftment.  “Badhaiyeapnisundartaka size”, “NayaUbhaar, nayaNikhaar” which is  inbreach of the law. It also claims that the product is an Ayurvedic medicine, herbal, trustworthy and easy to use.

15.   Arka Biologics (Re-21 Capsule): The advertisement of Re-21 Capsule claims to boost energy, stamina and motivation in men. It also claims to be well suited for diabetic, cardiac and hypertensive patients and further claiming results in a 21 day challenge. Also, the advertisement claims, read in conjunction with the advertisement visual, implies that the product is meant for enhancement of sexual pleasure, which is in breach of the law.

16.   Kalda Plastic Cosmetic Surgery and Burn Centre: The advertisement of Kalda Plastic Cosmetic Surgery and Burn Centre hadvisuals showing the before and after treatment effects which were found offensive and misleading.

17.   Vibes Health Care Ltd (Size Zero Program): The advertisement of Size Zero Program claims to have one million happy (contented) clients. The advertisement also claims that one can attain “size zero” in 14 days with guaranteed results. The claim “Size zero program” was misleading by ambiguity.

18.    Al Shifa Hospital Pvt Ltd: The advertisement of Al Shifa Hospital Pvt Ltdmakesan unsubstantiated claim to be the biggest hospital in Asia and has cured more than ten thousand people from piles and related diseases.

19.   Trinity Test Tube Baby Center: The advertisement claims 100% success with a money back guarantee. Also, specific to the claims related to infertility, the advertisement is in breach of the law.

20.   Relief Clinic: The advertisement of Relief Clinic claims complete treatment of all skin diseases like wrinkles, dark circles, eczema, psoriasis, white dots and obesity.

21.   Positive Ayurcare: The advertisement of Positive Ayurcareclaims to cure male and female sexual problems without an operation. It also claims guaranteed treatment for diseases like hydrocele, hernia, kidney stone, piles, asthma, skin disease, joint pain and hair loss without any side effects.

22.   Dr. Samar: The advertisement of Dr. Samar claims to be a world famous dentist. This claim stands unsubstantiated.

23.   Herbal Clinic: The advertisement claims to provide weight loss of upto 10 to 15 kgs by their sureshot traditional herbal treatment of consuming their medicine once a day along with buttermilk or curd for 40 days. They further claim to present the most precise measure in the world to reduce weight. They also state  that the product is a 100% safe and natural remedy.

24.   Shree Krishna Hospital: The advertisement of Shree Krishna Hospital claims successful treatment of cancer, kidney  andliver related diseases.

25.   RatanAyurvedicSansthan (Sudol Body Toner Capsules):The advertisement of Sudol Body Toner Capsulesclaims that the product is tried and trusted by lakhs of ladies of our country. The advertisement further claims that the product gives new identity to a woman's body. It also claims to be an ayurvedic medicine.

26.   VaidyabanAyurvedic Remedies (Sugareen Gold Kit): The advertisement of Sugareen Gold Kit claims successful treatment of diabetes by consuming upto 80-120mg of the capsule, tablets  anddrops on empty stomach. It also claims that bones become stronger and the body stays disease free which leads to a longer life.

27.   Viron Forte: The advertisement of Viron Forte claims to be completely Ayurvedic with no side effect. The advertisement further states that the capsule is made from essential and best herbs like ashwagandha, shilajit, lohbhasma, makardwaj, jaifal, safedmusli, shatavari, talamkhana, saffron, vangbhasma, kaunchbeej, abhrakbhasma andswarnabhasma for making one’s married life successful. They also claim that by consuming the product in the morning and evening it helps to increase energy, capacity, joy  and passion.

28.   Nisargalaya Herbal Private Limited (RoopNisarg Skin Care Products): The advertisement of RoopNisargSkin Care Products claims to help get rid of dark skin and get beautiful skin.

29.   Buster Health Care Private Limited (Herbal Super 30 Range of Products): The advertisement claims thatHerbal Super 30 - Capsule & Oil with a powerful and effective formula helps to increase passion, energy and power in masculine weaknesses, and gives more energy, joy and stamina. The advertisement also claimsthe world's no.1 sexologist.

30.   Olefia Biopharma Limited – (Votif Range of Products): The advertisements of Votif Range of Products claims that the product is 100% herbal and has long life results. It further claims that Votif syrup is a very beneficial ayurvedic medicine for sex related problems, sperm count and motility rate i.e. increasing motility. It also claims treatment of diseases like swelling up of veins, incomplete development of penis or loosening, less desire for sex, feeling scared or stoppage, incomplete satisfaction in venereal action, premature ejaculation and night fall, less or weak sperm count, inability to complete the process of fertility, etc. A normal person can also use Votif syrup regularly and bring happiness in their married life and strengthen their relation. The advertisement also claims that the product is a sex improver, sperm builder, stamina booster and semen concentrator. The claims specifically related to sexual impotency, and advertisement visual implying that the product is meant for enhancement of sexual pleasure is in breach of the law.

31.   Divine Care: The advertisement of Divine Care claims 100% treatment guarantee for  diabetesand skin diseases.

32.   Krishna Health Care (Ashrafi Lotion): The advertisement claims that theAsharfi Lotion is ayurvedic and is world's no.1. It also claims that it is a traditional medicine invention, made after years of research to cure white spots, chipped and cracked heels from its roots. The advertisement also claims successful treatment of sexual diseases.

33.   Hegade Ayurveda - HegadeVise III: The advertisement of HegadeVise III claims to be a traditional 1005 natural, Ayurvedic remedy for all kinds of sexual disorders.

34.    Positive Life Sciences Private Limited (Positive Homeopathy): The advertisement of Positive Homeopathyclaims provide No.1 homeopathy in diabetic care. It claims to cure, prevent and control complications in type 2  andtype 1 diabetics. The advertisement further claims that 79% of their diabetic patients are happy now.

35.   Sri Tirthraj Herbal Brain Powder: The advertisement of Sri Tirthraj Herbal Brain Powder claims to be made by doctors for increasing memory power. They further claim that to be effective from the very first day. 

36.   Diabitioner: The advertisement Diabitioner claims to help get rid of diabetes in seven days. They claim that the product is made of pure herbs which help increase insulin, resistance power, purifies blood, strengthens digestive system, and strengthen kidney, eyes, and nerves.

37.   Ganga Ayurvedic Clinic: The advertisement of Ganga Ayurvedic Clinic claims successful treatment of joint pain, swelling, hair fall, obesity, thyroid, survicle, sugar and sex related diseases in men and women.

38.   Parivar Pharmacy D-Pain Range of Products): The advertisement claims that D-Pain Oil Churna& Balm is 100% ayurvedic and gives freedom from joint pain. They also claim that it instantly relieves one from knee pain, waist pain, arthritis, joints pain, spinal pain swelling, paralysis, sciatica, chikungunya, and sprain and cures chronic pain. They further state that the product is approved by GMP  KVIC certified.

39.   Om Sai Ayurveda India Limited: The advertisement claims to get rid of any kind of addiction in 60 days. They further claim to be World’s famous Vidarikand for curing addiction and have proved to be very useful in helping people quit addictions. The advertisement also states to protect from the consumption of tobacco, gutka, cigarette, alcohol and other addictive elements, without any side effects.

40.   Oshea Herbals (Oshea Herbals Phytogain Hair Vitalizer): The advertisement claims to offer treatment for hairfall, dandruff and provide faster hair growth. They further claim that one can gain hair naturally with 24 hours protection through the “Phytogain Hair Vitalizer”. The advertisement also states that it is an ayurvedic formulation of amla, bhringraj and manjistha which helps in providing no threat of germ attack on the hair and stops hair greying, also treating dry and unhealthy hair.

41.   Om Sai Agencies (Sugar Lock Syrup): The advertisement claims thatSugar Lock Syrup is ayurvedic and is a very safe and effective medicine made of essential natural herbs. The advertisement also claims that one can get amazing results by consuming the medicine for one month. They further claim that it is effective in protecting the essential parts such as brain, eyes, kidney, and heart and stops harmful effects of the reproductive organ by making them powerful.

42.   Dr. Dassan'sAyurvedic Herbal Formulations (Dr Dassans Self On): The advertisement claims that the patients of paralysis can become self-dependent by consuming Self On Neuro Fast Recovery Capsule developed by Dr. Dassans Herbals from the records of many patients who have got cured. The advertisement also claims that kidney patients can avoid dialysis and transplant by using their renal pack. Further, the claim, “For additional information, watch DishaDharmik Channel on Saturday Dr. Dassans Health Show at 2-3pm and watch more videos of recovered patients on Dr.Dassans YouTube channel”, was misleading by ambiguity.

43.   Abbott India Ltd (Digene): The claim of “New” in the advertisement of Digene was misleading by omission in the absence of a qualifier, as the formulation of the product is not changed but only flavouring agents have been added in the product. The supers in the Hindi TVC were not in the same language as the audio of the TVC, thus the advertisement also contravened the ASCI Guidelines for Supers.

44.   Nash Homeoplex: The advertisement of Nash Homeoplex claims treatment of skin diseases at the deepest level. It also claims to treat kidney stone, menopause and PCOD. The advertisement further states that if a person is below 19 years of age, Nash Homeopathy helps to reactivate the pituitary gland, rejuvenate and revitalize growth plate. They also claim that the product is safe, easy  and a convenient way to increase the height and one’s metabolism rate at the same time.

45.   Dr KamthesAyurvedic Clinic: The advertisement claims 1 hour's UpacharPadhhati for removing hemorrhoids and fistula permanently without any cuts, bleeding or tension of re-occurrence.

46.   Medinn Belle Herbal Care (Endura Mass): The advertisement of Endura Mass claims to help in gaining weight, stay fit and look great. The advertisement also claims that by helping people gain the right weight, Endura Mass gives better personality to lakhs of underweight people.

47.   Modi Omega Pharma (Jungle Formula Spray): The advertisement claims that Jungle Formula Spray is effective maximum upto 10 hours and protects against mosquito bites, midges bite, other biting insects, dengue, chikunguniya and other mosquito borne diseases. The advertisement further claims that the product is absolutely safe to use.

48.   AHC Beauty & Skin Clinic:  The advertisement of AHC Beauty & Skin Clinic claims skin fairness with no chemical peeling and side effect. Also, the visuals in the advertisement showing the images of before and after the treatment were misleading.

49.   Dr. Shah’s Advance Hair Clinic: The advertisement claims that Dr. Shah’s Advance Hair Clinic is Asia's trusted and internationally awarded clinic, and provide results which are proven.

50.   Procter & Gamble Home Products Ltd (Oral B Sensitive Super Thin Toothbrush): The advertisement of Oral B Sensitive Super Thin Toothbrush claims 20 x thinner bristles vs regular manual bristles.

51.   Emami Limited (Emami 7 Oils in One): The advertisement of  Emami 7 Oils in One claims, “Kyunki Ye IstemalKarti Hai SirfEk Tel Aur Main 7 Oils”,  “SirfEk Tel BaalonKeKhoye Hue Proteins Vitamins NahiLautaPataAur Bal HoJate Hai Damaged”,  “Emami 7 Oils In One of World's First Damage Control Hair Oil - 7 Tel Aur 7 Herbal Aushadh Complex KeSaath”,  “Yeh Tail Damage Ko Repair Kare   Complete** Hair Damage* Repair”, which were inadequately substantiated. The supers in the Hindi TVC were not in the same language as the audio of the TVC, hence the advertisement contravened the ASCI Guidelines for Supers and did not meet the criteria for ‘hold’ duration.

52.   SanjeevanNetralaya:The advertisement claims that, for the first time, after continuous research and experience of the last 20 years, experts of SanjeevanNetralaya, Mumbai, developed an extra-ordinary ayurvedic (herbal) treatment for diabetic retinopathy. They claim that this treatment is unlike laser in that it does not damage the retina. It not only restores the vision but it also prevents further vision loss. The advertisement also claims that it repairs the damaged retina, improves its condition and protects it from further damage due to diabetes and saves the eye from permanent damage. They state that this has created hope of recovery for patients throughout the World and in the last ten years thousands of patients have benefitted from this treatment.

53.   Keya Seth's Ayurvedic Solution (AlopexPenta): The advertisement of AlopexPenta claims hair growth  inbald people.

54.   Sumaya Herbs: The advertisement Sumaya claims to improve eyesight. The advertisement states that it cures weak eye sight, blurring, watering eyes and all eye diseases as well as sharpens one’s eye sight.

55.   Wonder Herbs Ayurvedic Hospital: The advertisement claims to be the no. 1 clinic for removal of hair, spots and marks on face. They claim that it is run by a certified gold medallist ayurvedic doctor who has treated more than 3 million (30 lac) patients since 1971 with no side effects, chemicals and steroids. They also claim that in one minute 600 tests are done from head to toe.

56.   Prince Pharma (2 Much Range of Products): The advertisement of 2 Much Range of Products claims to awaken the feeling of beauty and makes breasts attractive. The advertisement also states that the products are ayurvedic.

57.   V N Health Care: The advertisement of V N Health Care claims to get rid of stubborn diseases like sugar, obesity and piles by being at home itself.

58.   New Model Clinic: The advertisement of New Model Clinic claims successful ayurvedic treatment for sexual problems.

59.   Sahar Herbal Pharmacy (Sahar Herbal Pharma Products): The advertisement claims that Diaba Cure Powdercontrols sugar permanently and has been tried on thousands of patients. Faulad Health Powder is a total “desi” formula meant for thin  and skinny people to develop their health and increase weight.

60.   Veer Health Care Limited (Flatrex V Tablet):The advertisement claims to reduce corpulence, weight, fats and laziness. The advertisement further claims that it contains garcinia, cambogia and guggal forming an ayurvedic proprietary medicine.

61.   MFB Herbal Dawakhana (AlshifaChurna): The advertisement of AlshifaChurna claims to reduce obesity by ayurvedic technique without going to the gym and experiencing the difference in little time.

62.   Paul Pharmacy (Paras Product Range): The advertisement claims that the use of Paras Kit tablets, capsules and oil will lead to a happy married life by enhancing sexual power, passion and enjoyment for a long time.

63.   LavanyaAyurvedicKayakalapAnusandhan Kendra: The advertisements claims that cancer treatment is possible without radiation and chemotherapy. The advertisement also claims to provide treatment for incurable diseases like cancer, AIDS  and hepatitis, stating that their medical results scientifically proved and published in National  and International Journals. The advertisement also states that 575 cancer, 80 AIDS and 47 hepatitis patients were treated successfully. They also state the Toxicity Study which shows no side effect found in the medicine in animals as per regulatory guidelines.

64.   Ocean Biocare Pharmaceuticals (Pro- Charge Capsule): The advertisement of Pro- Charge Capsule claims to provide a healthy and powerful body. The advertisement also includes a testimonial which claims to increase five kgs weight and one inch height in 60 days.

65.   Ruhhani Power Capsules: The advertisement’s claim, “Ruhhani Power Capsules - Quick effective ayurvedic medicine”, was not substantiated.

66.   Laborate Pharma India Limited (Labolia Fair & Light for Women): The advertisement of Labolia Fair & Light for Women claims to be formulated under technical guidance from U.S.A. which provides freedom from darkness.

67.   Herbal Clinic: The advertisement of Herbal Clinic claims to be World’s No.1 sex clinic. It claims to cure premature ejaculation, nightfall, fatigue and increases sex timing by 45 minutes. It also claims 30 day medicine free with a magazine and 8GB memory card. It further claims that it provides a suitable treatment for increasing breast’s size.

68.   Lite care Powder: The advertisement of Lite care Powder claims to get rid of obesity permanently in just  seven days without dieting and exercising. The advertisement further claims that Lite Care is an ideal mixture of 20 multi vitamins and proteins which fight obesity, increase the metabolism and digestion power by which food gets digested faster, which in consequence helps the body to get slim. They state that by dieting or by eating less you can reduce weight is completely wrong, but by dieting our body does not get the essential proteins and minerals because of which we have problems like hair fall, wrinkles, dark circles, untimely ageing and weakness. The advertisement also claims “The anti-oxidant qualities present in Lite Care digest the food and the carbohydrates present doesn't gets converted into fat. And it provides energy by forming protein”, “Now you have a natural and easy way to reduce weight”, “Melt your fats with the help of Lite Care”. The images in the advertisement showing the before and after treatment were also misleading.

69.   DhanvantariPanchkarma Hospital: The advertisement claims treatment of piles with only one dose, theeffects on which would be visible from the first intake. It also claims successful ayurvedic treatment of rheumatism, joint pain, survical, migraine, paralysis, allergy, psoriasis, white spots, stomach diseases, stone, attacks, obesity, blood pressure and premature ejaculation.

70.   Ambe Clinic: The advertisement of Ambe Clinic claims successful treatment of weakness in nerves due excessive masturbation, less desire for sex with increasing age, less energy in penis, less sperm count, fear of sex, semen in urine, night fall, impotency, small organ, crookedness in the penis shape, syphilis, acne, pimples, gonorrhoea and infertility.

71.   Jyoti Herbs India Private Limited (Health Sun Plus Range of Products): The advertisement of Health Sun Plus Ayurvedic Capsule & Powder claims to increase power and makes a person smart. It further claims to help get the correct body weight and solve all your problems.  It also claims to cure constipation, gas formation, lack of appetite, strengthens digestion power and corrects blood circulation. The advertisement then claims that the product is beneficial in complete development of kids and is the only alternative for good health for the complete family.

72.   RajvanshHomeo Clinic: The advertisement of RajvanshHomeo Clinic claims successful treatment of sex related disease, piles, and kidney stone by homeopathic medicines, also stating the qualification of the doctor to be D.H.M.S Homeopathy.

73.   Om Sai Ayurveda India Limited: The advertisement claims to reduce your sugar level with a money back guarantee. It also claims to be a pure Ayurveda medicine, ISO 9001:2008 certified company which has been engaged in deep research in ayurveda and found one such rare medicine which maintains the level of sugar in blood.

74.   Arogyadham: The advertisement of Arogyadham claims to cure migraine and wear and tear of knees completely with a money back guarantee. It also claims assured treatment of incurable diseases.

75.   Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam Limited (VK4 Diacon): The advertisement of VK4 Diacon claims, “Protects Heart, Kidney, Eyes & Liver.”, “It protects blood cells and helps to avoid heart diseases and paralysis”, “Reduces fungal infection and bacterial infections”, “Protects against skin diseases”, “Protects nerves and improves digestion”, “Improves brain power”, “100% trusted for diabetes control”.

76.   NavjeevanAyurvedAushadhalaya: The advertisement claims removal of unwanted hair for the first time in the world which is completely ayurvedic with no side effects. It also claims 200% results guarantee with a money back policy.

77.   Life Essentials Personal Care Private Limited (W2 Noveau Hair Oil): The advertisement claims, “Prevents Greys and Hair Fall.”, which was not substantiated with proof of efficacy of the product.

78.   Dr.Dassan'sAyurvedic Herbal Formulations (Dr Dassans Self On): The advertisement claims treatment of disability with Dr Dassan's Self On Neuro Capsule. The advertisement also claims that it has developed a government patented, side effect free formula for curing non-functioning legs, forearm and hands, facial muscle drop, non-functioning tongue, heaviness, stiffness, numbness and shocks. They further claim that as per scriptures, the elements present in it helps in improving blood circulation (clot) and inturn provides strength to the cells. It also claims to prevent the cells from being dead and the patient can witness results after consuming just 1- 2 packs.

79.   Dr. P. K. Jain Clinic: The advertisement of Dr. P. K. Jain Clinic claims to be the No.1 top ranking sexologist, with a team of most successful sexologists. It also claims that they are the STD experts who have been awarded a lifetime achievement award by London Minister of External Affairs Lord Viscount Slim for world class scientific research and successful treatment for manly weakness, premature ejaculation, nil sperm count, smallness-looseness of organs and other sexual diseases. They further claims to be honoured as the best sex clinic of the millennium.

80.   Rediscover: The advertisement claims to be the clinic run by doctors to help weight loss by their Size-zero Thermotherm Treatment for fast weight loss and inch lossupto 1kg with full body shaping in every session without any surgery and pain.

81.   SkyBrand India (Diabo Kill): The advertisement of Diabo Kill claims treatment of diabetes in  one week. It also claims to increase insulin and energy, strengthens the digestive system, purifies blood and strengthen kidneys, eyes and nerves.

82.   Lava Viron Forte: The advertisement of Lava Forte Vaginal Cream claims to naturally tighten the vagina. They also claim that the breast cream makes the breasts attractive, stating 60 capsules for masculine power, 200 gram ShahiPrash for men  and women, 15ml Massage Oil for increasing time in men which is approved by Ayush - Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Government of Haryana (India).

83.   JM Wellness Private Limited (B-Healthy): The advertisement of B-Healthy claims to increase resistance power and keep healthy.

84.   Japani Capsule: The advertisement claims that Japani-F and Japani-M capsule is 100% safe, made of aswagandha, abrakvasma, sarnavasma and makardhaj. The advertisement also  featuresDr SherendraChowhan who says that it is safe for everyone.

85.   Leeford Healthcare Limited (LeefordMeglow Fairness Cream for Men): The advertisement ofLeefordMeglow Fairness Cream for men claims to contain crystal brightening essence and SPF 15 – UVA / UVB. They also state that one can get immense fairness on  one’sface by the use of MeglowFacewash and MeglowFairnesscream twice daily.

86.   Kolors Health Care India Pvt. Ltd: The advertisement of Kolors Health Care India Pvt. Ltd claims to be world’s first ISO 9001_2008 certified company. It also claims advance hair treatment for the  first time in India with absolute result for hair growth.

87.   Vcare Super Speciality Clinic: The advertisement of Vcare Super Speciality Clinic  claims to introduce India's first stem cell facial with latest Swiss technology.

88.   Goodcare Pharma Private Limited (SpirulinaPlus Capsule): The advertisement of Spirulina Plus Capsuleclaims to be a rich resource of nature. It claims to contain 5000% more iron than palang, 1000% more vita ketone than carrot, 500% more calcium than milk, 300% more protein than soya bean and amla which is a natural source of Vitamin C.  The advertisement further claims toawaken the energy to control pressure, prevents anti - ageing and keeps one young, provides more calories and keeps healthy by controlling weight, provides more resistance to fight diseases and helps in curing diseases faster.

89.   Parore Hospital:The advertisement of Parore Hospital claims 100% Ayurvedic treatment of diseases like psoriasis, scabies, eczema, shidas, dhadhar, itching within  sevendays.

90.   Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre: The advertisement claims a one stop solution to all problems related to childlessness and states that 7000 A.R.T. babies delivered since 1994.


The CCC found following claims in the advertisements by 40 different advertisers were not substantiated and, thus, violated ASCI Guidelines for Advertising of Educational Institutions. Hence complaints against these advertisements were UPHELD.

1.       Global Institute of Fashion Technology: The advertisement claims 100% assured internship.

2.       Invotech Precision Engineers: The advertisement claims to provide assured Government/ Public/ MNC & Foreign jobs as Safety Engineers.

3.       SGB Group of Institute: The advertisement claims placement guarantee.

4.       London School of Business & Certified Accountant (LSBCA): The advertisement claims “100% placement in India and abroad since teaching 2006 in Chandigarh”.

5.       Career Launcher (CL): The advertisement of CL claims, “1000+ Students Have Cracked Civil Services Prelims 2014”,
 “6 Out Of Top 10 Ranks in Civil Services'13”, “Only Cl Will Get You to Your Goal. Join Cl join IAS”.

Complaints against advertisements of all educational institutes listed below mostly are UPHELD because of unsubstantiated claims that they ‘provide 100% placement/AND/OR they claim to be the No.1 in their respective fields’.

Euro Kids International Private Ltd, New-Way Solutions, American Culinary & Cruise Lines Academy, SardarVallabhbhai Patel International School of Textiles & Management, Aim Institute of Hotel Management, Chandragupt Institute of Management Patna, Laxmi Hospital, National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM), SVS group of Institutions, SIMS Group of Institutions, Orissa Institute of Fire Engineering And Safety Management (OIFESM), Medi Rep Foundation, International Institute of Acting and Modeling (IIAM), Scope Computer Education, Parijats We Play and Learn Pre School, B-Lingua Career Academy, Balaji Classes, Balaji ITI, Kaplon Coaching Group, Microsystems, Glaze India Foundation Private Limited, Kautilya Academy, Rajesh Tak Classes, Maxima the School of Animation, Amogh Classes, Institute of Information Technology & Advanced Studies(IITAS), IPSR Solutions Limited, Knowledge Infinity Academy, TechnopusWebsolutions Private Limited,  Regional College of Medical Laboratory Technology, All India IT Association, International Institute of Culinary Arts (IICA), Medcity International Academy, Professional Transcription and Udawat Classes.


1.   SKODA Auto India Pvt. Ltd. (Skoda Rapid): The advertisement shows a disclaimer in the advertisement which is not in a readable font size, the supers are not clearly legible on the TV screen, thus contravening the regulations of minimum lettering size of supers.Fiat Group Automobiles India Pvt Ltd (Fiat Avventura): The advertisement shows a disclaimer in the TVC which is not in a readable font size, the supers are not clearly legible on the TV screen, thus contravening the regulations of minimum lettering size of supers.

2.   Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited (Volkwagen Polo): The advertisement of Volkwagen Poloclaims to be India's safest premium hatchback. The data provided by the advertiser is of January 2014, a press release from Global NCAP.  The claim did not support with authentic test data relevant to the current car models in the market.

3.   Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited (Volkwagen Polo): The advertisement of Volkwagen Poloclaims to unleash the new Polo with 1.5L TDI engine with the quoted price offer of “starts at 4.89 lacs”, distorts facts and is misleading by implication, as the advertiser has quoted the price of a petrol version for a communication introducing the diesel variant.  Also, the disclaimer is contradictory to the product promoted in the advertisement.


1.       Naaptol Online Shopping Pvt. Ltd (Branded Roti-Maker): The advertisement ofBranded Roti Maker shows a product which makes perfect Rotis and other different items. Though the advertisement mentions the work “Branded” the advertiser was unable to provide the brand of the Roti-Maker to the consumer, thus misleading by ambiguity.


1.         JM Housing Ltd.: The advertisement claims that the house is a 15 minute drive from city centre metro station and 10 Minutes’ drive from NH24, which was not substantiated.

2.         Symantec Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Norton by Symantec):  The advertisement of Norton by Symantecclaims to recover stolen cell phone through Norton Mobile Security and shows the location of the missing device on a map. Wherein, the company claims the device can be only recovered if the location settings in the phone are turned on.

3.         Siva Foods &Flubbers Jelly Pudding: The advertisement claims to be “India’s no. 1 jelly”. The claim stands unsubstantiated due to the market share tally and comparative data.

4.         Patel Mamra Basmati: The pack of Patel Mamra Basmati claims about the net weight of 500 gm and sodium O mg - 0%, were false and misleading.

5.         Bacardi India Pvt. Ltd. (Bacardi Music CD’s): Bacardi Music CDs Press Advertisements keep appearing in leading dailies for these music CDs.,As there is no relaxation in the ban of liquor advertisementss and  there is a stipulation that  the quantum of advertising should exceed 10% of the turnover of the brand. The same did not reflect in the annual market sales data of the product/service and the same was a surrogate advertisement for a promotion of a liquor product – Bacardi Breezer.

6.         Divine Infracon Pvt. Ltd. (Radisson Blu Hotel): The advertisement of Radisson Blu Hotel claims fully furnished freehold luxury serviced apartments and attractive fixed rental on investment for 15 years with 15% increase every  three years.  In the absence of any qualifiers, it is misleading by ambiguity.

7.         Pixxtron Exim Pvt. Ltd. (Pixx Led Light): The advertisement of Pixx Led Light claims to work for more than 35 years which stands unsubstantiated.

8.         Shakti Pumps (I) Ltd. (Shakti Pumps): The advertisement of Shakti Pumps shows a celebrity who says “ye vigyapannahihai”which is not truthful and misleading by ambiguity, as it is an advertisement for a product being promoted.

9.         Jaipan Domestic Appliances Limited (Jaipan Geyser): The advertisement claims to reduce electricity bill, with 24 hours running geyser it costs only half a unit, is misleading as it implies that the electricity consumed will be half a unit even if the geyser is kept running  continuously.

10.     Pyramid Drinks Private Limited (Pyramid Pure): The advertisement of Pyramid Pure claims to be silver treated water with spring technology and extra minerals. The advertisement also claims that the packaged drinking water is a source of energy.

11.     Jyothy Laboratories Ltd (Pril Perfect Liquid Dishwash): The advertisement of Pril Perfect Liquid Dishwashclaims, “Naya Advanced Pril Perfect ab sab se behetar”, was not substantiated adequately.

12.     Supreme Food Industries (Meriiboy Ice Cream): The advertisement claims thatMeriiboy Ice Cream provides 100% natural ice cream which was not substantiated.

13.     Nestle India Ltd  (Munch): The advertisement of Munch showcases a man riding a two wheeler without a helmet which promotes unsafe driving.

14.     Sri Kalyani Culinary Foods Pvt Ltd (Delight Medley Pro): The advertisement of claims Delight Medley PROground powder is made with nine different ingredients and can be consumed easily by cooking it for  twominutes to get porridge. It further claims that the ingredients used help regulate blood sugar levels of diabetic people, slows down the rate of sugar absorption, enhances insulin production, reduces cholesterol, detoxifies the body, reduces risk of heart diseases, boosts immunity and helps in weight management by promoting healthy weight loss. The advertisement also states that many dieticians know about the product and suggest the same to the needy as it is affordable to all.

15.     Sterling Agro Industries Limited (Nova Milk): The advertisement of Nova Milk states that the product helps give a sharp mind., The claim was not substantiated.

16.     Teleone Consumers Product Pvt. Ltd (Allah Locket): The advertisement of Allah Locket claims power of the product to ward off all problems faced by human beings for business purposes The claim wasnot substantiated. The claim  was misleading by exaggeration, and the TVC exploits the consumers’ lack of knowledge and is likely to lead to grave disappointment in the minds of consumers.

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