Anything But Extinct: Brands Bet Big on Jurassic World

Amazon, Jeep Wrangler, and Doritos all latched on to the Jurassic theme and rode the brand-wagon in style.

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Updated: Jun 26, 2018 8:50 AM

Even though the latest instalment of Jurassic World was largely underwhelming, the brand associations which the movie makers entered into were of Jurassic proportions. Amazon, the global e-commerce giant which is a logistical powerhouse, Jeep Wrangler, and Doritos all latched on to the Jurassic theme and rode the brand-wagon in style. Unsurprisingly, each of the brand associations went viral on the internet. 
Here’s a look at what the brands did:

Amazon Prime

One would trust a company that delivers a giant, scary dino right to the doorstep. That’s generally the test a company needs to pass if they desire to be a bona fide logistics company on planet Earth. Because you never know who wants a dino delivered the next day. Amazon stepped in to do the heavy lifting.

"An Amazon delivery 65 million years in the making" - the largest "delivery" in Amazon's history arrived to The Grove in Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 30th. The massive box, touting gargantuan dimensions of 40' L x 14' 9" H x 14' W, with the several air holes and threatening growls was on display making shoppers take measured steps around the box.

The label on the package included two interactive elements for passers-by to try out: They could scan the SmileCode via Amazon’s smartphone app— activating a landing page with discounted prices to buy Jurassic Park movies and displayed the following video.

The curious cats could also Amazon’s voice assistant, ‘Hey Alexa, ask Jurassic World what’s inside the box’ to find out if there was a dino in there. The voice search led to a layered interactive sound experience – filled with screeches and roars for which the Jurassic series is famous.

Was it a dino? It was, but it was also a car, a Jeep Rubicon to be specific. 

Jeep Wrangler

Cross-partnership has never been executed this smoothly before. Amazon has pulled a car delivery stunt before, in 2014 Amazon partnered with with Nissan Versa Note hatchback ‘selling’ car over the e-commerce platform. This time it was the Jeep Rubicon.

Jeep’s relationship with the Jurassic series goes back to 1993, the franchise’s inception. A 30-second spot anticipating Fallen Kingdom’s release paid homage to the original Spielberg film Jurassic Park, with Jeff Goldblum as Malcolm making a desperate escape from a T-Rex in a Jeep Wrangler. Cut to Goldblum’s modern day revenge fantasy, chasing down the same T-Rex in a 2018 model of the same car.


The Doritos chip bag came with Jurassic World themed packaging in the US in anticipation of the movie of the summer. The franchise's logo took over the Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch flavors, and feature iconic franchise dinosaurs: T-Rex and Blue. The campaign also had an incentive for fans through the 'Track. Rescue. Win' Sweepstakes.

If that was not enough, Doritos made 100 huge Doritos chips and packaged them in what looked like dino eggs and shipped them off to influencers. Hundred largest Dorito chips ever came in the iconic Nacho Cheese flavour and were devoured by those who received them.

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