In 2018 & 2019, advertising in magazines was highest in June: TAM AdEx

According to the TAM AdEx report on advertising in magazines, the services sector is on top with a 17% share, followed by personal accessories sector at 10%

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Updated: Jan 3, 2020 11:12 AM

Advertising volumes in magazines have been declining over the past five years, says the TAM AdEx report on advertising in magazines. The count of magazines has also gone down by 12.8 per cent from 194 in 2015 to 169 in 2019.

Advertising in magazines peaked in the month of June for both 2018 and 2019, says the report and multiple course category witnessed the highest advertising in the month for both years at 10 per cent as compared to August and September when it was at 9 per cent.

The TAM AdEx report showcases the advertising trends in magazines during 2019. It deep dives into understanding the advertising scenario over the last 5 years and covers the magazine landscape across states, languages, genre, etc.

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As per the report, magazine advertising differs in many ways. Aside from the ad size, there are different types, which include display ads, advertorials, classifieds, and special promotions, which may include products to be featured in an article or a series of articles on a particular subject.

In India, the rise of specialised content on TV and Digital mediums had a challenging effect on the magazines. To keep pace, there was a rise in weekly supplements published by newspapers. The content that was earlier published in magazines was now available easily and faster through other mediums. This led to the fragmentation of the audience away from magazines, the report further says.

The top 10 sectors cover 73% of advertising in magazines with services sector on top 17% share followed by personal accessories sector at 10%. Both these sectors were also on top in Jan-Oct, 2018 as well. Meanwhile, the top ten categories 32% share with hospital/clinics among the top category with a 6% share of ad volumes. Among the top categories, hospital/clinics and travel & tourism belonged to the services sector, the topmost in the sector’s list.

The top 10 advertisers cover 6 per cent share of advertising, with LIC on top, followed by Swatch Group India with nearly 1%. LIC shifted to top position in 2019 from the tenth position in 2018.

The top ten magazine genres covered more than 90 per cent share of ad volumes. Advertisers prefer ‘Women’ Genre with a 26% share of Ad volumes followed by News/Current Affairs with 24% share, the report said.

Also, among the top ten categories for advertising in magazines were - Retail Outlets-Jewellers, Readymade Garments and OTC Product Range, with the maximum advertisemebt being in women-centric magazines.

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