7Up takes Chennai by storm on April ‘Cools’ Day

The brand along with Tamil actor Sathish Muthukrishnan prank people across the city in a bid to distinguish the ‘Fool’ from the ‘Cool’

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Published: Apr 1, 2019 3:44 PM  | 3 min read

The April Fool’s Day is known to be a day of pranks, wherein the entire world is determined to prank one another. But this year, instead of ‘fooling people’, 7Up, the refreshing clear drink with a natural lemon flavour decided to test how Chennaites react when someone plays a prank on them.

7Up teamed up with popular Tamil actor Sathish Muthukrishnan to see whether people in Chennai COOL or get FOOLED through pranks. Muthukrishnan posed as a local taxi driver in the city and drove around town, pranking unassuming passengers.  

Muthukrishnan’s antics in the cab, with the passengers, ranged from him being an intrusive cab driver, who wanted to know everything that happens in their life to one who wanted to share all the details of his love story with them. He tested the passengers’ patience by playing old songs, having tourists perform a pooja in the cab, and even giving them marriage advice.  

While some passengers fell for his pranks and thus became ‘FOOLS’, there were several others adopted 7Up’s philosophy of being ‘COOL’. The ‘COOL’ category of passengers sang along with Muthukrishnan, laughed at themselves, and some even saw right through the hoax and recognised Muthukrishnan before he could prank them.  

The concept of APRIL COOL’S DAY stems from the brand’s philosophy that no matter what kind of a situation one is stuck in, it is important to stay cool. It builds on 7Up’s current ‘Put the Chill’ campaign, which tells consumers that it doesn’t matter how much there is to stress about - when they relax, chill and don’t let it affect their natural positivity, there’s nothing one can’t take on.

Through APRIL COOL’S DAY, the brand is also giving a new spin to the philosophy of the ORIGINAL CHILLER, 7Up’s timeless mascot FIDO DIDO. The wriggly-haired mascot known for his quirky, fun attitude and witty one-line FIDOSIPHIES reiterates the brand’s belief that there is no point stressing about stressful situations.

Speaking about April Cool’s Day, Nobel Dhingra, Director Flavors (7UP and Mirinda) and Area 3 Countries, PepsiCo India said, “7Up as a brand has always encouraged today’s consumer to be their cool and optimistic self. This year, we have the original Cool Dude, Fido Dido telling India to ‘Put the Chill’ in their lives. We thought that there is no better day to reiterate 7Up and Fido’s message than April Fool’s Day. It’s the one day of the year where people are constantly worrying about which prank they are going to fall for. Our message is simple – on April 1 this year, don’t be a fool. Instead be like Fido, sit back, relax and Put The Chill in the day with a refreshing 7UP.”   

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