This IPL season, VIVO, Amazon, Brezza aggressively focus on youth-based ads on HOTSTAR

Brands are clearly making hay while the sun shines this cricket season

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Updated: Apr 21, 2017 8:23 AM
This IPL season, VIVO, Amazon, Brezza aggressively focus on youth-based ads on HOTSTAR

The ongoing season of VIVO IPL 10 2017 on Hotstar has been a literal playground for youth related brands and services who are having a field day both due to the appeal the IPL holds for youngsters as well as the fact that OTT is one of the most preferred choice for the youth today as they are constantly on the move and don’t want to be glued in front of television screens at home or even at work.

As a result, recent advertisements aired during IPL on Hotstar are aggressively positioning their products to the youth by presenting highly relevant content, which would instantly appeal to their target audience. 

The attempt clearly is to get the viewers involved by giving them a prolonged experience of the content they are watching. This is further leveraged by having the crux of the advertisement matched to the content theme by using storylines, jingles, voice-overs and phrases that have multiple meanings, hinting towards the product they are selling and also related to the content where their advertisement is being displayed.

Amazon recently launched their fictional T20 team Chonkpur Cheetas through an ad, reducing the distinction from the IPL content to such an extent that it is almost thought of as another IPL team.

Vitara Brezza too launched multiple ads with taglines such as “No one Cheers for Singles”, "Sport of Glamour"  "Lighting conditions can change the mood of the Game", “Drinks Break” and “The Strike Rate is always High.”

VIVO, the title sponsor of IPL, created a campaign mentioning the team names playing in the league which metaphorically relates to the spark in the youth: “I am the frontfooter, the big hitter, the rule bender, the mystery spinner , I’m the challenger, I’m the KnightRider, The Sunriser.”

Vodafone's ads too are celebrating 10 years of IPL by incorporating the famous huddle, run outs and boundary moments while Airtel is promoting its FASTEST network, as rated by Ookla – one of the leading global players in broadband testing and web-based network diagnostic applications.

Dell has started with the #TheWinningStroke contest to advertise its flexible and portable laptops. Also, they have setup augmented reality cricket games in their offices.

Advertisers have made significant progress in understanding and deconstructing every element of digital advertising and are learning to effectively optimise between reach, intent and context.

According to Star India’s aggregated data, its online content platform Hotstar saw an expansion of viewership base to 100 million in IPL 2016 from 41 million in the previous year. This year its viewer base is expected to double.

Advertising on an OTT platform like Hotstar gives the advertisers a segmented audience. For the viewership of IPL on Hotstar it’s the Male 15+ SEC A, B in the top six metro cities. This is a set of premium audience, the urban affluent segment that has access to expensive smartphones and good broadband data and most importantly, a good ability to spend.

For advertisers it’s a great chance to engage with a huge and highly involved affluent audience and they are now becoming increasingly aware of where they are advertising and what the viewers are watching when their ads are aired. 

Last year Hotstar, during the IPL season, managed to clock around Rs 65-70 crore in advertising revenues and this year their target clocks over Rs 200 crore. This year, Vivo and Maruti Suzuki’s Brezza alone have paid Rs 20 crore each to advertise on Hotstar. According to them, Hotstar appeals to the youth and enjoys tremendous brand recall.

The launch of infrastructure initiatives like Digital India and the rollout of 4G network by all the major telecom players namely Reliance (Jio), Airtel, Vodafone and Idea has increased online consumption of media by many folds. And for brands looking at the OTT sector for a lucrative advertising avenue, it can only spell good news.

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