Looking to make our long-standing employees part of our growth story: Manisha Chaudhary

Chaudhary, Founder Director at Value 360 Communications, explains how the firm has been looking out for its employees during these trying times

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Updated: Oct 28, 2021 9:01 AM
Manisha Chaudhary

During the distressing first and second waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, every individual’s life has been severely affected in some ways. Some organizations recognized the humanitarian crisis of the pandemic and prioritized the well-being of employees as people over employees as workers. On the other hand, some organizations pushed employees to work in high-risk conditions with little support treating them as workers first and people second.  

In today’s conversation with Manisha Chaudhary, Founder Director at Value 360 Communications, she explained how she and her team took proper care of the employee welfare and are now providing perks to them in various ways.

Professionals have now adapted to the hybrid working model. Do you think it will be easy to go back to the same routine as offices are now reopening? 

A number of our team members are looking forward to working from the office. They have started feeling certain fatigue due to a lack of differentiation between work and personal life during the past one and half years and are already working from the office once or twice a week as per our guidelines. Of course, some team members who have moved back to their hometowns or have been hired from remote locations will still capitalize on our hybrid model. We are eventually looking at an 80:20 model in terms of employees working from the office and from home. 

During the pandemic, the agencies and corporates have recruited many young talents to their organizations. Do you think they are prepared to come to office?

At our workplace, we have seen much enthusiasm in new recruits to join the office physically. However, considering the government guidelines and reports of an impending third wave, we are allowing them to work from the office once or twice a week but not regularly. The intent to work from the office, however, is strong among our team. 

How have businesses and firms adapted to the post-pandemic norms? 

While the first wave caught us off guard, businesses were prepared by the time the second wave set in. There was a marginal impact on media spends for 2 months when the wave was at its peak and the business community was invested in helping each other more than anything else. But, this was followed by a sharp recovery. We have learned numerous lessons and are prepared to ride through tough times in case of future waves of COVID. We understood that there will be crests and troughs in the infection rates for the foreseeable future, and when the next wave occurs, we will be able to plan for the period of recovery accordingly. 

Post-pandemic, what are the employees’ demands and how are you meeting them? 

After the outbreak, employees are looking at a safe and hygienic work environment. On our part, we are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that each COVID safety guideline, from mandatory masks to sanitization, is followed strictly. Employees are working from an office in small numbers based on a roster to ensure that social distancing is implemented. In terms of perks, we are looking at making our long-standing employees a part of our growth story. We have launched an ESOP policy with which a lot of people will become shareholders and grow with us. We have committed a certain pool to initiate the ESOP process for long-standing employees and new employees with exceptional talent. Considering the growing importance of contingencies in times of health emergencies, we will also be launching flexible health insurance plans for employees who wish to avail them. We are also going to give our employees access to a partner mental health expert. Finally, we are also focusing on individual employee growth. We are introducing a flipped employee learning program, where team members will identify learning gaps among their subordinates and choose specific courses for each individual. This will enable the entire team to become stronger while training individuals only in the skills they require to become well-rounded professionals.   

How do you plan to care for employees who recovered from covid-19?

The devastating second wave affected a lot of our team members directly or indirectly. Since then, we have been working remotely with flexible hours so they can balance work and personal life while prioritizing their health and wellness. We have also implemented a rotational leave policy so each employee can take ample rest. We also offer dedicated COVID leaves for those affected by the virus and 2-day vaccine leaves for those protecting themselves against it. Even as our offices open up again, we have created a highly flexible work culture for our team. 

What do you think are some of the changes that the communication industry will undergo in the times to come? 

After seeing the role of technology in helping businesses stay afloat during the pandemic, it is safe to say that the next phase of growth in the communications industry will be championed by technological adoption. At Value 360 Communications, we have identified these winds of change and are already adapting to the brave new world of communications technology. We have invested heavily in Comms-Tech with ClanConnect and are also working on other entities that will leverage comes-Tech in unique and lucrative ways. We will be bringing tech into play at several levels of operation to ensure that we prioritize innovation over repackaging old practices. Over the next few years, we envision becoming an innovation hub, creating new, tech-driven business offshoots that complement our core value proposition while unlocking new opportunities for the larger communications industry.

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