IPRCCC 2019: AI and IoT - the future of communications: Ravinder Pal Singh

At exchange4media's IPRCCC 2019, Ravinder Pal Singh, Chief Information & Innovation Officer, Tata Singapore Airlines, shared with the audience his three basic use cases of AI and communications

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Published: Dec 21, 2019 9:13 AM  | 4 min read
IPRCCC Ravinder Pal Singh

 “Every communication that happens on the Internet is an opportunity, a subset of that is a profitable opportunity,” said Ravinder Pal Singh, Chief Information & Innovation Officer, Tata Singapore Airlines. Singh took the stage as a standalone speaker at the exchange4media’s IPRCCC held in Delhi and enlightened the audience about how AI is the future of communication.

He spoke on the topic: AI is the future of communication: How AI is helping communicators in identity-based communication through digital mapping, reaching the audience, managing crises and experiencing amplification. Singh shared with the audience his three basic use cases of AI and communications.

He threw open various hypotheses where AI and IoT (Internet of Things) will play an evident role. He stated, “I fundamentally feel that communication in India is potent. If we as Indians feel that (if required), they will help another Indian. I also feel that in a decade or so, a universal language will appear for the global harmonious society which will connect humans with machines (comprising of surrogates, avatars, robotics etc). Hence, I believe in this fundamental postulate or hypothesis that machines will become an integral part of our lives.”

Adding, “I also believe that zero intelligent machines will emerge, it is already emerging without the advent of architecture cloud where the compute costs have gone down. Hence, very soon we will actually develop zero tech machines. Zero intelligence will be the dominant factor in defining the next stage of nature and redefining the shape of life, hence society.”

He also touched upon topics ranging from sensitive issues of rapes. “When I first got to know about the Nirbhaya case, I never used to live in India and it bothered me so much for the next two years that I along with one professor and eight students, wrote a paper and now a platform, which basically is such a simple platform to write. And the premise is that in a young democracy like India, if you can connect moveable machines with people who use social media, then you can do remarkable communication. And such communication can make an impact, an impact which can actually save lives, which can make society a better place. If you combine AI along with IoT = No Nirbhaya.”

Singh also spoke about the challenges of robotics and how it is believed robotics can take away employment opportunities for humans. Disagreeing with this, Singh said that if the definition of employment is just to earn bread and butter, and maybe enough to rent a particular house, then I challenge the definition of employment, more so in India, which glorifies services industry. “If you go to any services industry, airports, healthcare, you will see age group between 19 years to 26 years old people pressing 4-17 buttons for 8.25 hours, if that is the definition of employment, I totally disagree with that, because that kind of definition of employment could result in arthritis of right or left hand when they are 30-40 years of age. Hence, my hypothesis is that industrialisation and mechanisation using intelligent machines are going to happen and if you compare that with the invent of mobile devices, then there will be more machines than humans. And if that is going to happen, we need to talk about a universal language which they can also understand. AI+ Robotics = Re-Definition of Employment.”

Lastly, he spoke about his third paper which revolves around intelligent blockchains. “I think democracy in India has a huge opportunity to give voice to each and every citizen of this country. It’s not great yet, but they can do that by preserving the integrity of their rights and how they communicate their rights by combining AI with blockchain. AI + Blockchain = Democracy, “he concluded.

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