e4m Women Achievers Summit 2020: Leaders discuss self-learning in journey to perfection

Women leaders from the world of PR and Corp Comm shared insights from their professional life and valuable lessons learnt from setbacks

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Updated: Jul 31, 2020 8:49 AM
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At the recent e4m PR and Corporate Communication Women Achievers Summit and Awards,  a panel discussion on “The Journey to Perfection” saw the coming together of top women leaders who shared some valuable insights about their respective leadership journeys. 

The panellists were Roma Balwani - Senior Advisor, Brand & Group Corporate Communication - Vedanta Limited; Anupama Chopra Chawla, Vice President Corporate Communication, Tata Tele Business Services; Amrit Ahuja, Independent Communication Consultant (ex-Facebook, Director Communications India); Kiran Ray Chaudhary - Co-founder & Joint Managing Director, 80 dB Communication; and Nandini Chatterjee, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, PWC.

The session was moderated by Tuhina Pandey - Communications Leader, India & South Asia – IBM.

The individual journeys of these women professionals are full of some great learnings and they have all had their fair share of challenges.  

Roma Balwani of Vedanta shared how she had no plans of being a communication professional but ended up being at the right place and at the right time.

Speaking about failures Balwani said, “Failures are not really failures but learnings. For me, it is important to understand failure and be paranoid about it. This always makes me feel that I am one step ahead and leads me to create an ecosystem and mitigate that risk.”

Kiran Ray Chaudhary of 80 dB Communication, who started her journey as a broadcast journalist and then ended up spending 14 years in the field of corporate communication before turning into an entrepreneur, said, “Taking quick decisions and moving on is very important for communication personnel. I have not had very big failures but yes some campaigns have not worked and some clients did leave the agency. The environment in which we operated has always celebrated these failures and that really helped.”

Amrit Ahuja's career story turned out to be one different tale.   Unlike others, she started her career at the age of 30. Leaving a 23-year-old job at 20:20 and moving to Facebook was also not an easy choice for Amrit but she learnt a lot by taking this tough decision. 

“I went and enrolled for a course at Ashoka University at the age of 57. If Millenials can take a break, why can’t I. I have always had a purpose to work with brands that want to do something meaningful and make a difference”, shared Ahuja.

Anupama Chopra’s journey in the communication industry has been full of learnings, fun and hard work. She said, “It was a planned journey for me as I always wanted to be in this field. And what has always helped is my clarity because I always knew what I wanted, I was clear about my strengths and weaknesses too.”

Elaborating on her journey, Nandini Chatterjee of PWC said, “You need to be flexible and open to learning. I have learnt the most at times I failed. People who helped me when I tripped are some of the best ones that I came across in my journey. Relationships with them have endured for decades.”

Adding to the discussion, Balwani advised that the young professionals in the field should understand when to speak and when silence can be the best answer. 

Chopra added, “Passion has been an important value for me. I believe that one can do anything in life if they have the right amount of passion for doing it.”

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