'Content is a valuable business asset for any company'

Guest Column: Priya Patankar, Head of Communications at PhonePe, lists five things to keep in mind while designing content strategy

e4m by Priya Patankar
Published: Dec 9, 2020 2:58 PM  | 4 min read

Notifications, emails, blogs, videos, web pages, articles, infographics, social media posts...Most businesses are talking to customers more than ever! Content marketing is now an integral part of any company’s brand building, demand generation and retention mix. A few days back I was chatting with an ex-colleague, a marketing writer who was creating content for a series of blogs, customer emails and videos for a campaign. I casually asked her what was the business objective of the content she was creating. I was taken aback when she told me since she was the ‘’execution layer’’ and she had no idea on why they were doing this activity. This got me thinking that very often we are so focused on the ‘how’ of our content marketing strategy that we completely forget to take a step back and think of the ‘what’ and ‘why’ and communicate this to the larger team. 

Here are the five things you need to keep in mind while planning your company’s content strategy: 

Think of the business problem you are solving: It is important to clearly articulate exactly what you are trying to solve with content. Is your company struggling with awareness about your offerings or is retention the big challenge for you? Very often content marketers are so excited about solving the how of the problem that they forget the why. Clearly define and articulate your business problem and make sure your execution team is aware and geared up to meet the objective you sign up for. If your content is not tied to a business problem, it is difficult to measure the impact and effectiveness of what you are doing.    

Define your audience: My mom and I often use the same apps to shop. But if you look at our purchasing patterns, they are totally different. I have often seen both of us being targeted by the same set of campaigns. Any content marketing effort which is designed with a one size fits all approach will not work. Define your audience, understand who they are, what are their preferences and buying habits, how do they interact with your product and what is the preferred behaviour you intend to drive. Then work on defining the channel mix and crafting the right message. 

Define the channel mix: All formats don’t work for all use cases! For example, if awareness creation for a complex product is your business objective then a short and snappy social media campaign will not cut it. What you need is more long-form articles, detailed product videos and blogs so that users can read and assimilate information. It is important to define your channel mix keeping the overall business objective in mind. 

Develop an execution plan: What differentiates any successful plan? Flawless execution of course! It is important to draw up a detailed execution plan defining roles, responsibilities and timelines. A go with the flow approach never works. Also, wherever possible run A/B tests. Experimenting and running various creative and content formats even on smaller target groups before you do a full-scale roll-out give you a much deeper understanding of what is likely to work at scale. 

Measure the impact: It is important to define the metrics your content strategy will map to before you start your campaign. Look at tracking CTRS, views and time spent on your blog posts, number of times your social media creatives were liked or shared and conversations they started or the views to your videos. Make sure you are also granularly tacking the business metric you signed up for. For example, if awareness creation was your metric, then look at how many prospect users are you able to reach out to should be a metric you should be deeply interested in tracking and optimizing. 

Content is finally a very valuable business asset for any company. So plan, optimize, measure and take your brand story to the world!

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