You would be nothing without NDTV, Shruti Singh tells disgruntled ex-employees

Shruti Singh, a journalist with NDTV for over 20 years, defends the network even as former employees accuse it of axing stories

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Updated: Oct 24, 2017 11:03 AM

Barkha Dutt, former NDTV anchor, claimed on social media that she left the network as she had to fight over censorships several times. In a detailed statement, Barkha wrote that she was punished for taking a stand and doesn’t believe that NDTV is “either a victim or a crusader”.

However, Shruti Singh wrote another detailed statement to counter Dutt’s claims and wrote that she is “frustrated to read articles quoting a former disgruntled NDTV employee.”  “I have been associated with the organisation for over two decades and I have had some tough times, been frustrated with it, but never can I find an instance where the organisation has not stood by me in a sticky situation! ” she wrote.

Shruti Singh, sympathetic with her current employers, targeted Barkha Dutt and other former dissatisfied employees saying that NDTV “is left facing tough times today primarily due to such narcissistic ingrates who can’t even recognise that they would be nothing without the NDTV platform.”

Nitin Gokhle, another former employee at the television network, had also joined the battle to tell that his interview with an outgoing Navy Chief was also axed some years ago. “Any sensible reporter knows that if the managing editor / legal department is not convinced about a story, it cannot be allowed to go on air. After all, who bears the brunt of lawsuits that go up to hundreds of crores? Certainly not individuals ....” Shruti wrote in response to the accusations of censorship at NDTV by former employees.

The whole episode started after Sreenivasan Jain, Managing editor at NDTV, released a statement on the story about Amit Shah’s son Jay Amit Shah’s business dealing being removed from the NDTV website due to “legal vetting”.

In his statement, Sreenivasan had expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision and called it “unfortunate”.

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