Working with Sridevi was a dream: Ram Madhvani

Ram Madhvani, Partner and Director, Equinox Films reminiscences about his experience of working with the late legendary actress Sridevi for the Lux campaign in 1996 and why working with her was a dream.

e4m by Simran Sabherwal
Updated: Feb 27, 2018 8:57 AM
Ram Madhvan

I worked with Sridevi for an ad for the beauty soap, Lux in 1996 at a time when she was a really big star. When you work with someone like her, you are a little overwhelmed and also insecure because you are going to be directing ‘the Sridevi’. What was incredible about her was her humility on set. She would call me, Sir as I was the Director. She would say, ‘Yes, Sir,’ ‘I am ready Sir’, ‘What would you like me to do, Sir’, ‘What is the next shot, Sir.” I kept telling her, ‘Please don’t call me Sir,’ because it made me feel odd. But then that was her way and it went back to her South Indian training, the South Indian humility and the general professionalism of listening to a Director. 

Her knowledge of the camera was outstanding. She knew how to tackle the camera, how to turn; she knew where the camera was, and that’s something which is very instinctive. It was a dream working with her and there was no stress; and it was absolutely hassle free.
She would sit quietly in between shots, but as soon as she was in front of the camera, something happened to her eyes. Her eyes would draw you in and hypnotize you. She was really quite incredible, humble and her eyes were magnetic.

Obviously we are completely shocked. The thing that I can say is that we have lost a Devi, actually. The Devi is no more as she was like one to all of us. It’s amazing that she was therefore called Sridevi.

(As told to Simran Sabherwal)

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