TOI asks HT's advertisers if their ads are on a holiday

Latest in the unending war of claims between the two dailies, is an ad from TOI that details the ads that are missing in HT's 2-minute version

e4m by Abid Hasan
Updated: Oct 10, 2014 10:00 AM
TOI asks HT's advertisers if their ads are on a holiday

The Times of India is clearly scanning the Hindustan Times minutely.  The next round in the ongoing tussle between the two national dailies has started off with the TOI asking readers/advertisers,  “Has your ad been on a forced vacation?” This is accompanied by a detailed report of the various ads that were carried in HT but not in HT 2 Minutes.

The ad explains, “This long weekend, HT 2 mins, along with your ads, decided to go on vacation.” From the 3rd to 5th of October, (HT 2 mins and all the ads it carries) were not published. Further, on the 7th of October, HT 2 mins did not carry the ads mentioned in the table below. “This means 26 per cent of HT’s circulation in Delhi NCR might have missed your ad. So, in case you have recently advertised with HT in Delhi, we recommend you to send a search party for your ads, because they seem to be missing in action,” says TOI.

The ad is the latest in the HT Vs TOI battle over numbers. After the war of words and Morning Challenges, HT had launched an animated campaign branding TOI, the “eternal cry baby.” TOI called HT’s 2 Minutes, a half-baked cake. HT, in turn, is asking their readers if they are missing something. Both publications have claimed that the tussle does not affect the advertisers, though the communication is clearly targeted at them. 

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