Those who are celebrating my exit will regret it: Arnab Goswami

Goswami was speaking at the ongoing weeklong Dainik Bhaskar Utsav in Jaipur which also marks the 20th anniversary of the Dainik Bhaskar Group

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Updated: Dec 22, 2016 8:04 AM
Those who are celebrating my exit will regret it: Arnab Goswami

At the ongoing Dainik Bhaskar Utsav in Jaipur, the focus was back on ex-Times Now Editor-in-Chief, Arnab Goswami, who was in the city to attend the 20th anniversary of the Dainaik Bhaskar Group.

Speaking about his newly announced venture-Republic Goswami said, “People tell me what will you do, you are not a businessman and you have little money and I tell them that I have placed my belief in the people of India and that is the reason we have named our venture—Republic.”

Sharing the experience about his initial days in journalism and the stories about the king size ego and callousness of politicians, Goswami added, “When I started out, many politicians did not like the fact that some reporter is treating them like any other citizen and they wanted to teach me a lesson. I keep memos in my heart and I want you to know where I’m coming from. I have stood in courts, I have been threatened by politicians and politicians who pay cash in advertisements have said that they will stop advertising if we question them anymore. Now I have realised that in this country you have to shout to be heard. This is the context of the birth of the new venture called Republic.”

Commenting on his take on the competition and how his new venture will usher in a new era in journalism, Goswami said, “I’m not here to take away channel shares.  I’m not here to compete with anyone, but I’m here because we will challenge the entire system and change the very order that calls itself the media of this country.”

Goswami also took potshots at journalists who are celebrating his exit from Times Now. Explaining how he feels some people rejoicing his exit, Goswami emphatically stated, “Those people who are celebrating my exit will regret it because we are going to come back strongly, fiercely and will be 100% independent.”

Goswami, who has always been a harsh critic of the Lutyens media, accepted that he would never be able to relate to such a clan of journalists who take orders from the political class. “Lutyens media, which claims that it knows journalism and has betrayed so many people in this country for so long says that I did sensational journalism through the story of ‘Prince’ and I say that if it is sensational news than I will do it a thousand times over and I will do it again. To me journalism that does not bring change is worthless journalism.”

Underlining the fact that powerful journalism is about passion and not big money and that India is poised to become a place where Independent journalism will thrive in the time to come, Goswami added, ”Republic will be a truly reporters driven media , not anything but independent media . Come 2017 and journalists will not be answerable to anyone but their stories. In this digital age you cannot stop me from reaching anyone. Moreover, the fact is that monopolies cannot be won or lost on the basis of money and this will be the biggest change that will happen in 2017.”

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