Indian TV Fest to be the most iconic gathering of TV creativity & strategy: IBF Prez

The objective of IBF’s ‘Indian TV Fest’ is to become a definitive platform enabling ideas exchange for all genres of broadcast, says IBF’s Prez Uday Shankar

e4m by Synjini Nandi
Updated: Aug 2, 2012 8:43 PM
Indian TV Fest to be the most iconic gathering of TV creativity & strategy: IBF Prez

The IBF (Indian Broadcasting Foundation), which is the governing body for broadcasters in India, announced an important step for the Indian broadcast fraternity with the launch of the country’s first ever television festival - Indian TV Fest.

Indian TV Fest 2012 or ITF 2012 is scheduled to be held at the Baga Grounds, Goa on November 2 and 3. exchange4media Group is the exclusive industry partner for the event.

Commenting on the launch of the initiative, Uday Shankar, CEO, STAR India and President, IBF said, “This initiative has been in the pipeline for a while now. We have often felt the need to create a platform where the entire broadcasting community comes together in the spirit of camaraderie and exchange of ideas that could take place in a structured way. We felt that the industry has become big enough now not only to direct something like this but be able to create and sustain one”.

The objective of the ITF is to a become a definitive platform where all genres of broadcasting community and its allied partners can come together for a stimulating exchange of ideas on how television broadcasters and television protectors can serve the society effectively and definitively.

Elaborating on this further, Shankar stated, “We are here to make sure that we get the best in broadcasting brains from India and overseas to come and share their experience and share the way forward for the Indian broadcasting industry. We have felt that this is the most competitive industry which has been increasing and accentuating the competition by breaking news in regular intervals. The spirit of competitiveness has been driving growth in the industry for the last decade and a half.”

The ITF would focus on the larger picture and how the industry can benefit the society and the community by coming together and sharing ideas on how to take TV to the next level which implies taking the business of the TV to its next level and taking the service of the TV to the society a notch up.

According to Shankar, the two aspects are linked. If we don’t take TV to the next level then it wouldn’t be able to live up to its social responsibilities. Unless we are not conscious about our social responsibilities we would not be able to take the business to the next level, which is the objective of this initiative.

Shankar said, “We come together, leave our competitive urges behind, meet away from our work pressures and mindsets and talk about the future, talk about the larger issues that are essential for us to solve together if we want to go to the next level. We are totally committed to making it the most iconic gathering of television minds, creativity and TV strategy.”

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