GC: L.S Nayak aka Raj Nayak: The glorious 25 years of Destiny’s Child

There are no short cuts and no easy wins in his professional career. He is always setting high standards and maintaining an honourable way of doing business

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Updated: Jan 2, 2018 8:56 AM

Time flies when you work with Raj and boy those 12 years flew by in a heartbeat! He hired me on a whim during a corridor conversation, which goes to say what a visionary he is.

It happened while I was waiting for my wife, then girlfriend, under Star’s Master Piece office for three hours while she waited for Raj to finish his meeting. Eventually I called his extension from the security guards room since Iris had left for the day. He asked me to come up and after a few minutes of conversation in the corridor, he offered me a job. I called him after a couple of weeks to say that I need some time since I am exploring an opportunity to work for myself but Raj being Raj, managed to sell me the idea of being in media as a far better option than doing some business.

This is him, always taking calls on the fly and following his gut instincts. While many of us do follow our own gut, he does it so well that it seems that he has the super power to look into the future. This is his biggest strength and he plays it to the gallery. After doing this for many years, one realises that one is Destiny’s Child, which is what he calls himself and graciously includes me as one too.

Raj’s oldest friends are his mates from Bengaluru, Raghu and Rasheed. These are his friends from his early days when he was struggling. He is connected with them even today and whenever he’s in that city, he will make it a point to call them and check on them. This is one of his biggest assets and is true not just for his oldest friends but also his ex-colleagues and industry folks. Even when some fade away from their prime, Raj gives them the same respect and courtesy that they enjoyed when they were at the peak of their careers. Raj is everyone’s friend, no wonder his twitter handle is as vibrant as he is.

He is a charmer and has a naughty school boy smile where his eyes begin to twinkle, which has saved him from many situations. He also has foot-in-mouth disease and finds this skill exceptionally useful to save him from those embarrassing situations. He is affable and loved by one and all. He has charmed his clients, his colleagues, his subordinates and the industry.

Raj loves taking risks and has a very strong entrepreneurial streak which is what makes him a leader. He has done this in all his roles across organisations. As a professional, his code of ethics is extremely strong and I have seen first-hand experiences where he has chosen the tougher path to success. There are no short cuts and no easy wins in his professional career. He is always setting high standards and maintaining an honourable way of doing business.

Raj truly has the largest heart and a heart of gold. He is unfazed by money and the concept of money. He lives for memories and he lives life to the fullest. “Yah Khudah mere Kharcha Bada” is his motto and he often tells me that the universe will find a solution to meet the “Kharcha.” He has never been crazy for money and always looked at money as an enabler. I have met wealthy people but I haven’t met a richer man than Raj. Richer in life, in friendship, in experiences, in memories and richer in stories.

Vikas Khanchadani is the CEO, Republic TV.
Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of exchange4media.com.

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