eNBA 2011: The proud winners

Post the e4m News Broadcasting Awards 2011, the excitement continues among the proud and deserving winners. Here some of them share their feelings on winning the coveted Awards in different categories and also their views on the news broadcasting industry in India today...

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Updated: Sep 5, 2011 10:46 AM
eNBA 2011: The proud winners

Post the e4m News Broadcasting Awards 2011, held in New Delhi on August 27, the excitement continues among the proud and deserving winners. Here some of them share their feelings on winning the coveted Awards in different categories and also their views on the news broadcasting industry in India today…

Best Spot News Reporting – Suhasini Haider (CNN-IBN)
Suhasini Haider: At some level when you say it (news anchoring) is glamorous and lucrative the real thing that anybody joining the profession needs to remember is that the glamour and the money is not really why any of us are in there. If that is something that comes to you, it comes almost as a byproduct. The important thing is experiences, that somebody’s actually letting you go out there and see what the world is, form your own opinions about and be able to tell people about what you saw.”

“I think it is the experience that makes everything worth it, it’s not about the glamour, it’s certainly not about the money, because the kind of hours that we put in we’d probably be paid much better if we were in any other profession. I think the biggest challenge is to realise that it is a process, the moment you do that you realize that this profession is really something to cherish for the rest of your life. There is no hill you are climbing over with journalism, every morning when you wake up you have to feel excited about the story that you are going to cover and that remains the biggest challenge and also the biggest reward of the profession.”

“The stickiness is eventually in the viewers’ eyes. The viewer has to want to watch you and to want to listen to what you have to say and eventually I have a lot of respect for that viewer because I think they know who is working hard, who is actually doing their research ad go beyond the superficial lines of the story and I think that’s what ensures eventually that’s what the viewers watch.”

“I’ve heard so many doomsday scenarios about print going away, about Internet taking over television space, I think at the end of the day these are just media. Journalism remains journalism, whether I tell my story through pen, through television camera through a gigabyte online, don’t think it matters – journalism stays. The medium might change over time, we might actually be doing three media at the same time, but it doesn’t change the essence of what you are doing.”

“These (media like Twitter) are tools and it is a blessing to be in an age where you can have Twitter, when you do have recourse to things like Facebook pages where you get that amount of feedback directly from your viewer. It is one more input into the kind of journalism that we do and I would like to tell the journalists who are joining that profession that don’t fall behind in technology, keep up or you will be left behind otherwise and don’t be afraid of technology either.”

“I have a lot of respect for exchange4media and I’ve watched the Awards. The thoughtfulness that goes behind their choices everytime – it is never necessarily the obvious choice but the choice that they have really thought about. So, it is a double honour to get this particular Award and it is a double honour to get it for the coverage in Libya, which was a particularly difficult story to get into and to try and keep a balance on. To be appreciated for that means a lot to any journalist, specially this one.

Best Business Programme - Debt to Life (Bloomberg UTV)
Siddharth Ghosh, Producer, Bloomberg UTV: “I think when you talk about business and business that is part of our lives, even if it is distant, it is not very far from us, afterall we are all consumers in one form or the other. And in today’s world, we all do take loans to fulfill our dreams and aspirations, and sometimes in that race we get caught in a debt trap and that’s where Debt to Life becomes such an important show because here we not only help to get out of your debt trap but also help to give you a new life, a new meaning to your life, and that is what the show is all about. We have met so many people from across the country from different economic backgrounds – and all of them had this one common factor where they were caught up in some form in this debt trap and where we stepped in to give them hope.”

Best In-Show Graphics - Sports Quarter (Headlines Today)
Rajit, Senior Creative Manager, TV Today Group: “Sports is very cutting edge packaging wise. There are so many channels and more or less we have the same stories running everyday, thus what is really important is how you package the show and what is the look that is on air. There is a particular identity which we try to maintain and we make sure that the branding really comes out of the show from that particular aspect. Innovation is the key. We really look forward to making innovations in our creatives as well.”

Best News Coverage – National: Documentary ‘Janbaaz Parinde’ (NDTV India)
Rajiv Ranjan, correspondent with ‘Janbaaz Parinde’, and Vipul Pandey, programme producer: “I think that even today if your programme has good content that attracts the audience, like our programme ‘Janbaaz Parinde’, which had very strong visual content – fighter jets, pilots, the flying shots.”

Vipul Pandey: “Plus through this programme we wanted to show how a fighter pilot of the Indian Airforce leads his life. They are a breed apart and not everyone can become a fighter pilot. Thus the masses do not know want it takes to become a fighter pilot. So we wanted to show in a simplified way the life of a fighter pilot – it is a dangerous job that also requires a lot of passion. There are so many channels today and there is this race for TRPs, but the focus should remain on content and news should be shown in a natural way. There should not be unnecessary artificiality or sensationalisation of news.”

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