Aaj Tak, ABP News gained big, Times Now strengthened lead on Assembly poll result day

Aaj Tak News, ABP News gained big viewers. NDTV managed to beat CNN IBN, NewsX claimed the No 2 slot as ratings for the counting day of the state elections.

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Updated: Nov 6, 2014 8:05 AM
Aaj Tak, ABP News gained big, Times Now strengthened lead on Assembly poll result day

The dust may have settled on the electoral race in Maharashtra and Haryana with the BJP forming the new government in both the states, but the outcome of the battle for maximum eyeballs on television in the counting day, October 19, of the Assembly polls has just been revealed.   

According to data from TAM subscribers for week 43 (October 19-25, 2014) CS 15+ HSM, ABP News was the most watched Hindi news channel on October 19 during the counting period from 10 am to 1:30pm. The channel’s show ‘Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri’ scored a viewership of 564 TVTs, the highest during the time period. In the evening however, the fortunes had turned in favour of Aaj Tak, which was the biggest gainer of the day. The channel’s shows ‘Modi Ka Double Dhamaka’ and ‘Aaj Tak News Program’ from 7 pm to 8 pm brought in viewership of 693 TVTs and 578 TVTs respectively. These two shows combined performed better than ABP News at its peak on that day. Aaj Tak further recorded 556 TVTs between 8:00 pm to 8:25 pm with its show Aapka Faisla 2014, which recorded the highest viewership during the period.  

This result also reflected in the overall viewership gain during week 43 as Aaj Tak increased from 44,924 GVTs in week 42 (October 12-18, 2014) from 59,675 GVTs in week 43 with a gain in viewership of 14,733 GVTs. This is the highest gain during the week in the Hindi news channel space. ABP News followed in second with a gain of 10,978 GVTs, as its viewership increased from 40,977 GVTs in week 42 to 51,955 GVTs in week 43. These two channels collectively gained the maximum viewership during the week, on the back of the counting day.

The third gainer in the Hindi News Channel space was India News, but it gained far less in comparison to leaders Aaj Tak at No.1 spot and ABP News at No.2 spot. India News’ ratings rose from 25,925 GVTs in week 42 to 31,170 GVTs in week 43, which is an increase of 5,245 GVTs. This saw India News overtake Zee News to take No.4 spot in the Hindi News channel ratings, while Zee News with a gain of 2,606 GVTs during the week, slipped to No.5 with 31,049 GVTs. India TV remained comfortably at No.3 spot despite not making large gains during the week. Its viewership saw a marginal increase of 1,947 GVTs as its viewership grew from 40,898 GVTs in week 42 to 42,845 GVTs in week 43.  
Taking the No.6 position was News 24, which dislodged News Nation from the slot as it increased from 19,537 GVTs in week 42 from 23,371 GVTs in week 43, an increase of 3,834 GVTs. News Nation on the other hand slipped to No.7 spot despite an increase in viewership from 21,857 GVTs in week 42 to 22,537 GVTs in week 43, a gain of only 680 GVTs.

The overall Hindi News genre saw a significant increase in viewership of 42,893 GVTs during the week. This definitely shows the influence of the Maharashtra and Haryana assembly election result announcement day had on the overall ratings.

In the English News channel genre, Times Now eclipsed all other channels and made the largest gains on counting day and doubled its ratings during the week. In the all India 1 million+ (including Metros) CS 25+ Males AB market, Times Now increased its viewership ratings from 404 GVTs in week 42 to 808 GVTs in week 43. This is an increase of 404 GVTs, exactly double of what it was in the previous week and an increased of 7.87 per cent in the channel’s relative share during the week. 

The key contributor to this increase in the channel share was the viewership gain during the Maharashtra and Haryana assembly result announcement day on October 19. The Times Now programme ‘Result Day’ recorded the highest rating of 172 TVTs from 7am to 02:50pm. NDTV 24x7 show ‘And the winner is’ which came in next, got less than half the viewership, which was 63 TVTs during 11 am to 09:25 pm. News X came in next with a viewership of 45 TVTs for its show ‘Modi Verdict’ during the period and was followed by CNN IBN which clocked in 35 TVTs for its show ‘Battle for the States’.

While Times Now strengthened its leadership position in the English News channel genre, News X came in at the No. 2 spot with a marginal gain of 53 GVTs, increasing from 367 GVTs in week 42 to 420 GVTs in week 43. Headlines Today made major gains during the week and took over the No.3 spot displacing CNN IBN that saw a loss in viewership during the week. Headlines Today saw a viewership gain of 169 GVTs as it increased from 248 GVTs in week 42 to 417 GVTs in week 43. Even NDTV 24x7 that was at No.5 spot last week managed to overtake CNN IBN as it made major gains in viewership of 161 TVTs and increased from 173 GVTs in week 42 to 334 GVTs in week 43. CNN IBN, which slipped to No.5 spot from No.3 spot last week on the English News channel charts, saw a decline in viewership from 268 GVTs in week 42 to 248 GVTs in week 43. 
The English News channel genre saw an increase in viewership of 849 GVTs during the week. This was definitely powered by the state assembly election counting day programmes on the news channels.

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