RSS mouthpiece accuses Outlook's #BabyLift report of being premised on 'doctored interviews'

Organiser, the RSS mouthpiece hinted at a larger conspiracy to malign and demoralise Sangh workers responsible for bringing the BJP to power in Assam

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Updated: Aug 22, 2016 8:09 AM
RSS mouthpiece accuses Outlook's #BabyLift report of being premised on 'doctored interviews'

RSS mouthpiece Organiser has published an article that has termed Outlook magazine’s investigative report ‘Operation #BabyLift’ as a reflection of the “perverted mindset” being propagated by Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

“The cover story of Outlook (issue dated August 8, 2016) titled ‘Operation Baby Lift’ by Neha Dixit is the classic example of perverted mindset being shaped by JNU,” said the article titled ‘Journalistic Camouflage’. 

It further alleged that the story was premised on “doctored interviews” of “ignorant parents”. “The Outlook story has made a serious accusation of “human trafficking” on the Sevika Samiti and their accusation is based on doctored interviews of some ignorant parents, expressing concern over ‘Hinduising’ these girls,” reported the article.

The article’s author Jayant Kulkarni suggested that Neha Dixit should have instead investigated the manner in which Christian missionaries are trying to get converts in the north eastern part of India.

“Neha would have done a great service had she gathered information about the arrival of Christian missionaries in this region and the methods they adopted to convert the innocent people of north-east to their religion,” Kulkarni wrote.

As per Kulkarni, Sangh outfits like Sevika Samiti are working in the region to “convey” to the north-east people that they are Indians. “Their culture and traditions are same as those of other Hindus in the country,” it added. 

Attributing the recent change of government in Assam to the tireless service of Sangh workers, the article said that Outlook’s report was an attempt to demoralise them. “The report published in Outlook seems to be a direct response to this realisation and fetch a larger conspiracy to demoralise these workers and defame their activities,” it said. 

The weekly English publication stated that “leftist intellectuals” and “journalists” like Neha Dixt are opposed to nationalist thoughts. It also concluded that the nation’s unity was intact because of the activities of Sangh volunteers and not owing to the sermons of JNU Professor Nivedita Menon and Neha Dixit.

The article further stated, “Neha, India is one because of the missionary work done by these nameless, faceless workers. The flame of unity is alive throughout the country because of these workers, not because of people like Madam Menon and you.”

The article appearing on Pages 38 and 39 of August 21, 2016 issue of Organiser was originally published in Tarun Bharat. 

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