HT says they are 40% ahead of TOI in Delhi NCR, TOI says it leads HT by 22% in Delhi NCR

HT says with a daily readership of 23 lakhs they are almost 40% ahead of TOI in Delhi NCR, suggesting advertisers should pay TOI 40% less when they advertise. TOI says it outsells HT by 1.4 lakh copies amongst copies printed in Delhi NCR that carry a supplement

by Abid Hasan
Published - May 6, 2015 8:54 AM Updated: May 6, 2015 8:54 AM
HT says they are 40% ahead of TOI in Delhi NCR, TOI says it leads HT by 22% in Delhi NCR

The clash of two print titans Times of India and Hindustan Times seems to be taking new twists with every passing day. 

The blame game has started again started after the latest numbers of Indian Readership Survey were out last month.

Both of them are claiming to be ahead of each other on the back of IRS and ABC. In the latest development Hindustan Times says that they are 40 % ahead of TOI in Delhi NCR (quoting IRS figures). The ad took a dig at TOI saying, ‘Are you paying TOI 40 % less’.

The ad asks the advertisers to pay 40 % less when they advertise in TOI. The ad says, with a daily readership of 23 lakh, HT is almost 40 per cent ahead of TOI in Delhi NCR.

HT also pointed out on Mumbai Mirror saying ‘Some mirrors distort reality’ and states ‘In truth, with 14.35 lakh readers, HT is firmly anchored as the undisputed No. 2 in Mumbai’

HT says they have 3.37 lakh more readers than Mumbai Mirror and 9.11 lakh HT readers do not read TOI.

The ad also says, Mumbai Mirror is a tabloid supplement of TOI, bundled along with main paper. No wonder then that despite a dated claim of higher circulation copies. It has much lower readership than HT. We all know that the true measure of a newspaper’s strength is readership (number of people reading) & not circulation (number of copies printed).

TOI is not far behind with its counter attack. TOI has prepared a docket on HT and HT’s 2 Min. This docket is aimed to help advertisers to understand about the missing ads between HT main paper and HT 2 Minutes.

TOI is decoding the ABC figures and making their clients understand how TOI is ahead of HT in Delhi NCR.

The docket says, “Riding on 2.5 Lac copies of their low page variant (HT 2 Min), Hindustan Times claims leadership in Delhi & NCR. However, as you would see in the table below, The Times of India is clearly the leader when it comes to full-fledged copies which carry the supplements like Delhi Times and HT City.

TOI’s docket pointed out three major facts in the comparison between both the newspapers.

On single and combo copies TOI said, “These are fully loaded copies that come with all supplements, such as Delhi Times or HT City. These are the full fledged copies that readers truly call TOI or HT. In these copies, TOI outsells HT by as much as 1.4 lac copies!”

About the school edition copies, TOI said, “These are school edition copies that are sold to schools to develop reading habit with younger readers. TOI sells more than HT in this variant.”

“This is a lower priced variant of HT that does not carry any supplements. Many of the ads that appeared in fully-loaded copies (yellow highlight above) did not appear in this variant of HT. Are you sure your ad was not one of them?

As much as 2.50 lac copies of this low priced/low pagination - low ad coverage variant get added to HT’s Delhi edition certificate to make it comparable to TOI's Delhi edition!”

Both leading dailies continue to be at loggerheads…

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