CyberMedia, A Group launch ‘Abraxas Lifestyle’

The new lifestyle magazine has a cover price of Rs 100. The monthly magazine has been launched with a print run of 25,000 copies

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Updated: Jan 16, 2013 8:29 PM
CyberMedia, A Group launch ‘Abraxas Lifestyle’

CyberMedia has joined hands with A Group, comprising interior, product and fashion designers, to launch lifestyle magazine – ‘Abraxas Lifestyle’. With a cover price of Rs 100, the monthly magazine is targetted at the 18-35 age group.

‘Abraxas Lifestyle’ will showcase interiors, latest fashion and designs. There are three distinct segments in the magazine that deal with fashion, design and living. An additional segment has been added on Gen-Next to connect with the young readers.

Commenting on the lifestyle genre and the competition, Pankaj Nath, Senior Vice President, CyberMedia said, “Lifestyle is an underserved market with few magazines targeting HNI individuals and creators of aspirational lifestyle. From that perspective, there is almost no direct competition, though there are other similar magazines available.”

Rita Mody Joshi has been roped in as Editor-in-Chief of ‘Abraxas Lifestyle’. The magazine is being distributed pan India across luxury hotels, resorts, airlines, restaurants, leading corporate houses and MNCs, design houses, advertising agencies, malls and retail outlets. The magazine has been launched with a print run of 25,000 copies.

Commenting on the USP of ‘Abraxas Lifestyle’, Nath said, “This is a magazine where the content is created by professionals from within the industry and not just content writers. This content is coming from leaders in each of the different segments of the lifestyle industry. Interior designers, architects, fashion designers, product designers, photographers, musicians, and artists are the ones who are contributing to the magazine.”

Talking about the niche magazine space in the country, Nath feels that lifestyle as an industry in India is coming into its own now. With spending power increasing, HNIs are spending more than ever before on everything lifestyle Many niches within lifestyle are poised to continue growing and maturing as an industry. Businesses and consumers alike are more aware of lifestyle options than ever before. “‘Abraxas Lifestyle’ brings forward more from Indian pioneers of fashion, design, luxury, hospitality, and travel, among others,” he added.

Meanwhile, an integrated marketing plan for the magazine is being worked out. The focus is to leverage both inbound and outbound media, including things to do in the e-space. ‘Abraxas Lifestyle’ has plans to connect with affluent stakeholders on a regular basis at important cities.

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