You can block ads but you can’t block an experience: Sabbas Joseph, Wizcraft

Sabbas Joseph, Co-founder & Director, Wizcraft International believes that in today’s world, the experience is the brand, and a brand is only as good as the experience it provides

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Updated: Apr 18, 2019 9:09 AM
Sabbas Joseph Wizcraft International

The marketer’s dilemma of effectively targeting consumers in today’s multiplatform, always-on and highly cluttered media environment is being addressed. The answer that many marketers have found is in experiential platforms which include innovating Intellectual Properties (IP) such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), Sunburn Music Festival or IIFA to name a few.

According to Sabbas Joseph, Co-founder & Director, Wizcraft International, “In today’s world, the experience is the brand. Your brand is only as good as the experience you provide. Also, the experience economy is growing at a phenomenal pace and IPs will redefine the experiential business in the coming time.”

Quoting a global survey which includes India, Joseph said, “80 per cent of people say that the overall experience is one of the guiding factors while purchasing a product or a service. Also, 87 per cent people shared that it was the previous unique experience that made them chose the brand or not.”

Joseph believes that everything we do is not an IP, but everything we do can be an IP. “It is what you do which defines whether it is one more IP or just another event,” said Joseph.

Citing how IPs are different from humdrum events, Joseph explained, “In the experience business it’s your clients who decide, while in the IP business it is you who decides which clients you want or which brands suit your IP. Also with an IP, you can bring in a level of predictability in terms of turnover. IPs are powerful brand experiences and you cannot get away from it, for example, you are forced to watch an IPL, IIFA or a Filmfare.”

According to Joseph, collaboration and scalability are important factors for establishing a successful IP. “Don’t do IPs if it just makes you feel good or look good or it’s nice to do that. IPs must be monetisable, whether it is today or over a period of time,” he cautioned.

“IP’s are impactful media platforms and highly effective engagement platforms. IPs are playgrounds for brands and consumers, if you have the consumer, brands will come. Don’t make your IP’s a once in a year event, find ways and means to connect with your audience consistently,” he further added.

While the rise of digital platforms has given marketers more insights into consumer behavior, however, the rising use of ad blockers has become another nightmare for marketers to deal with.

Explaining how experiential platforms could help brands overcome this challenge, Joseph said, “You can block ads but you can’t block an experience, because you become part of the experience and it is immersive.”

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