Watch: Engaging content can dramatically reduce media cost: Anantha Nayak, Cipla Health

CEO, Cipla Health Ltd, on how engaging the consumer must be at the heart of everything related to content

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Updated: Sep 20, 2018 8:57 AM

With the advent of the digital age and the new channels of communication that it has created – along with an influx in the sheer quantity of advertising that has turned many consumers off traditional ad messaging – brands are beginning to discover the potential of true consumer engagement. On these lines, Anantha Nayak, CEO, Cipla Health Ltd, spoke to exchange4media about how engaging the consumer must be at the heart of everything related to content and how content marketing can significantly help reduce a brand’s overall marketing costs.
Edited excerpts:
Tell us about the role of technology in content marketing.
Technology plays a critical role here based on the various touch-points where consumers are consuming media. And that’s where every company and marketer has to step up to the need of the moment.
How has the media around content-marketing evolved?
Media has evolved phenomenally. There are people with infinite sources who can engage consumers at every touch-point such as ATL, TV, digital, etc. But there are people with scarce resources. And for them, TV and digital play a big role. Media consumption habits have also changed so dramatically. And that’s where it brings an opportunity as well as a challenge such as which media to engage, which consumers and at what point in time. And to that extent, I would genuinely believe that every consumer has far more choices and you have to be very selective about which way to engage him or her.
What are your thoughts on the detailed content-marketing strategy required for the success of most organisations?
If you don’t have the right content it’s like throwing money down the gutter. I would definitely not do any communication where the content is not engaging the consumer. 
What according to you are the key performance indicators for a content marketing campaign?
First of all, do you know your consumer? Who is your consumer? Second is what is his or her barrier and what are you trying to overcome? And why should he listen to you? Do you have a story that engages him and why should he believe you? I think it’s in the order of knowing the consumer and taking him through the path to purchase.
Content marketing can help reduce your overall marketing costs. Do you agree?
Yes and it is the best part of it. Absolutely, not only effectiveness but also efficiency in the cost part of it (improves). With engaging content, the media cost can dramatically reduce by a huge, huge portion.

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