Using new technologies for newer experiences

Aditya Save, Head, Digital Media and Marketing, Marico talks about innovative global case studies that intelligently integrate mobile into campaigns, turning regular brands into enabler brands

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Updated: Sep 16, 2014 8:52 AM
Using new technologies for newer experiences

The opportunity to take action only happens when we have learned enough, said Aditya Save, Head (Digital Media & Marketing), Marico, talking about campaigns integrating mobile have solved problems for brands.

The first case study he analysed was that was a campaign done in Brazil for Nivea Skin. The campaign along with a magazine, offered a wrist band for children for young mothers at the beach. By downloading an app on the mobile and registering the band on it, mothers could track their children, so that they didn't stray too far away from them on the beach. It transformed a simple skin brand into an enabler brand. It also won a Lion at Cannes.

The next case study was the HeartMe campaign by Children’s Heart Foundation focusing on improving the lives of children suffering from heart conditions. It is a wearable technology that works 24/7 which sends electrical signals from a child’s heart through wi-fi signals to parents’ mobiles so they can monitor their child’s heart condition. The data goes into the cloud and predicts when a child would need assistance.

This is a stunning example of what technology integrated with mobile can do for individuals, projects and brands, said Save.

Another remarkable case study he illustrated was a campaign in Spain for an independent comedy theatre company which was facing a fall in number of audience due to rise in taxes. The campaign was called Pay Per Laugh. The company invited audiences to attend their shows for free and pay only if they had laughed. Each seat was installed with a facial recognition device that could detect their laughs.

A mobile app made it easier for the customers to pay. Each Pay Per Laugh show generated 28, 000 Euros more on ticket sales than regular shows.

Save said that he picked these examples because forums mostly talk about using existing technology in a new way as opposed to using new technology for newer and more varied experiences.

Save was speaking at MMA India Forum in Mumbai.

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