#SiwaySRK: Shah Rukh Khan's FOMO says a lot about changing content consumption habits

The marketing world gives a big thumbs up to Shah Rukh's teaser campaign for Disney+ Hotstar, which possibly hints at him joining his contemporaries to make a big release on the OTT platform

e4m by Mansi Sharma
Published: Sep 15, 2021 8:40 AM  | 7 min read
shah rukh khan

Disney+ Hotstar hosts a robust national and international content library and the biggest of the stars to back these movies and shows. But there is just one thing missing -- Shah Rukh Khan, one of the most popular and successful Indian actors and producers. And this has got even the ‘King of Bollywood’ feeling some major FOMO as shown in the platform’s #SiwaySRK campaign, which went viral over the weekend. People are endlessly praising the actor for taking a joke on himself and also the creators -- The Early Man Films and All Things Small -- for the engaging narrative. 

However, apart from being an interesting creative effort the ad also tells a lot about the changing media consumption patterns in India.

The FOMO Is Real 

While market penetration and getting subscribers was initially a struggle for the OTT platforms in India, when they started off in early 2010s, the past few years have seen a great acceleration in their popularity. Internet penetration, the creativity which these platforms offered, etc all lured the audience, especially the younger lot to them. Then the pandemic pushed forward this growth to unparalleled levels. As per reports, Indians spent 8.43 hours consuming videos on these platforms in 2020, and the market size of the industry reached an estimated $1.7 billion. The streaming market is expected to reach 15 billion dollars by 2030 (RBSA Advisor’s report). And this has obviously enchanted the biggest of the producers, directors, and actors too. That’s the reality which the #SiwaySRK campaign highlights. 

DigiChefs Co-founder Deep Mehta quips, “Let's face it, there are several households in our country today, who are shifting to OTT's and may not even have a subscription for the traditional cable network or DTH. I have a strong feeling that Social Channels, which continues to be the major source of finding new content on OTTs, might themselves have lower daily active hours from their users, thanks to the wonderful content now OTTs are streaming. It is inevitable that big stars will need to participate in content meant for OTTs.”

Grapes Digital National Business Head Rajeesh Rajagopalan further notes that stars will have to be present where the audience is to stay relevant. “OTT platforms have witnessed exponential growth during the lockdown, as multiplexes were closed for consecutive months. This created an opportunity for the OTT players. In the initial months, many big stars waited for movie halls to open, but looking at covid restrictions the audience hasn’t witnessed a lot of films in multiplexes. Media consumption has changed not by design but by circumstance. So eventually all your Bollywood stars would turn to content that is being showcased on OTT platforms. The audience makes the star, the stars will go where the audience will watch them.” 

The Shutter Cast founder Amol Roy adds, “We can see most of the actors have already joined platforms such as Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. only listed A actors such as Shahrukh Khan are away from it. In my perspective they have to join the OTT platforms to be relevant for the digital world because it provides international recognition. I also believe that our millennial and Gen Z are more comfortable watching movies on the couch with their comfy suits."

Brand SRK Is Realigning Too 

Shah Rukh is one of the most successful and popular names from the Indian film industry, also touted as the “King of Bollywood.” And that reflects well in his brand value to this day. He was the fourth-biggest star when it came to brand value in 2020, which stood at USD 5.1 million. His popularity has stood the test of time and that’s why he is also the face of this campaign for Disney+Hotstar as well. 

Rajagopalan notes, “Bollywood stars like SRK and Aamir Khan are massive brands in themselves, they don’t need to wait for their films to release for relevance. SRK hasn’t had a film released for a couple of years now but still has a lot of brand deals, Byjus, Hyundai, etc.  Aamir Khan hasn’t done a film in at least 4- 5 years but still has massive endorsement deals, look at the recent Phonepe campaign. The brand value of SRK is not just tied to the release of his films, considering he is also active in IPL and other sports entities.” 

Logicserve Digital Sr. VP - Creative, Social, PR, Marcom Manesh Swamy says, “We all know how good of a marketer SRK is. The spot says, 'to be continued', so I’m sure the KING will make a grand entry. Also, I feel SRK is a different kind of talent; he constantly evolves and makes him relevant for the audience. So, I will not be surprised to see films or series backed by SRK on Disney plus.” 

However, it is yet to be seen if SRK’s popularity will stand on digital platforms as well, where the audience is dominantly GenZ and their idea of Shah Rukh might not be as big as the generations preceding. 

Dinesh Swamy, Chief Creative Officer, BC Web Wise also makes a similar point, “It can be argued that his competitors have done some work like Sadak, Laxxmi, The Big Bull & Bhuj that delivered limited success and it remains to be seen whether SRK’s popularity can stand the rigorous test of quality that the digital audience demands. Knowing SRK’s brand value - despite age and other elements, this move by Disney+Hotstar is a clear indication that he remains to be an ace up their sleeves.” 

The Campaign Resonates 

All said about the context of the campaign and how mainstream content is comfortably going digital now, the industry is quite positive about the #SiwaySRK campaign, lauding it for its creativity. 

Manesh Swamy calls the idea fresh and appealing, “Very few actors can pull a joke on themselves, and SRK aces this kind of humour. The script nicely explains the future offerings by the platform DisneyPlus. SRK trying to hide his FOMO feels kind of worked for me.” 

Tiger Advertising Partner Pantul Kothari says, “The idea is smart, as it promotes more than a TV show, it promotes the platform as a whole. Subtly incorporating the celebrity. Building curiosity with a simple, straight and smart message is sure to work for the brand. In one word, this is how to communicate - straightforward, clear, and simple, yet smart and tactical, and creating intrigue and traction in a strategic manner.” 

Dinesh Swamy is also all praises for the campaign as he says, “#SiwaySRK is a great teaser campaign, in the sense, it leaves audiences curious to know what’s cooking between SRK and Disney+ Hotstar. The message is very clear in his inimitable Badshah Style, smartly leveraging SRK’s well-known sense of humour, quirk and his embracing of FOMO. The fact that it ends without revealing or even narrowing down ‘what’s in store for audiences’ works very well for the campaign.” 

Deep Mehta adds, “A popular superstar feeling what the aam aadmi feels so often (FOMO), that's quite fun! I really enjoyed the campaign, a very crisp video, on point, and does the job of creating curiosity amongst viewers. While it's not clear if there's an upcoming SRK film on Hotstar or was it just a brand campaign for Hotstar, raising these questions is exactly what Hotstar & Team ATD would have wanted. Kudos to them; it worked!”

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Clear Premium Water ropes in Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador

The packaged water brand seeks to elevate itself as a brand with this association

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 20, 2023 2:13 PM   |   1 min read


Clear, the packaged drinking water company, has roped in Hrithik Roshan as their brand ambassador.

"Clear is already a well-established national brand, but I am confident that the association with Hrithik Roshan will boost our aspirations to emerge as a pre-eminent brand," said Nayan Shah, Founder and CEO of CLEAR PREMIUM WATER.

Commenting on the association, the actor said, "I am excited to join CLEAR, one of the country's most preferred and premium water brands, in its journey to encourage people to drink safe and mineral-rich water. Together, we will promote a healthy lifestyle with CLEAR's premium products while working towards greater concerns like sustainability and environmental conservation."

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Parimatch Sports brings in Dinesh Karthik as brand ambassador

The cricketer will collaborate with the brand for creating an apparel line

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 20, 2023 1:42 PM   |   1 min read

Dinesh Karthik

Parimatch Sports has announced that Dinesh Karthik will be its brand ambassador. The wicketkeeper-batter, who plays for the Bangalore`s team in the IPL, will collaborate with Parimatch Sports to create an exclusive line of apparel for the Indian market, to be tentatively launched during the competition.

Commenting on being appointed brand ambassador, Karthik said, “I’m thrilled to be associated with Parimatch Sports, which I am confident will soon be sharing space with the known names in sports attire. Because it’s an upcoming and youthful brand, it’s the perfect fit for me, for I feel I still have a lot to offer the game and to my team-mates. I can’t wait to be in the dugout again for The Premier League, and to show others that age is only a number.”

The Parimatch Sports is a sportswear brand dedicated to all sports enthusiasts passionate about top–quality athletic clothes. Those who strive to take their sports experience to the next level and express their champion identity through clothes Parimatch Sports brand that represents unparalleled style, exceptional comfort, and strong winning spirit.

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PUMA has always had a digital strategy much before COVID: Abhishek Ganguly

Ganguly, Managing Director, PUMA India, and South East Asia, lets us in on the sportswear company's strategy to ahead in the time of digital disruption

By Tanzila Shaikh | Mar 20, 2023 1:38 PM   |   4 min read


PUMA entered the Indian market in 2006, much later than competitors like Nike and Adidas did. However, within a decade, the sportswear brand captured the market, giving rivals a run for their money. 

In the digital era, when brands are pulling out all stops to stay relevant, PUMA is also trying out different marketing tactics to cater to the shifting needs of the new-age consumers, especially those hailing from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. In an exclusive chat with e4m, Abhishek Ganguly, Managing Director, PUMA India, and South East Asia spoke about staying ahead in the time of digital disruption.

The edited excerpts from the interview 

How has Puma been keeping its business relevant?

There is not one answer to this. There are various ways to keep up with the relevancy. First and foremost is the marketing funnel, one needs to appeal to the consumers in a language that they find relevant, and the time of putting the product in front of the consumer to buy has gone. One needs to have a story and a narrative around the brand. We have not come up with a campaign that is just copy-pasted because we are a global brand, as connecting with the Indian audience always requires the language that they understand. 

To be relatable, the channels also play a very important role whether you walk into our stores or it is online. Digital is not just a convenience medium today it's quite so that one needs to create the right experience for the consumer. 

How is PUMA connecting with the GenZs?

Every generation comes with different expectations or behaviour, their approach is very different. The young audience wants to express and be a part of a community, brands that are able to provide a platform where consumers can come in and exchange an expression and connect and build community, and in that process and delivering a message works well with the younger audience.

This audience is are also looking for a purpose around social causes our environment resonates a lot with young audiences. Convenience is also one of the factors today The E-Commerce mechanism as well as the payment mechanism has made life so much easier and young audiences today are starting with convenience. So Genz consumers seek relatability, being a part of the community, are inclined towards purpose-driven brands, and expect convenience.

With Anushka Sharma and now Harmanpreet Kaur as brand ambassadors, what is the messaging that PUMA wants to convey?

We are very focused on having the right kind of opinion leaders, especially women opinion leaders associated with us like a partnership with Mary Kom. Off late we’ve signed up more as a brand which is becoming larger we are trying to stay relevant with the various consumer segment. We want to provide a platform for women to come and express especially in India, for example, in our campaign Proper Lady well women came and expressed themselves breaking gender stereotypes. For years cricket has been called a gentleman's game and now it is changing, we are trying to enable this change to become faster. 

How did PUMA navigate the post-covid era in terms of business?

Before Covid, we have been in India for as long as 13 years. In the last three years including Covid time, we have doubled the sales seen during pre-covid times. We have always had a digital strategy not just during Covid times but for the last 5-7 years. 

How are you leveraging the tier 2 and 3 markets?

We are opening more stores and we will continue to do that for accessibility. e-commerce is obviously helping us to penetrate the market. In the last 3 years, we have grown about 4% point of our share from the non-tier 1 markets. We have almost 490 stores and a lot of them are in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

How much is the online and offline business in these figures - segregation in percentage?

56% of the business comes from physical stores, whereas 44% comes from various digital platforms.

Who has been more impactful for PUMA --  micro or macro influencers?

The truth lies in between as both are very important; it also depends upon your business scale. A very solid influencer strategy other than the selection and execution and the kind of content that goes out is to check credibility. Credibility should be really standing what your brand stands for. 

What's the marketing strategy lined up for the year?

Our choice of channel will be digital and given the kind of demographic profile of our market, it is very important for us to be there. We are going to every channel which is relevant right from search platforms to OTT platforms even news platforms, and sports platforms.

Check out more by clicking here to watch what Ganguly said about Indian audiences and sports.

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Infectious Advertising appoints Ashish Naik as Executive Creative Director

Naik has earlier worked with agencies like Ogilvy, FCB Ulka, and Saatchi & Saatchi  

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 20, 2023 1:32 PM   |   1 min read


Ashish Naik has joined Infectious Advertising as Executive Creative Director. He has spent a large part of his career with Ogilvy, Mumbai. He has also had stints at FCB ULKA, Everest, Contract and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Naik has created campaigns for brands like Cadbury, Perfetti Van Melle, Fevicol, Amul Macho, Gujarat Tourism, Hindustan Pencils, Fiat, Castrol, Franklin Templeton, Essar, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Hindustan Times, among others.

Speaking on his appointment, Naik said: “I look forward to creating some spectacular work with Ramanuj, Nisha and the team. I believe I will be working with the best at Infectious.”

“Acquiring top talent is the simplest growth hack. We are fortunate to get a creative leader like Ashish in our team. Apart from being a super talent, Ashish is an affable and warm personality who shall surely create work that will be Infectious. We wish him every success at Infectious,” added Ramanuj Shastry, Nisha Singhania and Siddhartha Singh - Managing Partners of Infectious Advertising. 

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PNG Jewellers signs Madhuri Dixit as brand ambassador

The actor will be with the brand for two years and feature in the brand’s ad campaigns, starting with Gudhi Padwa

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 20, 2023 1:13 PM   |   2 min read


PNG Jewellers has announced the signing of Madhuri Dixit as its brand ambassador for the next two years. Madhuri will represent the brand globally and across India. She was previously the brand ambassador for PNG Jewellers for a two-year period.

Madhuri will feature in PNG Jewellers' upcoming advertising campaigns, social media content, and other brand promotional activities, starting with the Gudhi Padwa campaign.

"We are delighted to have Madhuri Dixit as our brand ambassador, and we look forward to working with her over the next two years," said Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director of PNG Jewellers.” Our association with Madhuri goes back a long way. She and her family have been our customers for many years. She is still India’s sweetheart and a dancing diva beyond competition. Her values are aligned to ours as well. This association will help us to strengthen our brand's image and consolidate our position in the Indian and global jewellery market. Her presence in our ecosystem is an invaluable asset as we move into the next phase of growth. PNG Jewellers will be launching at least 5 more stores in the next financial year."

Madhuri Dixit said, "I am honoured to be associated with PNG Jewellers, a brand that is synonymous with craftsmanship, tradition, and elegance. I have always admired PNG Jewellers' stunning jewellery collections, and I am excited to be part of their journey once again. I look forward to representing the brand and connecting with PNG Jewellers' customers worldwide!"

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Tata AIG hands over social media mandate to Social Panga

The Mumbai unit of the agency will be handling the social media management for Tata AIG

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 20, 2023 1:04 PM   |   1 min read


Social Panga has won the integrated marketing mandate for Tata AIG.

The agency will be handling the creative communication for social media for the Tata AIG brand.

Riaan Rodrigues, Senior Vice President - Digital Business & Marketing, at Tata AIG said “As a company, we understand it’s important to have an insurance cover to mitigate one’s risks. We believe that creating a deep engagement with our customers over the digital platform is vital to ensure they understand the various insurance solutions that we offer. We want to strengthen our positioning while emphasizing on creative standards and have found a good fit with the Social Panga team. We are confident that our partnership will help us both create a positive, long-lasting brand image for us in the coming years.”

“There is so much scope to make Insurance as a category an interesting one & we are going to make an attempt towards the same. Super excited to work with Tata AIG to make the conversations around insurance a little more fun and impactful for people. While keeping ourselves aligned with Tata AIG's tone, Social Panga will work to make content in a more fun and palatable way.” said Himanshu Arora, Co-Founder, Social Panga.

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Yatra says 'Bindas plan kar' in new campaign with Delhi Capitals stars

The digital marketing campaign will include 3 digital video commercials featuring popular faces of the Delhi Capital – Shafali Verma, Shikha Pandey, Taniya Bhatia, Alice Capsey and Tara Norris

By exchange4media Staff | Mar 20, 2023 12:15 PM   |   2 min read


Yatra Online Limited ("Yatra") has rolled out their latest campaign - 'Jab Yatra hai toh kaahe ka dar, #BindaasPlanKar' to offer stress-free travel to its customers. The campaign is focused on the cancellation protection feature available on Yatra.com which ensures a smooth yatra for travelers despite any pesky disruptions or unconfirmed plans. Cancellation protection is an insurance policy offered by ‘Liberty General Insurance Ltd’ for the customers of Yatra booking flight tickets on Yatra’s website, mobile site, and mobile app. This product facilitates customers to claim the reimbursement of flight ticket cost applied in the event of cancellation of the flight ticket.

To back this latest offering and drive adoption, this digital marketing campaign will include 3 digital video commercials (DVCs) featuring popular faces of the Delhi Capital – Shafali Verma, Shikha Pandey, Taniya Bhatia, Alice Capsey and Tara Norris. All three DVCs focus on apprehensions that travelers have in booking their travel in advance and how the feature of cancellation protection addresses the concern.

Travel planning can be stressful, especially with the unpredictability of circumstances. Yatra Online Ltd aims to address this pain point by offering a solution that allows travellers to plan their trips without worrying about end-moment cancellations.

Commenting on the cancellation protection feature and the digital films, Dhruv Shringi, Whole-time Director and Chief Executive Officer, Yatra Online Limited said, “We understand that travellers want to explore the world, but unforeseen circumstances can lead to cancellations. With a cancellation protection feature and #bindassplankar, we aim to provide a safety net for our customers, ensuring that they can travel with confidence. The expression of our campaign is a portrayal of our continued dedication to offering a carefree experience to our consumers. Travellers have evolved preferences and we are excited to introduce a flexible, comfortable, and cost-effective feature for their travel planning.”

The #bindassplankar campaign can be a game-changer for the travel industry, providing customers with a unique and valuable feature that has the potential to set Yatra.com apart from its competitors. The cancellation protection feature is available on Yatra.com for all domestic flights. The #bindassplankar campaign intends to make travel planning stress-free and convenient for all Y

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