Real time mktg for real time Gen: Shiv Singh: Watch Video

Reduce cycle of converting creative insights into campaigns from 9 months to 9 minutes to appeal to real time audience, says Shiv Singh, PepsiCo

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Updated: Feb 24, 2012 8:59 AM
Real time mktg for real time Gen: Shiv Singh: Watch Video

What do you do when the market is cluttered with brands, with each one trying to communicate the same message to the consumer? How do you communicate when there are plenty of media vehicles trying to grab the attention of consumers for a fraction of a second? What do you do when the consumer is gathering information, getting updated every minute with something new in the world? Wait for months to see your brilliant brand message see the light of the day? “NO. You communicate real time,” said Shiv Singh, Global Head of Digital, PepsiCo.

Real Time Marketing
Sharing the example of a situation where Lady Gaga is drinking Pepsi and the brand takes that video to her fans, Singh elaborated how brands could use such real time opportunities to connect with consumers worldwide in real time. The idea was to expand reach without spending too many bucks on media, he said, adding, “The whole process of traditional way of advertising takes 8-9 months for the inspirational insight to come out. How relevant does the message remain if compared to the frequency of brand messaging through Twitter or Facebook? By the time the message reaches out to the audience, it is stale.”

Singh emphasised that brands needed to go beyond just being sponsors of a particular property or an event. The marketing strategy should be such that if a viewer thought about the property, the brand reflected in the minds instantly. He elaborated the idea by Pepsi’s initiatives like Pepsi Soundoff – a platform that lets users share views, comment and get rewarded for every TV show/ property Pepsi sponsors. “It’s all about deep consumer experiences that truly make a difference in their lives,” he said.

Catch Them Young
Tie up with start-ups of tomorrow – was another advice Singh had for digital marketers. “Even if it is about reaching out to a community of 10,000 users, Pepsi ties up with the start-ups of today, who would be the stars of tomorrow. We tied up with Four Square when they were just beginning, today we have direct access to them, which makes it a lot easier. Marketers have to identify and partner with people in the ecosystem, who are small today but can be big tomorrow.”

Go Deep on Location and Mobile Marketing
Sixty per cent on Pandora, 55 per cent on Twitter and 30 per cent on Facebook – are users who access these platforms through mobile. Citing statistics, Singh predicted that mobile would be bigger than television, print or any other media. He also shared how Pepsi converted one of their TV campaigns into a mobile app, which got accessed by 1.2 million users, with each spending 7.1 minutes of an average time with the app.

GRPE and Not GRP
Last but not the least, Singh discussed that the marketers had to move beyond the measurement of GRPs and focus more on GRPEs, that is, GRP plus engagement. He stated that the new brand health metric would be based on social conversations and there would be a need to measure engagement across media base.

Concluding his talk, Singh advised brands to weave social media into everything to drive brand loyalty and focus more on user behaviour than technology.

Singh was speaking at the two Ad Tech conclave, being held in New Delhi on February 23-24, 2012.

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