Pitch CMO Summit: Multinational soft drink companies are not our competitors: J Ramesh

J Ramesh, Joint Managing Director, Kali Aerated Water Works, speaks at the Pitch CMO Summit - Chennai, on 'Building a Personalized Connect with the Tamil Makkal'

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Updated: Oct 7, 2019 9:25 AM
J Ramesh

At the Pitch CMO Summit - Chennai on Friday, October 5th, J Ramesh,  Joint Managing Director, Kali Aerated Water Works, spoke on the topic, 'Building a Personalized Connect with the Tamil Makkal'.  He said, 'Multinational soft drink companies are not our competitors, they are one of the factors that are responsible for Kalimark Group’s enormous growth".

Ramesh began his session by narrating how the regional soft drink brand has withstood the test of time and grown to become a widely accepted product both nationally and globally.

Kalimark began its journey in 1916 as a small unit, the founder, Pazhanayippa Nadar assisted by his wife Unnamalai Ammal, used to sell the products directly to the customers in the beginning. Later on their sons, KP Rajendran, KP Darmarajan, KP Ganeshan, and Sundarapandiyan joined the business.

According to Ramesh, sincerity, dedication, and hard work are the factors which helped the brand to grow and register the name in the minds of people. Ramesh narrated the brand’s journey from a single production unit of goli soda and cork bottle soft drinks to multi-units of unique conical print bottles.

In the year 1959, the second generation of Kalimark soft drinks in the name was Bovonto was introduced. Ramesh remarked that the brand was able to create a deep sense of faith in the hearts of millions of consumers through their unique marketing strategies. “Generally, a dozen means 12 units, but according to Kalimark a dozen means 14 units, those 2 extra units were given free to people. This unique marketing strategy during those days has helped the brand to create huge acceptance among the people and the name Bovonto became synonymous with Kalimark Group,” said Ramesh.

He continued, “Overcoming obstructions and hurdles over the years, Bovonto is one among the Indian soft drink brands which have successfully withstood the test of time.”

In the year 2014, the brand merged their factories in Virudhanagar, Madurai, Salem, Kumbakonam, and Chennai under the name Kali Aerated Water Works Private Ltd. “We have more than 350 distributors who distribute all our products to every nook and corner of the cities, villages, and towns. We have overcome the test of time and has stood tall among the competitors spreading the fame of Tamil Nadu nationally and globally. Multinational soft drink brands have helped in popularising and making soft drinks as a visible product way back in the 1960s”, said Ramesh.

“In the next 6 months we will be launching more new products in the market and have ambitious plans to go international,” concluded Ramesh.

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