Rola Cola lover's wish granted: Parle working on plan to revive candy

Siddharth Sai G on February 14 tweeted to Parle Products requesting the FMCG major to bring back his favourite cola-flavoured candy

e4m by Venkata Susmita Biswas
Updated: Feb 20, 2019 8:37 AM
Parle Rola Cola

Parle Products is preparing to bring back the 90s candy Rola Cola. Following a tweet from a Rola Cola lover from Kerala, Parle Products tweeted that 10K retweets of its tweet can revive the candy that was last produced in 2006. While the target is yet to be achieved, the company is already working on a market strategy for the candy brand that brings back nostalgic memories of growing up in the 90s.

Confirming that Parle is already planning for producing Rola Cola, B Krishna Rao, Sr. Category Head - Marketing, Parle Products, said that consumers can expect Rola Cola to be back on the shelves in 75 days. Parle Products has set up a team that is chalking out the nitty-gritties of this project. “We are working on sourcing the moulds, where to produce the candy, deciding the price point, distribution and promotion for Rola Cola,” said Rao. Even though the production had stopped for the Indian market, Rola Cola has been on Parle’s export roster. 

While the original target was 10K retweets, Parle is willing to go to production even if the total number of retweets falls short by a few thousand. Siddharth Sai G who first tweeted to Parle Products is eager to have his Rola Cola back. In fact, he wants to gather 10K tweets and has taken up the challenge to crowdsource the tweets. “I have reached out to Netflix, Microsoft, Google and a few airline carriers that are active on Twitter. Even if one of them takes this up, we will be able to achieve the target,” he says. 

Parle’s quick response to Siddharth’s tweet and the decision to bring the candy back irrespective of achieving the target tweets is a prime example of how brands can win the love of consumers by being proactive on social media. Giving full-credit to Twitter for being the enabler of conversations between the consumer and the brand, Rao says, “Being willing to listen to the consumer on social media along with quick decision-making are the key ingredients of a strong social media strategy.” 

Rao has immense praise for the platform. He said that even though Parle Products has received many requests to bring back products by snail mail and email, it is only when a consumer took to Twitter that the request of one person turned into a movement. He said that a single tweet from one person stands for the voice of many more people who love the brand and want Rola Cola to be revived. “We would be really delighted to serve the consumer and bring back an iconic brand like Rola Cola. We are hoping that the brand receives a warm welcome from our consumers across the country,” he said. 

As this article goes to press the tweet has earned close to 2,300 retweets. 

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