Nutrition will always be in our DNA: Sumit Mathur, CMO, Kellogg’s India

Sumit Mathur, Chief Marketing Officer, Kellogg’s India talks about how this new offering is part of a larger strategy of building a robust, sharp and more relevant portfolio for the Indian consumer

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Updated: Feb 19, 2019 8:20 AM
Sumit Mathur Kelloggs

Food-manufacturing company, Kellogg’s entered the market in 1994 when breakfast cereals were not popular among Indian households. In the early years of the business, the brand couldn’t taste the success, despite having different products. Soon after in 1997, the company opted for a revised strategy, new products were launched, the marketing strategy was changed, which turned out to be profitable for the company. Today, the brand enjoys a good penetration in the Indian market, especially under the breakfast category.

In an interview with exchange4media, Sumit Mathur, Chief Marketing Officer, Kellogg’s India, spoke about the new product launch, plans to increase the market share, their new digital ad and more.

Kellogg's is a known brand in the market and has various products in its kitty. Why has it opted to launch one more? Any specific reasons behind it?

We see two trends that are currently gathering momentum. One is ‘health & wellness’ and the other is going back to roots. As we continue to strive to create delightful food experiences, the all-new ‘Real Inclusions & Authentic Indian flavors’ range of Kellogg’s Cornflakes is at the heart of the two trends.

What are the brand's plans to increase its penetration in the breakfast category? As the new product is launched, what percentage are you aiming for from the market?

Kellogg’s breakfast has always been known to be synonymous with nutrition. The new range of Kellogg’s cornflakes is a big leap towards being more relevant in the context of Indian food formats. And hence, currently, our single-minded focus is to reach the maximum number of consumers with our latest offering. If we have made food that tastes the way consumers want it to taste, I expect to reach 5x the number of people with this range.

This new offering is a part of the larger strategy of building a robust, sharp and more relevant portfolio for the Indian consumer. We are looking to build a portfolio with a price point that ladders from the premium Granola & Muesli category and goes to the more affordable Rs. 5, 10 and 20 price point to rope in new and more consumers.

Taste is a very essential element in any food product and Kellogg's is trying to showcase the same in its digital ad. Between taste and health, which comes first.? How do you see the effectiveness of the campaign for consumers?

Nutrition will always be in our DNA. With this new range, we are dialling up ‘taste first’, both in our food and in our communication approach. The idea of our entire communication campaign, right from the digital edits, the Instagram content or all mobile communication is to give the food the centre stage and let the real ingredients speak for themselves.

India is a diverse market, especially from the product point of view, how essential is it for a brand to innovate and expand the product shelf?

If you look at an average Indian consumer, one is more travelled, exposed to a variety of cuisines and is keen to try new formats of food. The single biggest opportunity for any brand is to stay on top of this trend and constantly innovate to stay relevant.

What kind of marketing strategy works best for Kellogg's in the long run?

Kellogg’s marketing strategy stems from the fact that we are category leaders and we can further grow this category through our product portfolio and proposition. Hence, it is critical to remain salient in the breakfast occasion and simultaneously extend into ancillary occasions. Because a Kellogg’s cereal is nourishing with milk in the morning as breakfast and is equally nourishing when consumed straight off the pack as an evening snack.

The key enablers to building brand salience revolve around building a robust, sharp and relevant portfolio; that ranges from the premium and goes straight to the affordable consumption packs to attract more consumption. Another enabler to this is to get consumers to try our food more and more. Hence, our key dollar of investment is in-store, both from the visibility and sampling point of view.


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