Nescafé, building the next generation of coffee lovers: Sunayan Mitra, VP - Marketing & Business Head

At the Pitch Top 50 Brands 2018, Mitra said that along with measuring success metrics it is imperative to confirm if the brand is a consumer brand or not

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Published: Jul 20, 2018 8:59 AM  | 4 min read

Good Food, Good Life! Is what keeps the momentum going and so goes the tag line of FMCG major Nestle. While everybody wants brand value, many struggle to achieve it and only few brands truly attain it. In short, brands have the power to change the world and make it a better place to live in. What is interesting about brands is that it’s less about the product per say, and more about what the brand says and does to its customers who own the brand. Have you ever questioned yourself that you end up becoming the brands you use, isn’t your personality identified by the brands you wear or eat, don’t we invest ourselves emotionally, mentally and socially in the big names and lastly do we not learn to express ourselves better by owning the captivating story a brand narrates? It’s a yes, indeed!

A brand’s mission statement isn’t just about the internal corporate team but what must shine through is the experience it creates with its customers. Nestle is one among the big names that caters to a global audience with a huge turnover for the year 2017 as per the annual report. The brand over the years has built its success on a profound understanding of nutrition. This success is based on a consistent approach towards its audience not only to satisfy them but also to delight them once in a while. It is the ability to change and adapt that has kept this FMCG major ahead of others as it stands out creating a sustainable value for itself. Speaking to a large audience at exchange4media’s Pitch Top 50 Brands in Gurugram, Sunayan Mitra, VP Marketing & Business Head, Beverages, Nestle India said, “Nestle is the largest FMCG in the world which concentrates on three key factors that speak for its brand value over the years. You begin with identifying your audience; once identified you become soul mates, in fact become your customers following which you then decide where to build relevant insight keeping the language right towards your targeted audience.”

Mitra spoke about how a cup of Nescafe changes your mood from the very first sip, and that is the power of a brand that can drive passion among its users. Commenting on how to recognise the passion in people that a brand must chase Mitra said, “There is a need for stimulation and rejuvenation to take on everyday challenges in life. The job never ends at telling your customers what is relevant instead the aim is to plan what is to be done after creating brand love. Nestle is definitely high on brand love but that doesn’t stop the team from expanding its consumption, from moderating ways to influence user behaviour, building expertise and from creating relevance by growing on product essentials. Before planting the seeds of innovation we often question ourselves, what is the real purpose of our brand, why would anyone want to drink it? That is when we realise how necessary it is to establish an emotional connect with the owners of our brand. How crucial it becomes to create a change in customer behaviour by staying in touch with the relevant audience.”

Nescafe coffee is a drink that makes us all look forward to more of each day and that is the kind of impact a brand which is ‘here to stay’ makes on people. A sip of coffee be it over official meetings, or personal bonding never fails to amaze us, this is the sentimental attachment Nescafe has arrived with. Talking about on extending an idea like Nescafe, Mitra said, “This digital era allows us to become the conversation while we write for our ads and pitch the content to our users. It takes our campaign to the very next level where we make our idea relevant to the audience promising them what they actually deserve. In the end measuring the success metrics, doing a market check and more often confirming if the brand is a consumer brand or not is imperative. Consistent gains in the market share is always welcomed and appreciated. Friends, Nestle is here to stay, the product Nescafe gold is here for you all, for the moments that matter!”

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